Pre Graduation Night TEKA July Intake 2010

16 October 2012

Sooooo... What do you guys think of the design above? This is my first time designing for an event and it was really spontaneous. Since Pre Graduation Night was our last event together I wanted to contribute something to my batch and so I made covers for the door gifts. That included my housemates also, Aisyah Tarmizi, Farah Fadhilah, Daniella Ballan, Deana Ishak and not forgetting the important person to this event, Alee Isa.

Anyways, back to Pre Graduation Night (MPG), we all had a blast that night. Our theme for that night was rock n roll and you wouldn't know how hard I tried to find something to wear. That night we had music, performances and speaches but the best part was the photography session.

I'm gonna miss these awesome people, not forgetting my classmates and the whole batch July Intake 2012, even though our Faculty has changed the name to Faculty Film, Theatre and Animation but to us we're still students from Faculty of Creative Technology and Artistic. No matter what in our hearts we will always be a TEKArian.

Not everyone in our class came that night, only half showed up. But its okay, we still had fun though, and classmates may you do well in your future and hope for you guys to forgive me for every mistake that I've done.

As you can see, this is mostly what happened that night. Congrats to Alee Isa for winning prom queen and also Zhafir Muzani for winning Prom King and Best Student. And not forgetting to all who had won that night. You guys really deserved it.

This surely is going to be a night to remember. I'm gonna miss each and everyone of you, especially the life at Puncak Perdana. I won't be seeing you no more Puncak Perdana. 

I hope this memory stays like these gifts we got for that night.


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