19 December 2014

Helloooo peeps!
So last weekend I decided to cheer myself up a bit and attend Hotlink's OhhSOME Fest at Avenue K.
A week in the hospital surely drained me, I needed a bit of cheering up and some social activities, so since I've been complaining that I needed something to clear my mind my sweet boyfriend took me there, even though he doesn't like much going inside KL.

But still it was fun
and what is OhhSOME Fest?

#OhhSOME Fest, or short for Ohh Social Media Festival is meant to be a festival celebrating the glory of social media in Malaysia. This Festival is the first ever social media festival in Malaysia that will be curated by social media community leaders, each representing the community of their strength.

And so OhhSOME Fest is for the social media addicts like us

OhhSOME Fest is just awesome cause its just not a live concert for our youtubers but also has an OhhSOME Bazaar and OhhSOME Talks.
Amanz.my was also there to introduce OhhSOME Apps for the young talents from the local tech scene.
Also since OhhSOME fest is Hotlink's event, Hotlink Zone also bought in awesome people.
There are Hotlink Bloggers and Youtubers, also Hotlink's Performancers which you all must be familiar with.

OhhSOME Stage was also filled with awesome Youtubers and influencers such as Wong Fu Production, David Choi, Elizabeth Tan, Joseph Germani, Narmi and also Altimet.
I'm sure all of you know all these people right?
Cause there were all at OhhSOME Fest last weekend.

So OhhSOME fest was held at Avenue K Level 3 at The Art Station.
The view from up there is just awesome.
Direct close view of KLCC just beside.

When I first entered what I saw was these big bubbles floating in the air.
OMG!!! The scene was so beautiful.

With music playing from the stage and people playing bubbles it got me all excited.
Felt a bit of joy finally after being discharged from the hospital.

The first thing I wanted to do was to play and make big bubbles also.
Seems like lots of fun, but it seemed that everyone was thinking the same as I was so I had to give up for the bubbles. The crowd was crazy.

So I just had fun watching other people making bubbles which each person had different expressions on their faces when bubbles came out. Some were really funny.

Okay forget that, the best part was supposed to be this game.
What was this called? Bungee jumping is it? I'm not sure, but I really wanted to try it out but I wasn't in my peak of health yet and that time so I didn't want to take a risk.
So since I couldn't play that I told my boyfriend to try it out for me.
And he is the really romantic type as well.
You know what he did?
He laughed loud and took his camera and disapeared into the crowd.

So since bungee jumping was not available for me, I tried out for the simpler games which was still on the ground.
Trust me I had no idea what I was doing either, but they just said to come and take a picture with these props.

And then I just had to unlock this cabinet to enable me to get awesome prizes from hotline which I wished so much there was an iPhone in there. LOL
And its just simple, just unlock the cabinet, how hard could it be right?

Try choosing just one key between all these to unlock the cabinet.
Indeed my hands ain't lucky. Got a fake key.
No present for me then.

Anyways it was still fun, took pictures with Anis and other bloggers as well.
Everyone has cool poses which I definitely couldn't do.

Just look! HAHA.. I seriously need to take posing classes.
Well the games were just not for me, I'm bad at games and my boyfriend kept laughing at me.
Not a supporter at all. Huh...

So I decided to watch the OhhSOME stage instead.

Just look how crowded the stage was. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Hotlink sure did pick a great place for OhhSOME Fest cause the place is so beautiful.
You could see like everybody take pictures and selfies.
I wished that my boyfriend's DSLR didn't run out on battery that time, if not I could have taken more awesome pictures to share with you guys.
Do you guys think I need a GO PRO instead? Hihi... wink wink

KLCC was just beside.
The view was just spectacular.
Just a great place to take pictures.

Even my boyfriend who hates taking pictures also took pictures as well.
That night was indeed awesome.

OhhSOME Fest was for 2 days and the next day I was surprised to see this band on the stage.
Who has heard of BOX FOR LETTERS before?
This band is listed down for HOTLINK'S PERFORMERS

These guys were once juniors in my school and since school there were in the music club, which I was in to but my voice sucks. LOL
These guys has been doing awesome perfomances since school, so Hotlink sure did choose awesome bands for OhhSOME Fest.

And of course the games were still there for the next day.

Which the BOX FOR LETTERS also tried out.
Wonder how their poses turned out.

And not forgetting the OhhSOME Bazaar.
18 Vendors participated in this Bazaar which sold from clothing to shoes and biscuits and so much more. Even my classmates were participating in the OhhSOME Bazaar too.
Ever heard of DECADES CORP?

Anyways, the OhhSOME BAZAAR was awesome too.

These sketches just outside the entrance of the OhhSOME Fest just attracted me. There were all about our influencers and bloggers. Awesome art done!

Thank you Hotlink for an event like this. OhhSOME fest was just an awesome experience and I'm sure others think the same as well. Everyone had fun!

For more information about #OhhSOME Fest
#OhhSOME Fest

Till then peeps! Stay OhhSOME

P/s: This post is sponsored

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