30 April 2012

Our Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Jeng.. jeng.. jeng
See..see. our photoshoot
Cewahhhh.. Like were the ones who's gonna get married
Kena tembak aku dengan Dr Shaiful if I get married before having a degree scroll

27 April 2012

Results Semester 4

As usual, every semester I will share my results with you guys
So here it is

If you click on the label About Me below, you will be able to see all of my previous results from semester 1. Its kinda sad this semester for me since I was hoping to stay on the dean's list till I graduate.
 For me its really heartbreaking, seeing my results like this
Well, I can't deny this semester is a tuff one with most of the subjects group work. I'm not really that good on group work so maybe this is what I deserve.
This semester was my worse anyways so kinda expected the results to be like this but I was still hoping deep down inside that the worse I could get was 3.5/
Some people may not know why I am so fussy about my results, some people say, bersyukurlah apa yang dapat, perkara dah berlaku pun. Yeahh. I know, its the pass already. But is that the reason why I can't be sad?
I've been like this since school, and every time I don't get what I target I'll cry my lungs out. Yeah.. crying doesn't give me what I wants but it lets out all the pain flow.
Well, even now I'm updating this blog with a running nose dan mata yang sangat sembab. I just can't help it.
I worked hard this semester, I pushed my butt of to get things done perfectly but at the end of the semester I just lost hope. I got so tired and frustrated and spent most of time crying in bed, and I knew I would be crying again when my results come out. And yes I did.
I still haven't shown dad yet, just don't feel like it yet. My head is so messed up right now.
But still I accept what I get..


23 April 2012

Working with Babies

Alhamdulilah, recently I received an email that I got accepted for training in a local photography studio. I'm not gonna tell you guys which company yet. I"ll update if I get fully accepted as their worker. Then only will I be a professional photographer, HAHA.. its kinda funny hearing that, but the main reason is not for the title, its for the experience. I was informed that I'll be trained all year round and being paid as well. So its a really good opportunity.
So the photography company focuses on babies, children and family as their main customer. Mostly potraits of babies. So I've been told that we will be working with babies mostly. So recently I joined Syafiq with some extra work taking pictures at a Majlis Cukur Jambul.
As usual, Syafiq will be taking the pictures and I'll edit, so here are some of our work.

02 April 2012

Repairing Old Photos

This is my first time doing some kind of tutorial post
I don't think that it will be much help but still I wanna share with you guys a little bit of what I know
As you can see from the picture below its a very old picture
This picture was taken during the 80's I think cause the baby on the table is my dad
And of course the rest will be my grandfather and grandmother with my uncles

My dad gave me this picture for me to repair
He said that try and repair it
So I scanned the picture but then I didn't know what to do
I watched several tutorials on youtube until I found one video that explained it perfectly

I edited the picture using photoshop CS5, you guys can use other versions as well

As you can see above, the tool that I highlighted above is called the clone stamp tool. This tool is used to copy pixels and stamp them. If you look at the old picture above you could see that there are white parts in the photo which means the original colour pixels are gone.
The clone stamp tool function to copy those pixels and creates new ones that will blend in the old one. 

How does this tool work?
Well, select a part where the pixels are still fine and the press ALT on your keyboard until your brush turns into a target, when your satisfied with that part click your mouse and drag it to the part where you want to stamp it. 

Make sure your brush is small so it won't be so obvious that its fake. Do it repeatedly until the image becomes perfect

Then you will get something that looks like this

See.. this is how I managed to do it so far.. Its not that perfect cause its my first time trying. If you look carefully, you will find that some things are missing from the original picture.

Then when your satisfied you can play with the colour instead

Well, this is just examples of what you can do
I'm not a professional but still you guys can do better than me.
Give it a try

I know this tutorial ain't that helpful but I'll improve next time
Hope you guys learnt something though


01 April 2012

Fresh New Look

Well. if you guys are looking at my blog right now you would have already noticed that I've changed it into something more refreshing.

I'm still using the old name, that is Scribbledydum. For those who don't know what that means, its shortened for Scribble it down, where basically I scribble down all my thoughts in this blog. I don't think much when I write, everything that pops in mind is typed down. So that is why sometimes you might see grammar mistakes and so on.

So from this:

I got this:

So what do you guys think? Which one is better. My editing has become a little rusty since I've been so busy with studies I didn't do much editing. But still, I spent the whole day for tutorials on youtube then trial and error doing it and finally I produced this.

I'm still thinking to change something to a little bit simpler. First of all I' gonna explore more editing techniques during this semester break.