Butterfly Project X Kinohimitsu Luau Party!

24 December 2013

Woot woot! Anyone missed me?
It has been so long since an update right? Sorry I've been really busy with my studies since I had tons of projects piling up each day.
And tomorrow is already christmas!
Merry christmas to all of my readers who celebrates it.

Anyway, last month, when I still had a little more time for myself, I was invited by The Butterfly Project to their awesome year end party with Kinohimitsu. The party was themed Hawaii. Woaaa.. I didn't have to go so far to feel the Hawaiiness.

Held at Manja Spa in KL, we girls did have a great night. There were games, music, dances, contest and the best of all is of course the unlimited prints at the photobooth. We were introduced to the Kinohimitsu team where they briefed about their product.

To those who don't know much about Kinohimitsu, it a colagen drink from Japan where its good for your health and also for beauty. We that night had a chance to taste their products and also bring them home. How awesome is that.

They also had a bar prepared for us just for a drink of Kinohimitsu


There were also games and one of them was spin the wheel. I didn't have much luck that night but still I got some bottles of Kinohimitsu. The grand prize though was awesome.

See the crowd? The party was happening with just us girls.

Us girls had some bonding time that night. 

A new butterfly, just met her that night and she was really friendly.

And with one of my favourite bloggers, Kak Aida!

And of course with ma girls, Sab and Pika. 
Lol..  Can't believe I just took these much pictures, cause there were a lot more butterflies on that night.
All dressed up hawaii like, felt like we were partying at Hawaii for real.

And here is their new product, Kinohimitsu Booster and it taste great! Seriously tak tipu.
Its lychee flavour and you can either drink it by mixing it with water or just it the powder just like that.
Both ways are simply delicious.
We all that came that night got to bring home a box each that last for a month and I took it everyday without missing. Cause it taste so good.

Had a really fun night that night. The girls was awesome.
Tammy and the butterfly crew did a really awesome that. I would have really regret if I have missed out on this party that night. Thank you guys for the invitation, I really appreciate it.

What are the effects of Kinohimitsu after I took it for a month?

Any difference? Hehe

P/s: Anyways, I would like to apologise to Tammy cause I missed the deadline for this blogpost. I am truely sorry and I'll make sure I'll try my best to not let this happen again. Thank you really for the invite, the party was a really great one to end my year. Thank you again Butterfly Project and Kinohimitsu. XOXO


  1. wahh bestnya nampak meriah party tu..
    memang gelap-gelap suram je lampunya eh..
    part paling best minum kinohimitsu tu la kan.. brg mahal tuu

  2. kenapa tak pakai skirt rambu2 kasi feeling2 hawaii sikit...haaahaaa. by the way, gambar with ur girls tu terlalu kuat lighting. slow kan pencahayaan. huaaahuaaa!! :D


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