22 March 2011

Shooting Short Film AD

Hye again readers.

This time all I wanna talk about is my first experience in shooting. These past two days I was involved in shooting a short film called AD under the subject of Theater and Film.

At first I was hell ya excited about it, I woke up at 5.00am that morning and got ready. I and another nine of my classmates were assigned to work as the Production Manager (PM) in this short film. Actually in the screen world the PM is only assigned to one person and their job is to handle the production. They need to prepare food, handle transportation, make sure that everything is going out well.

18 March 2011

Ratu & Penunggu Istana Film Promotion & Lat The Kampung Boy Musical

Hey there readers,
Assalamualaikum, well for todays post I'll like to post about something that happened about a week ago.

13 March 2011

Press Conference Diploma Showcase

06 March 2011

Meeting up with our old untamed buddies

Salam beloved readers!

Guess what, guess what, guess where I went last Friday? I went to visit our old buddies, Mr Monkey, Mr Elephant, Mr Hypo and lots more! Where? Zoo Negara of course!