The Butterfly Project's Christmas Beauty Box

28 December 2014

Hellooo peeps!
Rasa nak nangis tak seeing all those goodies in one box?
A big thanks to The Butterfly Project that made this happen.
There are just so much goodies which I will make several different blogpost for reviews.

The Butterfly Project surely is an awesome community.
I have recieved and gained so much with them.
And for this years Christmas Party they gave us all 100 Buterfllies who attended a big heavy Beauty Box filled with just awesome products.

Just look, everyone recieved a very big box.
The party was just awesome, but I'll update another post for the party.
For now I just wanted to show a peak of the goodies I recieved during the Christmas Party.
Wait for my review then people.

Till then


  1. i miss you already babe, tetibe XD

    1. LOL... Was just at your blog, been stalking your for about 15 mins already.

  2. teramat jelesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! ish,macamana eh nak join korang ni haaa T_T

    1. Onie pergi Facebook The Butterfly Project, alert la dengan post diorang. Banyak gila event yang best best. Join tau. Dekat sidebar tepi mira pun ada badge diaorg. Click je.

  3. OMAGAD! jeles sangat..why la pika tak alert sgt pasal party tu hari tu..kalau tak boleh join korangg..sobsss!

    1. Kaaannnnnnn... Rindu gila dekat Pika. Please la next time alert Pika. We all need a gathering where everyone is there.


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