14 March 2013

Nuffnang's Youth Credit Card Design #2nd

Hey peeps! So you can see that I'm really committed to this contest since I'm submitting my 2nd design.
So what will my youth credit card look like this time?
Jeng jeng jeng.........Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

Let me introduce to you to the Live Your Life Credit Card. Why live your life? This credit card is suppose to be the key where youths will use to make their life feel totally alive. Come on, were young, ain't we suppose to be living our lives  as long as we still can?
So that's why I gave Live Your Life as its name so that users will always remember to appreciate the life that they have.

Let me explain to you about the design.

1. Black base? Why? I wanted it to have an elegant look.
2. At the same time I wanted it to look young, up to date, trendy and unisex, so that's why I chose the middle part to be that way. The combination of colours and the repeated patterns is a symbol of boys and girls.
3. Why speakers? Since music is a major part of youths today, I take that as a resemblance of youths. Music does colours a life and also helps people to live their life. Don you think?
4. Glitter? Do you see the white small dotted spots on the black base? Its suppose to be glitter. But the kind of plastic glitter, not the ones you paste by gum. Its just an extra add so it doesn't look so dull. And mostly the glitter is suppose to be so light that if you look close only you'll be able to see it.

So that's briefly about my design for this credit card.
I'm thinking of trying my luck and submitting another design soon.

Wish me luck!

p/s: I need your opinions on my design. Thank you

10 March 2013

Nuffnang's Youth Credit Card Contest

Good Evening fellow blog readers. So have you heard that Nuffnang is having a contest right now that ends this 17th of March. What is this contest about? Its all about your creativity and ideas. So those who have skills in this are really fortunate, why? Cause their giving away a MACBOOK PRO yawwww.. with retina display! Fuhhhhh.. And and and... even 2 consolation prizes that is an Ipad MINI! Wohoaaa... Jumping up and down.

At first I saw this post from Nuffnang a lot of ideas came bursting in since I've been craving for a Macbook since last year, and plus this year I'm officially an Art and Design student this is gonna be beneficial for me since I'm gonna use it for my studies. So that's why I'm so excited joining this contest. Who knows I might be lucky this time. So wish me luck guys and here it goes.

So here is it, roughly without the final touch ups of a credit card, so let me explain to you briefly about the design first.

Well of course I followed the minimum dimension for the design that is 2,022px (width) x 1,275px (height). Since its rule number one.
Okay then, this design is done by Adobe Photoshop CS5 since I only know how to use that software. At first I drew out what I pictured the credit card to look like, but when I combined the vectors and colours it turned into something slightly different than what I expected.

Here are some points behind this design,

1. As you can see clearly there is a picture of a boy on a skateboard and a girl with shopping bags. This credit card is supposed to be comfortable to be used by boys and girls. Its unisex, not so boyish, not so girlish. The reason why the guy is on a skateboard is that it shows what most boys would do to spend their money on (sports), and its the same reason why I chose that vector of girls.

2. Then in the right side of the credit card you will be able to see a vector of Kuala Lumpur, it shows that this credit card is for Malaysians to spend. And this country is where the credit card is born. Make sure you look closely though.

3. The colour splashes. Why so colourful? Its actually the colour of our youths that have many different attitudes and personality. It differentiates them by showing colours and why splashes? Cause this credit card is for youths of Malaysia right? So these splashes resembles every youth having a taste with this credit card on things that define them.

4. The background colour, its soft blue with a touch of light pink and yellow?  Why? Same thing as point number one. Its supposed to be a unisex credit card.

Overall this design is supposed to make the owner look young and unique. Not many credit cards are colourful like this don't you think?

And that's all the points about the design, So lets see the completed design of the credit card then.


So here is the final design. Please don't copy my design please. I've been working on it one whole day. Anyways don't mind the cardholder name and bank name, I just wanted it to look real. Sorry Nuffnang I also created a fake bank for you. Its just that I wanted my credit card to look real. This is just an example what my Youth Credit Card would look like.

So what do you guys think? To crowded maybe, or its just sweet. ROTF.. 

Anyways, my Credit Cards name is the Youth Dr. Why? Guess.. Anyone?
Well the reason for this name is the purpose of this credit card is of course to spend right? And spending is a form of healing. And usually a person in charge to heal you is a doctor. That's why I call this credit card the Youth Dr. Get it? This card has the power to heal. Just a swipe and it will keep you smiling for the rest of the day.

As for example, when your sad what would you do? For me I'll go to a random restaurant and eat a lot, and this is when I use this credit card. Cause its so random and I won't be bringing a lot of cash around. HAHA.. My example sucks.

Ohh I know you guys are smart enough to get the picture. I don't know why it's so hard for me to elaborate since I got everything inside my head.

Sooo.. This is just one of my designs, I'm thinking of submitting a few more designs before the deadline and hope that Macbook Pro will be mine soon. Wish me luck guys!


p/s: Looking forward for your comments


04 March 2013


Alright ini sambungan blogpost Trip to Kelantan hari tu. Lama beno nak update, dah dekat sebulan dah baru update part 2. Maaf ea semua. Hehe...

So dah dapat teka tak gambar hari tu? Tahu tak kat mana?

03 March 2013

Nuffnang's 6th Birthday Bash

Nuffnang's 6th Birthday Bash was awesome! Wohoaaaa.. Its a new experience for me. Nasib baik la roomate sekarang Pika dapat temankan, kalau tidak memang tak sampai la aku ke sana. Nak drive area KL, memang tak adalah aku, area sesak tak berani lagi nak drive.

Masuk-masuk je, mak aihhh.. Meriah betul kat dalam ni, tengok ramai-ramai mulalah kepala pusing-pusing. Last-last cari port kat tepi-tepi tempat yang maih boleh dapat oksigen. Sebelum tu singgah dulu dekat booth Deezer, main game teka lagu. HAHA.. Lagu Pitbull dia kasi aku teka, memang sekejap jela dapat jawab. Last-last menang pendrive Digi 8GB, walaupun ramai yang kata dapat pendrive dah best, aku sebenarnya aim payung, pendrive tu aku dah dapat dah event lepas-lepas. Hahaha.. Diberi peha nak betis. Terima jela.

Masuk lebih dalam jumpa lah blogger-blogger yang familiar dan yang tak. Haha. Aku ni mana kenal orang, nak tegur bukak mulut pun payah, kena orang mula dulu, bila dah kena topik tak berhenti pulak cakap. Yang mana kenal tu borak-borak la sekejap, tapi aku banyak bercakap dengan Pika je malam tu. Dia punya lampu kalah lampu DSB untuk Diploma Showcase hari tu. terpukau jugaklah tengok.

Event malam tu mula dengan makan malam, makan buffet nasi. Macam nak pecah jugaklah perut makan. Pika pun dah tak terlarat nak sumbat lagi. Then after that ada performances and games. Eh lupa, ada dance performance yang cool gila sebelum makan. Memang gempak diaorg ni menari.

Then then ada games, malangnya games tak banyak sangat. Aku menunggu game menang smartphone sebab tu aku tak masuk mana-mana games masa mula-mula. Rupanya games untuk menang smartphone memang tak ada, so kecewa sekejap. Tambah pulak aku baru dapat tahu ada lucky draw, blogger-blogger lain ada kata masa daftar tu diaorg ada diberi kertas untuk tulis nama, tapi masa aku daftar tak ada pun. Daaaannngggg.. Kecewa, tapi malas nak kata apa-apa dah, tengok ragam-ragam blogger lain masa main game dah cukup entertaining. Pika yang bertuah malam tu, dia dapat teka mash up punya lagu dapatlh bawak balik set penjagaan muka.

And there's the cake, cake dia pun cool, dalam gambar nampak lah orang-orang kuat Nuffang semua ada malam tu. Aku tertanya-tanya jugak tengok headphones dekat cake tu, dalam poster suruh bawak headphones, tapi macam tak ada function je headphones masa party malam tu. Ok, maybe aku yang over excited.

As usual ada muka-muka familar, with Cik Lily Putih, Pen Merah and Nisa Kay. Ada jugak Rayyan Haris malam tu, Penaberkala dan Atika dan Kifli Malli, Rawlins dan dan..., aku sebut yang mana aku kenal dan ada komunikasi antara dua pihak. Hahaha... Yang lain ada jugak kenal tapi macam biasalah nak tegur segan.

Ada jugak kenal dengan blogger-blogger baru masa event tu. Cuma tak ingat nama, haihhh.. Tambah pulak aku ni malasnyaaaa la nak mencatat nama dalam phone, tambah-tambah lagi phone aku yang tak seberapa ni tak banyak function. Cehhh.. Serious aku perlukan camera phone yang lebih elok, nak berblog tapi camera sendiri tak ada, macam mana tu?  Mengharap kasih +1 jela setiap kali ke event untuk gambar.

Dan korang ada tertanya-tanya tak kenapa semua sibuk dengan belon? Well satu belon-belon ni memang cantiklah lah kan nak bergambar, but yang paling menarik, setiap belon ada pemiliknya. Masa untuk dapat invitation, kan blogger-blogger kena submit entry untuk lagu-lagu pilihan di Deezer. And inilah hasilnya,

Wohoaa.. Cool kan? Everyone yang submit lagu ke Deezer dapat, and gambar dia cantik-cantik, according lagu pilihan. Actually aku ada sumbit dua entry untuk deezer ni, and dia pilih dari blogpost, itu  yang keluarnya backstreet boys tu. LOL.. Aku rasa aku sorang je pilih lagu lapok, semua yang lain lagu-lagu terkini.

Anyways, malam tu memang fun, sorry tak banyak gambar. Camera tak ada so tak dapatlah nak tunjuk apa yang kitaorg dapat dalam goodie bags. Yang penting everything menarik.

Till then, just want to Thank Nuffnang for this awesome party. Hope to join again next year and again Happy 6th Birthday Nuffnang, and also happy Birthday tio my cousin Azwar Syuhada that also celebrated her birthday on that very same day.

Bye peeps!