Ajlaa Village Hulu Langat

22 June 2014

Well actually for this post I'm just thinking of uploading pictures of us there.
Anyways, for those of you who are in charge of clubs and finding a suitable place to do activities in a group I recommend you Ajlaa Village.
This private hideout is the best place if you wanna go back to nature. And its so comfortable.
You will be stunned expecting that there is a small place like this in the middle of the woods.

Just try guessing what they have to offer at a place like this.
So who's drooling already over the durians you can see?

Anyways, my group had an induction session there.
It was perfectly the best place since we had enough space to do our activities.
We had a game almost like Running Man where we had checkpoints.
I don't have the pictures of us during that game but believe me we all had fun. Well most of us though since we planned it to get wet and dirty.

We even had a bbq dinner

And believe it or not, we cooked all the way.
 Cause there was also a kitchen.

LOL, This is not a blogpost at all!
This is just a post loaded with pictures.
Anyways if I have time I'll update about what we did for the 3 days we were there.

For more info you guys could head down to Ajlla Village
Till then peeps!


  1. Wow!! Bestnyaa aktiviti macam ni. Nice place!!! dengan pokok duriannya dekat dengan kolam tu. Wahhhh

    1. Sangat best, tempat ni private. Luas, banyak ruang nak buat aktiviti

  2. best nye . tepat dye mcm segar je . banyak hijau2 .

  3. Macam menarik je tempat nie....

  4. Kepada adik-adik yang ada adik/saudara/sahabat yang masih belum sambung belajar dan masih mencari IPTA/IPTS. boleh hubungi saya di 012-9672586.

  5. banyak nyamuk tak di situ?

  6. Memang best tempat ni.. Tak sangka dalam area Selangor ni pun ada tempat yang cantik dan menarik macam ni.. Ini pula nukilan kenangan saya sepanjang 2 hari 1 malam di sini..



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