27 April 2011

End of Semester 2

Believe it or not but I've already finished my semester 2 in UiTM Puncak Perdana. Feels like only yesterday I started semester 2. This semester I learnt a lot of things, a lot bout my studies and a lot about life. I experienced many things and did various kind of work. I had my ups and downs, I laughed, I cried, I quarreled and most of all I'm growing up. It was really hard especially changing things that I'm use to do. I learnt a little bit how to survive life there and I'm hoping next semester I could do much more better than this semester. To all of my friends there, you guys are the best. Sorrylah semester ni aku jadi anti-sosial.
 These are some pictures from this semster

15 April 2011

Minggu KaryaOne FACT

Well, being a student of Faculty of Artistic and Creative Technology is really exhausting but it is damn fun. Well, this whole week my Faculty held an event called Minggu Karyaone. The purpose for this week is to present to people on what our faculty had done during the past year. Our Dean Prof Madya Razak Mohaiden     was the person who was in charge of this event but of course that managed this event was the students of FACT itself.
For your info, this is the first time ever that FACT has ever done this event and it was a blast. This event should be done every semester.

09 April 2011

Diploma Showcase

Last night I went to the Diploma Showcase Theatre showing Datuk Harimau and Mosaic. Sumpah best gila, Experimantal yang sangat hebat ea. Memang rugi siapa yang tak pergi tengok. This is last diploma showcase that my faculty is ever doing so its really a waste if you guys don't go.

07 April 2011

The Battle of The Instrumentals

You guys should totally check this out
As I was browsing through youtube yesterday I was watching most of Sam Tsui videos and then I came across this.
You should watch all the videos if you want to know the whole story

These guys are damn talented
They can make music just out of anything
Don't you think so?

P/s: Kurt is cute!