26 April 2016

Good Morning peeps!
It's been a while since I sat down early in the morning to write out what I feel like writing. This made me remember during my diploma years where I will be the only one awake after subuh prayers accompanied by a dim study light at my table. I liked that feeling, it was peaceful and quite. I could hear the birds churping, the sound of the cieling fan and the clock ticking. It made me calm, especially from a high rise building I could see the sun rising. It was beautiful. I got most of my inspirations during that time. That was also the time that I could write and do my assignments.

When I started my degree, I started renting. Since rent is expensive, there was certainly no way I could rent a room for myself. So space is limited and I really tried to find that calm spot I used to have, but there was no certain thing, so soon I just got used to it.

Anyways, that's all the past now. I entered the working life 4 months now and it is totally different from my student life. I'm still having adjustments issues I think, since goals as a worker and goals as a students are drastically different. The way I think also have changed recently but still I can't say I'm 100% thinking like a worker. 

The most drastic change I felt was coming to the office and staying there for a certain time frame. There are days where I can't even go back early cause there is so much to be done. During my student days, classes had gaps and not everyday had class also. We had off days and some classes were short so I still had some free time to do other things.

But now, if I have any business to do during office hours it feels so hard to adjust my time. There is a form for leave, for half day, for MC. The funny thing is that I was so used to skip going to the doctors when I was sick. But now I have to go so I could get a Medical Certificate and stay free from the guilt that I'm not going to work today. LOL ... I'm not sure if anyone else have feelings like this also.

Anyways, working turned out not to be so bad as I first started. I'm also starting a new enviroment soon and I hope that goes well. I surely hope I could finally see my goal after these stages of difficulties I went through these past months. 

Ohh yaaa... I have something big coming up, its making me nervous but I don't wanna tell yet. I'll let you have a peek soon. Till then peeps, stay awesome!

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  1. working life sucks if you dont have the passion and spirit in 100% doing what you're doing. i hope you'll find your passion and be high spirited in whatever you do, insyaAllah :) the environment is constantly changing and our biggest challenge is to adapt and survive. not only survive, we need to fly high while adapting and surviving. we pass this, we'll be good for the decades ahead i hope ^_^


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