Launch of Guess Luxe Leather Handbag

03 November 2013

Hye Bag Lovers!
Guess what, Guess what..
Guess just had its launch of their latest designs
And its leather babies.

As you can see, I was invited to this private function thanks to The Butterfly Project .
And when I got the invite I was like, woaaaa.. like seriously can? Mum was just as excited as me since its her favorite brand.

The function was held at their store at the Gardens KL
And this is what they had prepared for us

And our host for that night

Its was a surprise though seeing this
Candy man, candy man... lalalala
Even us girls had fun watching their performance to introduce Guess new collection.

And below is one of the brand new bags that everyone had an eye for.
Almost each and every blogger took a photo with this bag.
See how much it is most wanted, but seriously its tacky. I can't resist the colour myself.

And there's more
Bags everywhere
It makes you hard to choose which one you love most

Finally a bag caught my eye
The Box Stachel Bag from Guess
I just loved this grey bag
Its big and simple and its just my style

And surely all the other bloggers had fun with bag hunting that day

with Kak Ruby

And there's Kak Innanie

And we have Edazz, Sabrina, Aida, Sabby Prue and Innanie Ariffin
The party was more fun with them around.

Had great fun that night really thank you for inviting me
But wait!
Before here is a little bit of info on their newest collection

Till then, Gooday peeps!


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