21 October 2011

Completing My Wishlist

Hey Readers
Guess what.. I finally completed my wishlist for 2009, now its almost 2011. What is it? Well I guess you can already tell. I always wanted my drivers license since school and now did I had the chance to take it. Finally I'm able to drive for myself now since I've been having a really hard time asking family and friends to drive me around. Now that I got my license, hell no I'm gonna put it in a frame and be satisfied that I already got a license. I'll make sure that I have the guts in me to actually drive here and there.

I took my license at Amano, a driving school near my place but everything was handled at Morib Banting. For people around my area and want to take their license I suggest that you go for other sources than Amano. Most of the students that were learning at Amano were complaining about everything including me. Their service are very slow and really uncomfortable. They say its not worth taking there. My L license they kept it for months and when I finally got it is because I started getting angry and complained that I had asked for it for a couple of times but still they said it wasn't ready. Then when I got it, the expiry date was less than a month.

The system is so bad that you feel that you want to burn it down but the Uncle that teaches us to drive is very good. He is calm and teaches without having to scold. That's why I easily picked up what they taught. So after about two weeks learning I took my JPJ test. Well actually I took it a bit late cause I lost my L license and I had to renew it. But before that, see the video below? This was during my practice. The video is kinda boring cause its just me on my practice drive but still I wanna show you guys how I started driving.

During the JPJ test I was really nervous. First was the motorcycle test. I was shaking like hell. When my turn was finally up I got to use this old type of motor that was heavy and the one that is really difficult to start I really had a hard time starting the motorcycle. Thank God someone helped me. The motor was really heavy and it was a bit hard for me to control it with one hand. Usually during practice, I used the new type of motor, Honda Wave.. I was more comfortable with that but what to do, and Allhamdulilah I passed.

Then it was the bukit, parking and tiga punjuru test. Alhamdulilah, I past it all in one go even though I had a bit of trouble pulling down my handbrakes at the hill. It was really tight and my hands were not strong enough and the stearing made me grow muscles. I feel like I used all my energy just by spinning the stearing around.

After that was the Jalan Raya test.  I was praying for a good JPJ and thank God I did. At first everything was okay. Then when I finally wanted to go to the main road the engine died. Usually when I released a bit of the clutch and pushed a bit of the oil the car would already be up on the road but this car I had to release a lot more of the clutch and pressed the oil more then only did I pass. The JPJ raised his voice and said that he didn't fail anybody yet today so don't make me be the first. I got scared so I kept quiet and just nodded. Then at the main road I manage to focus back on driving, when I started to drive smoothly the JPJ asked me questions, was I working or was I still studying and blablabla.. So I just answered.

Then he came to this question, adik kalau abang nak tanya satu soalan boleh, tapi janganlah marah. And I was thinking, !@#@$%??? So I said 'tanya apa bang?' then he said ' Pada pendapat adiklah kan, belajar dekat UiTM tu ada kualiti ke tidak? And I was like !@@#$%? (what the hell are you asking me for, dah la aku nak focus masuk selekoh ni). So I answered " Ummmm... Entahlah tapi blablablablablabla.. I started babbling till I came to another corner. Then we both kept quiet.

Then the car was too quiet so I started to ask him questions, 'Ummm.. dulu abg U kat mana?' then he said 'Uitm'. I was like @#$%??? (What? Budak UiTM jugak so what's with the earlier question?) So I asked him what course he took and he said something but I didn't focus. Then he said "dulu budak-budak UiTM lain dengan budak-budak UiTM skrg. Dulu sikit dik so masih terkawal, sekarang dah ramai sebab tu budak-budak makin teruk. And then I was like !@#$%??? (this freaking JPJ!Bukan semua budak UiTM macam tu lah!!!) so I said to him 'Tak semua budak UiTM macam tu abg, dia bergantung pada orang jugak. Ada jugak budak-budak dari U lain yang lagi teruk so tak boleh nak cakap semua yang teruk tu budak UiTM.

JPJ tu mmg buat aku panas betul lah, then he started talking till we finally came back to the place we started. Then he gave me the papers and asked me to sign the papers, I thanked him and instantly went out the car, even though he got a bit on my nerves but I wanna thank him for letting me pass. Thank you...

So. Allhamdulilah I passed everything in one go and finally I completed my wishlist of 2010.

Tengoklah muka dah hitam legam dah sama warna dengan sayangs aku si hidung beso tu.. Hehe..
Forgot to mention, the girl beside me is actually my Junior from school. tengoklah Junior2 sekarang lagi tinggi dari senior. Haihhh..

Chinese dua orang ni pun junior2 dekat sekolah dulu.
They took the JPJ test the same day with me and we all passed

That's all  for today's post. Thanks for reading dears :)