27 February 2011

Meriam Semi-Musical Theatre

You guys yang belum tengok lagi tu silakanlah tengok.

The story is great!
Like seriously great!
To the people involved you guys did a great job

I'm not gonna tell you about what the theater is about
You should go watch for yourselves.

26 February 2011

A Night of Sorceress and Witches

Hey there readers, you must be wondering why I am dressed up like that right? Well on the 22nd Feb this year there was a dinner held by the Part 2 Management students from UiTM Puncak Perdana Faculti Teknologi Kreatif dan Artistik, senang cerita kitaorg la tuh.

Why did we held that dinner?
Well, it was under our subject and it carried marks. It was not easy for 52 heads to carry out an event. You know what people say when to much heads are involved right? And this was our first event ever that we handled by our own so of course we had a lot of problems because lack of experience.