Result Semester 1 Degree UiTM

04 August 2013

Yesterday night I couldn't sleep at all. As usual, when results are about to come out, I can't seem to stay calm. I really worry to much, and it makes it worst since UiTM results are sent by email at the middle of the night.
At the night of results, twitter will be swarming with post like, "berdebar-debar", "takutnya..." or "result nak keluar, tak tenang!", some sort like that, and I'll be more nervous when after 12am, one by one will start tweeting, 'Allhamdulillah', 'Syukur', 'Kecewa', 'Memang dah agak, salah aku juga', 'Punah Harapan', and a lot more. At that time I'll get more and more frustrated cause I usually get my email late than others. I won't be able to sleep at all and keep on refreshing my inbox and spam folder. Thank god this time I don't have to wait in front of the computer anymore.
This time, everyone's email came in late, so I thought maybe I'll just take a short nap since it was already 2am and nobody seemed to receive any email. Then I heard mum's voice waking me, 'bangun sahur', and I was like mamai and said 'jangan tutup internet', sambil mencapai tab and with those sleepy eyes I opened my email.
Ok, dah masuk.. Jap jap... I went to the toilet to wash my face first, eventhough mata dah segar bugar, capai cermin mata and grabbed back my tab.
The result was like this

My eyes went straight to the grades first, didn't dare to look at the CGPA, so I looked at the grades, there were no C's. Allhamdulillah, no C's, I thought I was gonna have a lot of that, but I got B's. So there still was a chance. SO I moved my eyes little by little to the CGPA and it stated 3.56!
As usual as I achieve my target I'll scream wohooooooooooooooooo!!! Melompat-lompat lari ke mak tunjuk result, mak like usual, kalau dah tengok macam tu, mak dah faham la. If not I'll be crying and sobbing and whinning with my results, so if I've put on a happy face, lega la hati mak. haha..

Since it was 5am, I didn't show it to dad until 8am that morning. I was hoping for a better response, but as usual I won't get that from dad. '56 je? huhh..' ok tu je response dia, dari dulu la macam tu walau bagus mana pun result aku, so dah biasa. Just hoping that I can keep this up every semester so that I can get Anugerah Naib Canselor (ANC) and dapat pakai selempang masa graduation nanti. I wanna see what dad will response too on that day. Just hope that I can make them proud one day, tak sia-sia duit my parent hantar pergi belajar without any scholarship.

Talking about scholarship, anyone knows how and which scholarship can apply to?

Okay back to my results, as you can see I got a lot of B's. For Cultural Anthropology, my carry marks were really bad, nearly to fail, but I passed for my finals, eventhough I studied last minute, allhamdulillah, I received the grade I targeted. For photography, I was hoping for an A, but still maybe my pictures were so last minute so, what to do.

Apart from that, what I'm most shocked of are my drawing results, Visual Language and Drawing and Observation, these 2 subjects are art subjects where I have to do art. Talking about arts, I did have some basic before but not the kind of basic where I was good at it. I was awful at it, but then I tried and tried, I almost gave up since I got low marks on my early assignments. It kept me worried about my marks for the finals, since these 2 subjects has the highest credit hours and its all based on skills.

What I learned for art is it is not simply based on the skills but also the brains. If you use both, the artwork will somehow work. seriously it does since I did that for my last couple of assignments to gain back the low marks are received earlier that semester. I did struggle a lot and most of the time I almost wanted to straggle myself due to the pressure of piled work. I bared it since I call mum every night and she makes me remember my aim.

Overall degree is more tougher and lonelier than I expected. Its like forever alone there since there is too much work, that's why during my finals I studied last minute, I wanted to release my pressure and my stress with the projects earlier. I had 3 final papers and all 3 I started to study just a day before the exam. Betullah cakap orang, study smart, don't study hard.

Anyways, bersyukur sangat-sangat with my results, couldn't have wished better. Hope next semester I could improve more and maybe think of a better learning method there. I should try to adapt to the new enviroment and also the new style at a new faculty. I so living in the past I think.

So guys wish me luck!
Btw, I was so busy before that I didn't update a post about my Graduation day that happened months ago.
Maybe I'll make a post soon.
Till then, bye peeps!!


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  1. tahniah mira
    baca kisah ni, tiba-tiba tringat balik suka-duka time nak dapatkan segulung ijazah dulu
    it's not easy, yes I admit it.
    Especially when we want to do at our best for parents..
    but believe me one thing, just stay focus and study smart.. u 'll achieve it!

    all the best ye
    bagus lah, klu sem 1 dah niat nak banggakan mak ayah,pakai selempang time konvo
    aku pun pernah berazam macam tuh dulu
    Alhamdulillah, I did it...

    pasal scholarship tu, try apply dengan MARA
    inshaAllah, klu dapat, then study dpt result bagus, u'll enjoy study for free. No need to pay anything


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