The Bubblegum Wax Party

29 October 2013

Are you a virgin?
Uuuuuu... sensitive issue right?
Hye peeps!
What I ment is are you guys still a virgin to waxing?
Well every girl must have this on their to do list once in their life time.
Why? Helloooooooo..
Think for yourself, haha

So as you can see, we all pweety ladies had a bubbly experience of bubblegum waxing
And most of us had it for our first time!
Did we scream? Did we cry?
That's top secret babies..

Thank you to The Butterfly Project
And also Bubblegum Wax
We all had a chance to experience this
But! In a more exciting way.

Cause we had a little Paartaaayyy

Ice Cream!
Seriously yum yum
Just by the taste of it I could tell that's its expensive ice cream

Not only that!
We had sweets also
Oh yummy
My tummy wants more

And here is a brief on what awaits us

While we were called one by one for our bubblegum treatment
We also had a DIY session
Where we had to create the most stunning box to put in our door gifts
And the best part is that we had tons of sweets and ice cream while were on it

We were given about 2 hours to get it done
And tadaaaaaaaaa.. Here are some of the outcomes
Cantik right?
And the best three won splendid gifts!
Jaww drops everyone

Here is the third winner!

And the first winner took home a RM500 voucher
Woaaa.. waxing for eternity wehhh
Congrats babe

This one above is not mine! (maluuuuuuuu, sila abaikan)
Just focus on the product dears
Just love the goodies

Overall, this was my first and ever experience with waxing!
Omaigaaaddd.. Just can't believe that I actually did that
If it wasn't for the girls day out with these butterflies, I wouldn't have done it at all.
Thank you again butterfly project for this experience.
Love you guys!

P/s: I'm so sorry for the low quality image



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