21 December 2018

This party feels like an annual gathering now and it's always lot's of fun. You could tell how I enjoy these kinds of reunions with the butterflies from The Butterfly Project Malaysia as pictures will be flooded on my IG every time we meet up. This year, Althea Korea sponsored the Christmas Party and I'm so happy to be part of it. As an old butterfly in the community, I surely can't miss out on these kinds of events as it's the place where I could meet up old friends and catch up from the blogging world.  Well, that's one of the purposes of a community right? Hehe... Okay, read on below to know why waited for us at the Christmas Party.

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I made a short video for you all to see roughly throughout the event. Since the sponsor of the party is Althea Korea, of course you'll see a lot of Althea products displayed. If you've been following me on Instagram you'll see that I posted about their products a lot which are:
And their NEWEST products soon to be shared are their concealers, pore purifying and body mist. I'll share about all those soon so make sure to follow me on Instagram and this blog also. So now you know about the products, do you know the team? We were all greeted by Althea's Pixies and Magical Creatures/ Elves on that day. You should follow Althea Korea on social media too and Althea's magical creatures will keep you entertained all day, just like how they did at the party. 
As soon as I stepped my foot in Chubebee Cloud that day, I could instantly feel the excitement and happiness that awaited us. Seriously, events like reunions and gatherings are just the best and with The Butterfly project, everyone knows each other, even if you're new attending their events, we still know you for social media and it makes it great to finally meet in person. If you all were there that time, I bet you all needed earmuffs, really good ones because we were all loud plus screaming as well. Haha... You know how girls could react with excitement around girlfriends too right?
There were so many activities to do that all of us were occupied until the end of the day. We had stations to go to and redeem surprises, but I had to have food first so of course, I went straight to the Chubebee Cloud counter to redeem my magical milkshake and toast! Yummssss... I'm like drooling over the milkshake and kimchi toast served. No wonder the place is famous, the food is good and the staff there are all bubbly and friendly.

After getting my tummy refilled I went on to mingle, haha... I'm kinda loud too when I meet friends, okay probably loud a lot! Sorry, I tend to get excited, totally forgot I'm already a mum though. HAHA... We had picture sessions taken by our most favourite member that snaps amazing photos, no other than Eros. Then we had Anis, the head of Pixies at the corner giving out tokens to play the ball machine game (I dunno what it's called though) so we all could get some discount codes. I really suck at the game though, I had 10 tries but got nothing. HAHA... But it's okay, I was having more than fun at the party itself.

The party was supposed to end at 5pm but at 5.30pm everyone was mostly still there, I wanted to stay longer but my cue was at 6.00pm and there were still so many butterflies left catching up. So you see how time flies and most of us don't realise it as everyone was having much fun. We all took home tons of presents from Althea in their biggest box ok! That's actually my first XL box from Althea too, you all know I collect their boxes and I finally managed to get the big one. It's not easy to get that box, okay, my purchase just doesn't seem big enough. LOL...

Anyways, that's all for my sharing on this awesome party! I hope this keeps on continuing forever. It's good to have an annual gathering like this so everyone keeps supporting each other in what we do best. Thank you The Butterfly Project, Althea Korea, Althea Team and Tammy for letting me be included in the party. 

Till then peeps!

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