Genting's Halloween Horror Spirit 2

20 October 2013

Are you guys scared of ghost?
Are you guys brave enough to walk with the dead?
If you are, get ready guys for the 24th to the 27th October at Gentings Outdoor Theme Park, make sure you guys are fully prepared for trick or treat!

For only 5 days only, Genting is helding their Halloween Horror Spirit 2 where you guys get to have a taste of 5 haunted places. Bare yourself for The Haunted Playground, Old Shanghai, Kisah Rumah Puaka, Prison Freak and The City of Walkers!

Sound great enough?
Lets see my experience..
So, yesterday night I was invited by Genting at their very first day of The Halloween Horror Spirit at their outdoor themepark.
I on the other hand was really 50% to go and not to go. WHY?
Cause I'm such a scardy cat. Yes I admit, but still I wanted to experience for once the Halloween Spirit.

Acting as if I'm not scared.

We went in around 9pm yesterday and when I entered the entrace we were heading to The City of Walkers, there I didn't dare to open my eyes. Penakut punya pasal, I held grabbed at Nisa all the way with my eyes shut tight and trying to deaf my ears as hard as I can.
But still I peeked and so a really scary clown, a pig  I think and a zombie. 

Then we entered the Haunted Playground

There I dared open my eyes, since the ghost are not screaming and chasing people.

But still they do look scary right?

Their make up was just awesome
Stil manage to fright me in a glimpse

Then too old Shanghai
This place was cool, the ghost here were actually interesting to look at

These two are having such fun scaring me

Okay, rumah puaka ni aku tak berani masuk
Cause people were screaming like crazy
And I could see glimpses of the ghost from outside and of course la I'm not going to enter.
Ther rest went in came out screaming as well

Everywhere we went there seem to be different kind od ghost walking around
So that night your basically entering the lamd of the dead
And even the dead are welcoming you with performances

You see? 
Well thats pretty much peeps, but theres actually a lot more of attractions.
Its just that I was to scared

So tickets are priced at RM45 each and Genting Reward Card memebers get RM38 per person and if you guys book online via iholiday, its just RM35 per person.


Anyways, that night was a major fright for me, thanks genting for this experience.
Hoping more invites from you guys again.

P/s: Sorry for the low quality image, I'm gonna buy a camera soon so please wait yaa..

Bye peeps!


  1. hoii seramnya mira!
    dah le genting tu memang banyak hantu

    1. Heeee... tu yang mira tak berani nak pandang tu, takut ternampak hantu betul.. haha

  2. Replies
    1. Pucat sebab sejuk, kau apesal tak pergi weh?

  3. Oh ini rupanya event yang eazy pergi hari tue...

    1. Yuppp.. Eazy orang kuat genting kut.. hehe

  4. Like seriously? Scary ok hantu2 tu actually!


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