26 June 2012

Nuffnang's Party Astro On The Go

Me got another chance to go to paaaaarrrrtttttaaaaaayyyyyy with us bloggies
All thanks to Nuffnang and also Churp Churp
Party is time is Astro On The Go
Where Astro is introducing to us their newest application, that will get you all extremely excited

So the party was at The Pool Kuala Lumpur
You see, you see.. a pool there
the crowd was major
I kinda felt a bit awkward for a bit but then I blended in
I'm so used to situations like this

So here is the section where the astro people showed us how to install and use the application
For your info, Astro On The Go is an application where you can watch Astro anywhere you are
All you need to do is be an astro subscriber and have smart gadgets like laptops, ipad, smartphones like i-phones, (for android coming soon).
So the processes are really simple
But I'll tell you in another post soon
With complete details how to do it.

This is me and Hanis's big sister
She drove us here
Thanks to her I arrived here at the first place
Astro also gave us goodie bags
We also got cool gadgets from astro

So these are some of the bloggers that came, Cik Lily Putih, Pen Merah, Hanis and a lot of famous bloggers which I don't know so much. I really need to start blogwalking often. I don't know people.

See.. its Germany Versus Malaya
Hehe.. I'm with Kak Anne, authour of Pen Merah.com

Adam was our host for tonight

Then here's Hanis
The party was awesome
but I didn't get to stay long
Me so sad... :(

Cause I car pooled someone else's car so I had to follow her
But its okay
At least I still got the chance to go go a while right

So since I went back early
I managed to ask Mr. Bignose to come pick me up at PKNS Shah Alam
Cause on the same night UiTM also had a big event
That is FFVPM
Festival Filem & Video Pelajar Malaysia yang ke 9

So I went to FFVPM with a football jersey
Will update about that soon

Till then


25 June 2012

Get Your Game On Genting with Robbie Fowler

Hye peeps..
So yeahhhh..
I went to Genting again this month
All thanks to Nuffnang and Genting for this opportunity

So now is totally football madness
People are all talking about Euro
To be honest I'm not such a fan of football
But still who doesn't want to miss a chance to spend time with one of football's legend

So you guys should know who I am happily with right?
Yes ladies and gentlemen it is Robbie Fowler

Wohoo I got a football jersey from Genting signed by the legend himself

Genting's trip this time, we got a chance to watch football live from Genting's International Showroom
We were also given a room to stay for 1 night at First World Genting
So great full that Hanis brought her boyfriend along, since I brought Mr. Bignose here, so it came easy for us to think about how to sleep that night.

I was freaking tired that night, since transportation this time was not supported we had to go up to Genting by ourselves
Me, and Hanis met up at KL Sentral since Genting's bus is provided there

If you guys want to go to Genting by bus look for Go Genting at KL Sentral
You can purchase your ticket at the 2nd floor o KL Sentral near Air Asia
One ticket per person that includes cable car is RM10.30
RM4.30 for bus and RM6.00 for cable car

It is better if you guys buy tickets for one way instead of 2 ways
Takut tekejar-kejar bila nak balik nanti

So when we reached to Genting
It was freaking cold this time
Maybe cause the bad weather
Kan jerebu kebelakangan ni

So we arrived for dinner first
We had our dinner with Robbie Fowler at Restaurant Kampung @ Resort Hotel
The food were okay

When I saw Robbie Fowler all I could do is smile
I don't know why I froze and also the others froze
But he seems like a shy guy
He seems like one

So after dinner we went back to our rooms
I was really tired and instantly fell asleep 
But then we still had to wake up at 2am cause the event starts at that time

The crowd was responsive that night
The Showroom was really massive and cool
The sound systems were great
and the place was really comfortable

We were give free drinks that night
And we watched Portugal and Germany win that night

The place was killing cold
But it was much happening than watching football at Mamak

There were also some slots with Robbie Fowler giving opinions about the game
It was already late night at Genting
Plus the chilling fresh air made my eyes heavy
Overall it was a total blast

Thanks again Nuffnang and Genting for this great event!
Hope to join more in the future

p/s: lupa nak letak link dekat nama


17 June 2012

Nuffnang's & Genting's Charity Movie Screening

Hye guys!

So on the 1st June I went to Nuffnang's & Gentings Charity Movie Screening at Genting Highlands

We had a blast and having fun and doing charity at the same time

We watched the screening with a whole bus of orphans.
Our first activity was breakfast
My stomach was really rumbling
Thanks to Starbucks who sponsored us breakfast for that day

So after breakfast we went straight to the cinema
If we were excited of course the kids were more excited
We watched MIB3 in 3D

After screening we all headed to have have lunch

I was walking in and I was like.. Waaaaaaaaaaa
All food and the dessert....

And I was a happy girl
I ate 2 plates of spaghetti and other plates of food
It was delicious!
After lunch,
Then only did we get the chance to talk to the kids and give us our presents
Bloggers also got a goodie bag and a certificate for joining the event

Some of the bloggers that also participated was HanisNisa FuziPutraCik LilyKak Rubi and also Nisa Kay. There were many more bloggers but I didn't now most of them.

Then after lunch we all got passes to ALL PARK, means that we all got to play at Genting's Outdoor Theme Park and also Indoor's Theme Park. We so are lucky, HAHA.. I've been longing so long to play here and finally I get the chance. Its like a dream come true.. HAHA..

So most of us got divided, I went around with Alee, Hanis & Bro, Nisa Fuzi and Putra. We so wasted time at Dinosaur land with the long que, but we were lucky we got a ride on the roller-coaster.

Its been a while since I went on the roller-coaster and I finally found out that I was not so strong as before. I kinda got scared. We didn't manage to ride on most of the games since the long que. But we did get to try the flying-coaster, the ride where you float like superman. It was great!

So thank you Nuffnang and Genting for this awesome event
Hope there is more soon
So looking forward to it.

15 June 2012

Nuffnang's Adventure to Awana Genting (Chapt 7)

Chapter 6
Genting Strawberry Park

For those who missed Chapt 1Chapt 2Chapt 3Chapt 4Chapt 5Chapt 6
Genting's Strawberry Park

It was my first time there and I was like, yeayyyyyyyyy....

So this is how the farm looked liked
Most of the bloggers went inside to pick strawberries but I was walking around looking at the place
The place is really nice

So mostly here are the bloggers that went, during my stay there I was kinda more close to the Malays but then I kinda regret it cause the Chinese were actually really friendly. I got the courage to talk to them just soon as we were going back home.

So the in the man with the white shirt is Daniel really friendly, nice guy, then there's the boy in black beside me, its Nazrul, got close to him during our way back to Klang and he has a lot of amazing stories to share. Some of the kinda made me laugh hard. Then if I'm not mistaken the chinese in blue is Terrance and I kinda forgot the girls names. Someone please give me their blog links.

Then the picture below them are Putra, Kak Rubi, and Nisa Fuzi. I have already mentioned them in the earlier post.

The strawberry park was big actually, not only there was a strawberry park but there was also a mushroom farm, and lots of shops to buy suveniers and fresh vegetables. You should try their products there, really tasty like their Ice-cream, their tea and much more.

This is Lin from Genting. 

And here is Anne and Daren form Nuffnang. Sweet kan diaorg ni? Hehe..

So it was such a great adventure I had with the bloggers, team Nuffnang and team Genting.
It was such a great experience

Thank You so much again to Nuffnang and Genting for this opportunity,
I have learned so much and I have started to appreciate me as being a blogger.
Now blogging do really seems fun.

12 June 2012

Semester 5

Yeayyyyyy... Final semester has finally come
I'm a senior now
HAHA.. seniorla sangat, orang tengok aku macam budak-budak lagi

So this semester is really important
The last valuation for me to go to degree
This semester I got a showcase upcoming
And I'm so nervous

I came back to UiTM Puncak Perdana 2 days before registration
I was the first one home

Knock knock
Whos there?
Only Me

See.. berdebu gila rumah.. Aku sakit jiwa dibuatnya.. So gigihla aku beli mop, mop lantai kasi bersih

This is my room
The upper bunk
The best place to sleep
I mean it, never want to leave that bed

And of course the most important place during my studies
My study table
Mostly me at that chair all the time

Anyways, just a short post today
Haven't met my classmates yet, so no pictures
Maybe soon to update 


11 June 2012

Muara Ikan Bakar Tanjung Harapan

Hye fellow bloggers

So today's entry is about foooooooodddddddd... yes people, food.

Dua hari lepas Mr. Bignose aku and sekian sekian bawak aku pergi makan dekat Muara Ikan Bakar Tanjung Harapan dekat Port Klang.
Ni actually first time aku merasa makan seafood dekat kedai-kedai makan macam ni.
So excited dia lebih sikit.

So mula-mula masuk kena pilih ikan, lauk dan masakan apa yang nak dimasak
Aku nak pilih ni memang tak retilah, aku tak pernah ke pasar pun nak pilih ikan so serahkan kepada Mr. Bignose yang begitu bersemangat memilih ikan.

Haha.. Terbalik pulakan? 

Sementara dia tengah sebuk-sebuk pilih ikan aku dengan kak Maya pergi cari tempat duduk
Suasana makan dia sangat relaxing, tapi lagi relaxing kalau tak ramai customer la.
Angin pantai, dengan bunyi ombak tambah lagi dengan lampu-lampu membuatkan suasana begitu tenang.

Hari ni kitaorg memang makan besar
Sampai semua perut pun bertambah besar

Memang banyak lauk malam tu
Just tak ambil semua gmbar cause makanan sampai satu-satu, orang dah nak habis makan baru lauk lain sampai.
Sedih betul, org dah kenyang baru makanan sampai

Tapi makanan semua sedap
Tengoklah, sampai bertimbun pinggan

But still got dessert
Perut aku memang dah tak larat nak tampung dah
But still sumbat jugak
Takut makanan tu nangis tak ada orang nak makan
Tapi yang sengsara Mr. Bignose la, dia yang menghabiskan untuk aku

Muka menghadamkan makanan dalam perut
Me and Mr. Bignose
Muka bahagia kan?

Anyways thanks a lot kepada yang sudi belanja makan
Bersyukur sangat

10 June 2012

Nuffnang's Adventure to Awana Genting (Chapt 6)

Chapter 6
Invasion of the leaches

For those who missed Chapt 1Chapt 2Chapt 3 Chapt 4Chapt 5

We had to wake up early the next morning
The fresh air at Genting made my spirits high
Breakfast was heaven
I ate till my stomach was full
and I was a fool
cause today's activity was dreadful.

Cause it was the most challenging event ever

We went through Awana Eco Trail, we went through the woods at Awana Genting as long as 3.8km.

Yes 3.8km climbing hills through the woods and it was exhausting yet very exciting.

First of all we were required to gather at the Awana Long House to warm up

Then we were given our mission for the Eco Trail.
We were given 5 water bottles to cary each, then we were to carry 5 little fishes till the end of the Eco trail.

That was a challenge I tell ya but thank god Darren was in our group, he was the man that carried those little fishes and most of the other stuffs.

So the night before was raining so that morning we went in a damp eco trail and when its damp that is when all the leaches came out.

At first I was not so caring about the leaches issue until one got stuck on my butt.
Yeahh.. The first leach that ever got stuck to me got stuck on my butt. Really nice postion to choose leach. But again, I'm grateful that I wore sweat pants that day so it didn't even get near my skin.

The trail was long and along the way you could hear people screaming

"ahhhhhh... leach!" than most of them get board of screaming since every 10 minutes there's a leach that gets stuck on you.

The trail was long I tell ya, I was out of breath and with the invasion of the leaches I really wanted it to finish quickly.

Then without expectation we finally reached to a place that put smiles to everyone, Guess what.

The was a waterfall here and the water was freaking refreshing

We took a rest there for several minutes, I was releaved with the cold water flowing trough my feet.

See... my pretty converse is destroyed by those leaches
Tips: Don't wear converse shoes during challenging activities like this. They don't grip to well so you are potentially able to get hurt.
I actually fell don several times doing this activity cause my shoes are slippery.

Chilling out with Nisa Kay and Hanis
Tired faces but still long way to go 

We were on that trail about 3 hours or more and it was really3 exhausting.  Finally when we reached the end, I was like Hooraaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Finally it ended.
yes! finally food, let me have food.. HAHA

The eco trail was really an adventure and it also builds up group work.

The last activity was to plant our group tree
Tired but everyone still put all their effort in that tree.

I was glad I was able to participate in this activity cause it gave me a lot of experience especially dealing with leaches.

For those who are also interested in this activity  could call 03-6436 9000 for reservation and enquiries.

p/s: pictures credit to Hanis and Darren form Nuffnang