13 December 2018

Hello, alls, it's been ages, hasn't it? Seriously keeping this blog alive is like major hard work now with Maliq growing up and becoming more active. I barely have time for myself, which also means having time to write is also something luxurious. Seriously I so miss writing but I'm not the type that could write while multi-tasking. When I write, I have to be completely focused, it's like I'm pouring my soul out with words. LOL...

Alhamdulillah, I'm ever so grateful and blessed. Today is one of the days I hope I would never forget. Today marks a year of us as Parents and even though we made countless of mistakes along the way, hey... we both made it this far and Maliq seems to be growing up just fine. I learnt not to punish myself but take it positivly to improve, my husband too. We're both still learning, there are good days and bad ones but at the end of the day we know we both have the same goal, that is to build a forever family. Quality time for us is so limited but today we spent the whole day together doing all sorts of things which includes spring cleaning our home together which we wanted to do for such a long time. We also went out to celebrate not only Maliqs birthday but for us both as well. We're actually on a tight budget but since it's a special occasion I took advantages on promotions. 😅 So yeahhh... it ain't always rainbows and butterflies but we try to live life to the fullest. . P/S: Yes we gave Maliq a taste of his cake. It's his birthday daaaa.. #judgeallyouwant #itsonlyapincheach #MaliqSyafiq #CikcitPeks
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So if you all been wondering what I've been up to, well, I've been very active on Instagram lately, especially creating videos. I feel like it's easier to create videos since I could multi-task while editing and video shoots don't take up so much time too. I usually do it when Maliq is asleep and he's not really the type that sleeps for long hours too. The main thing that actually makes it easier to do videos for me is that I don't have to use my brain much. LOL... Writing seriously puts a lot of effort to the brain to run. HAHA...

Anyways, last month and this month has been very busy months indeed and it will probably continue until the rest of our lives. We had 2 big special occasions for our family at the end of the year which is Maliq's Birthday and our Anniversary. Knowing myself, I just hope we don't get too broke at the end of the year because I indeed want to celebrate. This year was okay but still, we were on a budget for both occasions but it happened anyway.

Alhamdulillah, semalam dapat celebrate Bday Maliq dengan keluarga dekat rumah nenek. Niat suami dah lama nak buat makan2 ni dengan sumbang masjid jugak. Dengan bantuan makcik2 dapat buat 100 pek nasi tomato dan ayam masak merah untuk malam jumaat semalam. Walaupun buat makan keluarga je tapi penat jugak nak masak dngn bungkus. Bersyukur sangat keluarga sedia membantu. Dah rasa macam rewang masa kahwin dulu. 😅 Kesian mak lah yang paling penat, banyak benda mak prepare termasuklah carrot cake yang rupa tak jadi tapi sedap macam secret recepie punya. Haha... laku habis kek mak. Terima kasih mak, nenek, makngah, mak uteh untuk semalam. Semua tak ada dalam gambar sebab semua malu nak bergambar. 😅 Buat makan2 ni pun santai je, semua dah pakai baju tidur. Rasa kalau dah pakai cantik2 confirm semua selfie ready dah. 😝
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It was Maliqs first birthday on 28/11 so of course, I wanted to celebrate. Wasn't really hoping for a fancy party, just a small gathering with the family will do, but my husband also wanted to sedekah to the mosque, so my mum and aunts prepared packed food on malam jumaat hantar ke masjid. My husband always wanted to do that since Maliq was a newborn but didn't have the luxury yet. Only now he could afford to splurge a bit like this.

I was of course ever so happy when my son turned one. It means that I've been a mother for 1 year and I still can't believe that. It's been a year that I've been patient with cryings and tantrums, haha... how did I manage all that I even don't know. For sure it wasn't easy especially for someone who didn't really like kids for start. I seriously had a big issue with crying babies before, it gives me a headache until now it does but I've magically adapted it. LOL

Besides that, we also celebrated our anniversary on 3/12. I've been persuading my husband for so long that I want to go on a short trip for our anniversary, it almost didn't happen since he just bought a new car so our financial was a bit tight. But knowing me I made that possible, haha... so a 1 night trip to PD just for a change of environment. My husband cleared his schedule for 3 days just for us and it was like the best thing ever as we spent a lot of quality time together to make up for the lost ones. Yes, he's been very busy this year, he's hardly at home. So before we went on the trip, he stayed at home and suddenly helped me spring cleaning the house. He finally cleaned under the sink which I asked him to do for ages. I didn't want to do it because there were cockroaches. HAHA... When he cleaned it the source was from the box we kept tools. Ewww.... so he terminated all the cockroaches and cleaned under sink spick and span!

It may be a small thing but I felt so much happiness that time and I wish I could remember times like this for the rest of our lives, especially the times when we're not on the same boat. I know for him to spend so much time for us and focus on us only is a huge sacrifice he's making in his steps of career. He followed everything that I wanted too and I know I get annoyed when I want everything but I don't know what I actually want. Get it? Haha... I'm the typical type of wife.

So if you've been following me on Instagram you'll see we made it to PD and yes we took nice shots. That because I made sure we had nice shots for me to remember that my husband actually spent quality time with us. Heeee... No la, I'm the type that loves to capture memorable moments so I could recap back the feeling of happiness. Just like our honeymoon trip. Still the best ever. This time around my husband is used to be looking for angles to set up and take pictures. He even helps out now. Before this, he didn't like the attention that people were looking but now we both don't seem to care anymore.

I really have lots more to write but I can't write so long as I used to now. My son is like whining and crying beside me to go layan him, so I'll stop for now.

Till then peeps!

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