31 August 2011

Its Eid Already

This is the first day of Eid this year

This is my family now, its been a long time since we had our family picture.
Its all cause of my dad
He hates taking photos

Me with my grandparents
Awwww... Red yaww

Yang ni lagi merah menyala
This is my family from my dads side
If you look closely you can see that the two kids in front are wearing the same type of clothes
Thats my sister on the right

Most of the pictures are on in my facebook
Raya this year ain't that fun as before
I'm mostly stuck at home and my break is too short
So jadi anak dara la kat rumah
layan tetamu datang rumah

Si mata sepet, hidung besau, senyum lebau, rambut helmet
Apapun I still love him
Nampak tak baju raya kitaorang sama warna?
hehe :