29 May 2013


I made a few changes now in 2018 to this post since the original post was something irrelevant I wrote down years ago. Since this post has the most page views on my blog I bet a lot of you came across it while looking for reviews on Laneige products. So click more below if you want to see a full list of Laneige products that I've tried before. I'll still try to keep this page updated from time to time with new products from this brand.

20 May 2013

Astro On The Go Live Explorer at Sunway Pyramid

Hey all.. Been a while hasn't it?
Well last Saturday, thanks to Nuffnang I was able to join this great event at Sunway Pyramid, Astro On The Go Live Explorer.

At first I was supposed to go with Hanis, but since she had some problems of her own, I was left alone. I was freaking out too. But because I was so determined to go to this event I gained my courage to drive by myself. Nasib baik sunway je pun, ini kali pertama aku drive ke arah PJ yang sesak tu. So determined since I left home at 8am. Event starts at 9am, padahal 15 minit je drive. Sampai-sampai parking lengang, first time I saw Sunway deserted, so I prepared awal-awal parking betul-betul dekat tempat nak keluar. Senang nanti since aku bawak kereta pun terkial-kial.

Anyways, back to topic. So after registration I finally met my team mate Mah@Mahu @ Mahadi . Since Nuffnang selected our team mates so that was my first time meeting him. We were also joined by other bloggers as well. Some familiar faces and some new faces for me.