16 October 2012

Pre Graduation Night TEKA July Intake 2010

Sooooo... What do you guys think of the design above? This is my first time designing for an event and it was really spontaneous. Since Pre Graduation Night was our last event together I wanted to contribute something to my batch and so I made covers for the door gifts. That included my housemates also, Aisyah Tarmizi, Farah Fadhilah, Daniella Ballan, Deana Ishak and not forgetting the important person to this event, Alee Isa.

13 October 2012

End of Diploma

It makes me sad to say yeayyy when Diploma is finally over, I hope I get great grades but somehow I feel sad that all of this is over.  Is it normal or am I just over reacting?  Well every beginning has an ending. Throughout diploma I had my ups and downs, I laughed, shouted, had cat fights and entertained myself with all the drama. Back then I hoped that Diploma could finish in a blink of an eye. Now since it's already finished I feel sad to leave what is left behind.

I really am gonna miss this moment. See if you can spot me though. This is the whole batch that is filled with awesome people. I might not have been close to everyone but I knew all of you, well mostly that came that night.

I'm not gonna talk about Malam Pra Graduan Dinner, I just wanted to share with you guys that I already finished my Diploma and I'm taking a new step for my future.

Anyways, wish me luck.