31 January 2015

Review: Skinz Perfect White BB Cream

Name: Skinz Perfect White BB Cream
Price: RM42.90 
Usage Purpose: Brightens, Protects and Even Skin tones.
Availability: All Major Pharmacies

Hello peeps!
So before I start my blogpost today I just wanna tell you that this is not a sponsored post.
Since my new year resolution is to upgrade Scribbledydum into something more, this is one of the efforts I'm making.
If you have noticed, I now have narrowed my menu bar to more specific groups because I want my readers to be able to find what they are looking for.
Cause I really hate the hassle when what I am looking for at a blog is so hard to find. 
Anyways, another reason is because I have received so much, mostly products I won from contests or goodies from events. Some of these products I even came to love for.
So I wanna share my experience with my readers as well and also want this blog to be more informative than before.
That is my aim for this year.

So, this BB Cream is the reason why I even started using BB Creams. This is the first and my most favourite of all. I've recieved this BB Cream through facebook when I applied for a sample but they gave me their full range. Just how lucky was I back then.
Actually I have already emptied the tube, but still I managed to dig a few out for this review. As you can see in the label above that this BB Cream will only last 12 months after opened and I think it has been more than a year already. I'ved kept this tube for a really long time actually. Rasa sayang je nak buang. LOL.
Anyways, I think that they have already updated to a new look for this packaging since I couldn't find this type sold anymore. But there was one which had the same name, so I assume that they have just changed the look. The new one has a red line in the middle, look so much better actually.

The thing I love the most of this BB Cream is because the cap. Its just so much easier to aim how much I want to use rather than having to squeeze the tube. But it was also a hassle when this product is almost emptied and you wanna squeeze the leftovers out but you can't cause the cap doesn't let you squeeze the cream out. Huh... Rasa sayang that I couldn't use all the cream. 

Could you also see the results? It surely did brighten my skin. And this BB Cream goes perfectly well with my powder also.

What I'm Loving
How it goes very well on my skin.
The scent is just amazing, really love smelling it.
Just love it lahh.. can't describe anymore

What I'm NOT Loving
The price. It is kind off pricey don't you think?

So that's all peeps!

P/s: This post is not sponsored 

30 January 2015

Review: Citra Mulia Kosmetik Dr Herbal's and The Face Gel Serums

Hellooo Peeps!
So who here is the first time hearing about CITRA MULIA?
If you haven't heard Citra Mulia is a newly established cosmetic company which sells mostly skincare products.
This company is actually a distributor company which imports products from Indonesia.
So their products we have here is from Indonesia.
And their highly requested products are non other than what I have in the picture above.

Dr Herbal & The Face

So are you guys already curious about these products?
So am I! Lets start shall we.

Take note that today's post is in Dwi Bahasa,
since I write in English, but the information I received is in Bahasa.
I tried translating, but somehow I don't feel I used the correct words and it turned out to be confusing.

And also, for this review it is not me who has been using these products.
It will be my housemate Ernie Ahwan.
Since I already have a skincare regime and my skin condition right now is okay, I thought its better to let somone else who has problems to test it out.
Then only we can see the real effects, and that's what a review is called.
So I'm like the middle person, and what I'll be writing today is all what Ernie says and feels about these producst.

Cehhh... Acah-acah macam reporter je. HAHA

So are you ready girls?

Lets start with Dr Herbal Whitening AB Cream

Price: RM99.90 (20gm)

Diformulasikan khusus untuk membaiki semula struktur kulit dan lapisan sel-sel kulit yang rosak.
Mengandungi Kolagen untuk membantu anda merawat dan melembab kulit wajah anda.
Dr.Herbal dapat meremajakan semula wajah dan mencerahkan kulit wajah.

~ Mencerahkan dan memutihkan wajah.
~ Wajah kusam, gelap dan kekuningan kembali menjadi putih bersinar.
~ Menghilangkan flek-flek, jerawat dan noda hitam
~ Menghilangkan tompok yang disebabkan oleh sinaran uv
~ Menjaga keanjalan kulit wajah
~ Mengatasi liang besar dan bekas jerawat sehingga wajah kembali menjadi mulus dan halus
~ Menghilangkan kedutan pada wajah.
~ Menghaluskan dan memberi kelembapan semula jadi bagi wajah.

Cara pakai:
~ Bersihkan wajah terlebih dahulu
~ Ambil Krim secukupnya
~ Sapukan krim A untuk pagi dan krim B untuk malam. 

So as you can see, DR Herbal consist of 2 creams A and B. Honestly I thought Dr Herbal was some kind of a soap, but when I opened its packet it was cream. And obviously at the packaging says that it's a whitening CREAM. LOL... I feel stupid.
ANYWAYS, sorry back to topic!

This Cream has an A and a B which I just mentioned earlier
A is for Morning and B is for Night

This cream consist of collagen to help repair and hydrates the skin.
And of course to whiten the skin. 
Which Ernie has problems with.
She wanted to try out these products because she says she has the darkest skin among her friends.

So lets here out what Ernie has to say about Dr Herbal's Cream

What She's Loving
Its made from Herbal Ingredients
Its like a moisturiser

What She's NOT Loving
It makes the skin oily and greasy when applied

Next is  The Face Supreme Cream

Name: The Face Supreme Whitening Day Gel Serum
Price: RM69.90 (50ml)

Serum untuk menjadikan kulit cerah dan bersih seketika. Ia juga sebagai anti penuaan, menghilangkan kerut di wajah, serta melembabkan, melicinkan, dan memutihkan kulit.
Dengan formula khusus yang cepat menghilangkan melasma, flek-flek hitam, dan memutihkan kulit wajah, kandungan vitamin B5 mengaktifkan sel-sel kulit yang baru juga berfungsi sebagai antioksidant untuk mencegah radikal bebas yang merosakkan kulit.
Mencegah sel pigmen sehingga kulit lebih cerah, dengan tambahan pelembab aktif yang dapat menjana semula kulit sehingga terhindar dari keriput atau penuaan.

Fungsi Gel Serum:
- Mengurangkan bekas-bekas jerawat
- Memutihkan kulit wajah
- Menghilangkan flek hitam
- Mencerahkan warna kulit
- Meratakan warna kulit
- Mengecilkan liang wajah
-Menghaluskan dan mengenyalkan kulit

Cara penggunaan: 
- Bersihkan muka anda.
- Sapukan sedikit serum dan leburkan dalam tapak anda 
-Menyampaikan lapisan nipis serum cair di bahagian muka anda dan tekan, urut sehingga diserap sepenuhnya. 
-Gunakan setiap hari waktu pagi dan malam, dan akan mendapat kesannya selapas penggunaan 7 hari.

Honestly speaking, this is the most amazing product that I have ever seen. At first I thought it was the packaging, which I thought was really really impressing.
But then I got to know that actually it wasn't the packaging.
It was the cream itself. Even Ernie was stunned!
What I mean is the circular rings you see above, its actually the cream.
Yes dearies, the jar of this product is actually clear.
And the rings you see there is actually the cream itself. Impressing right?

So The Face Supreme Day Gel Serum is supposed to be worn before putting on Dr Herbal's Day cream.
It helps to clean the skin and also whitens it and so on.
And the scent I tell you is amazing. 

So let's hear it from Ernie then

What She's Loving
The gel is so beautiful and elegant looking
The scent is really nice
When she wears the gold particles will still be lightly seen on her face that makes her skin more glowing like
This gel is so unique which she have never came across before

What She's NOT Loving

And then The Face Supreme Night Gel Serum

Name: The Face Supreme Whitening Night Gel Serum
Price: RM69.90 (50ml)

So this product is basically the same as the day cream, just that its to be used at night.
I seriously can't get over the look of this cream. Don't you think its just fascinating that somhow circular rings are created? OMG!! Seriously I'm stunned.
Haha.. Sorry.. cause the presentation of these gel serums are freaking awesome!
Anyways, lets just here about the real review and see what Ernie has to say about it.

What She's Loving

What She's NOT Loving

So there you have it. That's what Ernie has to say.
I'ved also made a video or Ernie's morning routine before going to work.
Since she goes to the office early in the morning, she doesn't have much time to prepare much.
Thank goodness she found a way to pamper herself in the morning with such a short time.
So let's see how she gets her morning look done

What do you think then?
Easy right?
Anyways below is the before and after photo's using Citra Mulia's products for a month.

Any difference?
Well I could see that her skintone surely is slightly fairer.
Let's hear what she says overall about the products shall we

"I have only been using over a month and can see the amazing result. Skin is softer and glowing. Its also an effective moisturizer with the natural scent it has.
Every Morning I'll never forget to apply The Face Day Cream and also Dr Herbal's Cream A and before sleep I will use The Face Night Cream Serum with Dr Herbal's Cream B. I have been using it daily and find that its amazing for my skin.
My only con is that, it makes my skin bit oily and greasy. Otherwise I do recommend this product."

For more information head down to

So that's all peeps!
Make sure to keep updated cause I have yet to post about the Milano Ashley Hand and Body moisturiser that we'll be coming up really soon.
Have a great day people!

27 January 2015

Review: CERRO QREEN Professional Make-up Brush Set

Name: CERRO QREEN Professional Make-up Brush Set (5pcs)
Price: RM65.90

Included Brushes: Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Blooming brush, Eyebrow powder brush

Purchase: Natta Cosme

26 January 2015

Spa Beauty Regime with TBP Christmas Box.

Hello peeps!

Remember that I have recieved a big beauty box from The Butterfly Project last christmas?
Well I have blogged most of the items in the box already.
Now it's time for the SPA goodies.

So if you guys had miss my previous post, 
Here is the link below

Okay, so this post is gonna be a short one.
I think so. LOL
So lets start shall we.

The first item is the L'Occitane hand cream.
This one I found rather nice since the design is nice.
Well honestly I don't use L'Occitane products much because its kinda pricey.

I'm sorry but I'm not sure about the price of it either.
In fact I'm not sure of the price of all the items below.
So sorry peeps, no price for today's post.

Okay, back to topic!
The L'Occitane Hand Cream is just suitable for travelling since its small and compact.
What I love is the packaging, it looks so sweet.
And the tube makes it easy to scale how much to use.
But, I don't quite like the scent.
But my sister does, sorry but I'm not the type that favours a lot of scent.
That's why I don't wear perfume.
But the hand cream is very moist, my hand went instantly soft.
Now my sister keeps it in her handbag. And she won't give it back to me.

There was Matrix Biolage in the box as well
But it was for colured hair, which I certainly do not have.
As you all know already,
I have a shampoo range which I already love so I didn't use this shampoo
Instead, I just left it at home for my family members to use.
And what I love is that the scent is just remarkablely nice.
Its like a soft sweet smell which I cannot describe.
Plus my sister says her hair feels good with this shampoo.

This is the first time I have heard about always 21 so obviously this is my first product from them.
It feels the same as any other gel mist, but the scent is unique.
The scent is acceptable and somehow makes it feel more refreshed.
Still I'm not using this product, I gave it to my sister
I she's like heavenly spraying at her face
Macam cerita korea katanya

The face mask are just so awesome!
The thing that I really needed for a SPA
Coming home from work is really tiring and these masks really helped to calm me.
My skin also felt greater than ever,
Since my skin is dehydrated, these hydration masks are such a big saviour.
Loving it to the max!

So this ease cleanser is not originally in the box
I won this for the best group prize
I'm not using this product either, I gave it to my sister to use.
This is also my first time recieving an esse product and the gel is so thick.
The scent smells like mint and after use makes the face really really refreshed.
I think I'll be using this product if I haven't found my skin regime yet.

And this is the best one of all!
GLAMGLOW babies!
Wohooo... Really wanted to try this one out.
Punyalah sayang, I haven't tried it yet, I'm thingking to do another post just for this.
And all be comparing GlamGlow Supermud and Thirstymud
So wait yaaa..
Besides this wasn't originally in the box either.
It was given for the first 30 butterflies who made payment early I think.

So that's all peeps
Wait for my next post yaaaa...

21 January 2015

Review: Number 76 Hair Saloon Bangsar 1

Saloon: Number76 Bangsar 1
Treatment: Kerastase Stimulating Ritual
Suitability: For those with hair fall problems

Normal Price: RM200 
Ingredients: Vitamin PP and B5 
Treatment Purpose: To manage hair loss concerns while stimulating new hair growth. 
Ingredients: Vitamin PP and B5 
Increases blood circulation to energize roots, providing the optimal environment for healthy hair growth

20 January 2015

THRILLER LIVE in Malaysia. The Legend Lives On!

Name: THRILLER  LIVE a Musical Celebration  
Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Original Creator

Director & Choreographers

Show Dates & Time: 
19 March (Thursday), 8.30pm
20 March (Friday), 8.30pm
21 March (Saturday) – 3pm & 8.30pm
22 March (Sunday) – 3pm & 8.30pm
24 March (Tuesday), 8.30pm
25 March (Wednesday), 8.30pm

Ticket Prices:

VVIP : RM 538
VIP : RM 468
CAT A : RM 398
CAT B : RM 298
CAT C : RM 168
CAT D : RM 128
(Ticket prices not inclusive of RM3 processing fee)

Ticket Promotion
Early Bird Discount
Enjoy up to 25% Discount till 12th January 2015 for all categories 

Ticket Sales
Tickets for THRILLER LIVE are now on sale. 

03-9222 8811

Email address
charmaine.teh@milestone-production.com (corporate tickets)

Purchase Tickets:
Operation HoursMondays – Fridays (9 am – 6 pm)
Saturdays (12 pm – 6 pm)
Sundays & Public Holidays (Closed)

Show Information

18 January 2015

Scribbledydum's 2015 Look!

Fuhhhh... Finally!
I think this has been the longest blog makeover that I have ever done.
It almost took about a month.
Well of course I tak hadap design ni hari hari since I'm on Practical Training.
So I just managed to do editing on stolen time.

So here it is.
The look for Scribbledydum's 2015.
Its Pink! OMG!! I was seriously aiming for really light purple.
Somehow it turned pink. Betul. Tak TIPU PUNYA!

Anyhow I wanted a more fresher look
And I'm turning 23 this year so I wanted it to look more ladylike I think.
I seriously wanted my blog to reflect something more soft and sweet.
So in the end I managed to come out with this.

So I added a couple of changes.

Firstly the menu bar, which I finally managed to find the right code to make it stick at the top of the screen.
I have also breaked down my labels to more specific groups.
Since my labels has increased, please bare with me a few weeks more to get all the labels positioned correct. It's hard you know organizing back the labels, I need to go through one by one and decide which is which.
Haiyoooo... Manyak pening.

I'ved also updated my pages
The Author
Adverts / Invites

Yes.. I've added a page for advertisers as well
Since I'm aiming to be more serious in blogging
Better make my blog a proffesional one right?

I've also added a little more extra things
Could you spot it?

Anyways, I know me.
This won't be the final look for this year, I'll keep on updating little by little
I still haven't been able to figure out how to change the background for the Gadget's title.
Anyone know's how to do that, would you share with me?

So overall that's mostly it.
I would really love what you think.
The honest the better.

Thanks peeps!

16 January 2015

Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Series

Helloooo Peeps!
So who is a Garnier Fan here?

Well, I've been using Garnier's products since high school but now I'm just using their deodorant.
Well, I've aged and I find this product better used when I was still a teenager .
Anyways for today this is not a review.
I'm not wearing this product, but my little sister is and I'll tell you her opinion after this

So today I'm just gonna share about Garnier's Sakura White Pinkish Radiance series.
I actually found this product on the market months ago and found it to be really cute.
Made me me tempted to buy it since I used to use Garnier's Brand but I think this won't work for my skin anymore.
I see this more suitable for teens.
Well of course it's not only for teenagers okay. It's just what I see.
Anyways, lets take a look shall we.
You determine


Name: Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Cleansing Foam
Price: RM12.90 (100ml)

Avaibility: All Major Pharmacies

Even the foam is in pink. Cute right? If only I've used this when I was in high school. Must have been super cute to put in my bag when I went camping. LOL
And the scent in good as well.


Name: Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Day Cream
Price: RM24.90 (50ml)

Avaibility: All Major Pharmacies

For me the cream is just like any other day creams
But of course of your using the cleansing foam, its better if you use their day cream.
If not how to see effects.

I have nothing much to say about the product since I'm not using it.
But what my sister says that she's just satisfied with it.
Feels fresher

Btw she's in highschool
And I really recommend this brand for teenagers
Especially for teens who are looking for their first skincare product range.

During my highschool years I've came across many products which was not suitable for me.
Finally I ended up with Garnier and it was just great for me.
Cause at that age the skin is still healthy and of course looking for a product that doesn't treat it as an adults skin is a bit hard.
I just wanted a product that could clean my face well at that time. Cause I was active and always under the sun, so my face got burnt and caused my skin to become dirty and oily. I did'nt need any kind of other treatment except for cleansing my face and protecting it from the sun.

Even my sister is the same as me.
And thank goodness she looks much more better since she started to use cleansing foam.
Which is this Series.

So till then peeps.

13 January 2015

Review Loreal Paris Hair Fall Resist 3X Series

Hello peeps!
Introducing to you my new hair! Hew Hew

So a couple weeks back I shared with you a picture of the L'Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X Series range on my Facebook and since then I've been using this shampoo range to overcome my hair fall problem.

Actually, I have been using this shampoo for almost a year now and honestly, this is the best shampoo  I have ever used yet.
Before I've used this shampoo I've been using other brands which certainly did not solve my problem at all. My head almost became bold with major hair loss.

11 January 2015

Butterfly's 2015 Beauty Regime #MiraLooks 2

Hello peeps!
Happy Sunday! Eventhough I'm not feeling that well today I just can't leave my blog alone.
Anyways, you could see that my blog is such a mess right now.
So so sorry, I'm in the process of renovating my blog but I haven't had much time.
And tomorrow is Monday! Waaaaaa... I don't want Monday to come.
I still havn't had enough rest.

Anyways, a few post back I've recieved a Beauty Box from The Butterfly Project
There were a lot right?
But today I'm just sharing some that I used for my 2015 Butterfly Look
There will be another blogpost coming on on the other items I received.

These for items are just stunning.
Well actually I didn't use the nail polish for this look cause my nail polish remover was finished and I don't dare to wear it until I have a new one.
Eitherways, I don't usually wear nail polish and most of the nail polish I have is used for art purposes.
Did you know that nail polish really creates a nice effect on phone covers and laptop covers.
I was just thinking to design for my phone cover using Maybelline's ColourShow Nail Polish and I got purple, which is my favourite colour.
But wait until I find the time to actually do it.

The Dolly Wink eyeliner is just great. Really did a good job with the lines and it dries really quickly.
Don't you think the body is just cute with polka dots?
And its purple! Hehe

Maybelline's Baby Lips Electro Pop! Just wanted one of these, baby lips are my fav lip balms and now they added a little bit colour. This is so suitable for class next semester.

Collection's Highlight Lipgloss sure got me stunned! OMG there are lights. Could you see?
Just suitable when your on the go at night and need to do a little bit of touch up. The colour also ain't bad. This is my first collection product that I have and I'm eager to try more from this brand soon.

Combined all of these together and I got this look.
Of course the eyeshadow ain't in the box, I sure can't have enought of Makeup Revolution's Go Pallete. Nice right the colour?

Anyways, the eyeliner is just super sharp as I wanted to.
The combination of Baby Lips and Collection''s Higlight Lipgloss ain't bad right?
Creates a nice baby pink coloured lips.

That's all peeps
Have a Lazy Monday tommorow like me.
LOL! Kidding.

07 January 2015

Review: Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner


Name: Mee Brightly Sharp Eyeliner 

Price: RM39.90 (100grams) 
Features: Smudge & Waterproof, Quickly Dry, Long Lasting

Avaibility: Essential Beauty House (Purchase)

Hello Peeps!
My second post of the year and yes, still about makeup. Should I change my title to a Beauty Blogger now? LOL
I don't think I wanna miss a chance on trying new food, events and so on. So I'll just stick to lifestyle.

Anyways, anyone heard of Mee Cosmetic Before?
(NO! Maggi did not open a cosmetic company)

This is the first for me also.
So lets have a bit of introduction shall we

Mee Cosmetic is a cosmetic company from Thailand but their cosmetic products are made in Korea. 
And their eyeliner is said a fast selling product in Thailand and Hong Kong now. 
What's even stunning is that 
This eyeliner won as CLEO Best Liquid Eyeliner 2014 Award.

How cool is that? Made me more eager to try it out.

The tip of the eyeliner is super sharp.
Really great to create a fine line.
Its just almost like Maybelline's Hypersharp Liner.

The of the liner contains a spring in the middle which enables to protect the tip of the liner.
This is such a great feature for careless people like me.

Since the Mee Eyeliner is a fast selling product is Thailand and Hong Kong, what would you think Malaysians would say about it?
Well for me

What I'm Loving
The tip! Its really sharp at the tip but gradually increases till the bottom of the liner.
This feature could actually make me choose either I want a really thin line or add up some volume.
If I want a thin line I just use the tip of the liner lightly.
But if I want a thicker liner I could press down the liner a bit on a 42degree angle and it creates a thicker line.

It also dries up really fast, no need for waiting
And the best thing is that it's hard to be smudge. I have a habit of rubbing my eyes which I always forget that I'm wearing makeup, so this feature helped me a lot saving my face. LOL

And I also love the the lid of the eyeliner. Its designed to make sure that the tip will surely be at the right place. I'm not sure how to explain this but to make things easy is that you can close the eyeliner easily without any damage to the tip.

What I'm NOT Loving
Currently nothing. I'm satisfied with everything.
No wonder this liquid eyeliner won an award.

For more information 

Till then peeps, have a lovely day ahead!