26 October 2017


Here's another #THROWBACKBEAUTYPRODUCTS post and this was taken late 2015. Anyways, I used to love L'Oreal products, owned a few of them and even have my own collection on my blog. It's a bit dusty now since I no longer have many products to share. LOL... Anyways, the L'Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Primer was the first ever primer that I have owned and used for quite sometime before I came over it after a while. Read on to know the deets.

25 October 2017


Honestly, guys, these pictures have been in my draft for the longest time and but I still wanna share it. After my previous post on the other range of Makeup Revolution's Vamp Shade Lipsticks, now I take another year to write about the other range which is the Scandalous Lipsticks. I know what's the point of sharing it now but I don't wanna waste my pictures and I'm trying to clear my backlogs drafts. Besides, these lipsticks were bought by my own money, it's just that I was super ambitious back then when I wanted to blog about every makeup product that I own. LOL... Obviously, I didn't manage to do such a good job but keep on reading to see some of my work using these lipsticks.

22 October 2017


Mamonde's Floral Hydro range comes with the power of the narcissus bulb. If you're not familiar with the word narcissus, it's actually daffodils. Yes, this beautiful flower that symbols hope and peace today is the main star on Mamond's Hydro range. Did you know that in London they also have a daffodil day and we celebrated this in school too. I can't really remember but it was supposed to remind about an event that happened before, something about their history. What they do is, they sit quietly for a while without having any interaction with people. Something like that, I was a kid that time so forgive me if I'm wrong as I can't really remember the exact details but I do remember the lovely daffodil badges we get during that day. Anyways, daffodils are really lovely flowers indeed, so read on if you wanna know the goodness that contains in this flower.

21 October 2017


It has been my dream to have a house of my own and live the way I want it to be. I left my parents home when I did my Diploma and since then I started adjusting living on my own. I only come back on weekends and because of that, I don't have my personal space anymore. I started renting rooms after diploma when I worked while I was waiting for my Degree and from there I learnt surviving skills. Now I'm married and processing a baby along the way, and after 10 months hitched, we've finally decided that our little family should start living on our own. Sounds scary... well for us.

20 October 2017


Mamonde surely did surprise me when this came in the mail. Okay gonna be honest here but since I got pregnant makeup just didn't excite me as much before but it did feel good when I was given something new to explore. I actually didn't expect to receive this in the mail and when it came I was pleased by the cute packaging and the surprise inside. I received Mamonde's new Flower Pop Eye Brick palette and Flower Pop Blusher, and after having a closer look at the products, I just had to swatch them instantly. So I did. Keep on reading to know more.

16 October 2017


I've been wanting to share about this for a while already but had to postpone it since something unplanned kept me occupied the last couple of weeks so I've been so busy to even open up my laptop. If you follow me on Instagram and saw my stories you might have figured it out already but if you don't, I'm gonna share the news to you soon as it's also a big change to my life as well.  Heee.. You could tell how excited I am already right? Anyways back to the topic, on my 24th week of pregnancy, my husband and I decided to get a detailed scan for our baby since we are first time parents and we've been eager to see our baby. To be honest it was me actually so I kept out on a look for promotions on this and finally, I found one just nearby our home. For more deets keep on reading.