05 November 2011

Result Semester 3

Hey there dear readers, My results are finally out and this mean semester 3 has finally ended. I was damn nervous waiting for the email from UiTM. I couldn't focus on anything else. My email came a bit late cause most of the people from my twitter was already talking bout their results that made me much more nervous. Then around 3am in the morning I was at Mc Donalds Kajang with another two of my friends. What was I even doing there? I'll update a post on that after this one.

So back to the story, I was at Mc Donalds that time and then an email was sent to my blackberry and it was from UiTM.  It was a cold night and the chills of opening the results made me shaking. Then I opened it and stared at it for a while before started screaming.

 Tadaaaaaaaa..... My results is the number highlighted in yellow. Allhamdulilah I got into the dean list again. I'm really gratefull.
Last semester Results was great but this semester was even better.
Well this semester I showed my results personally to my dad and this semester he didn't have a specific word he said. he looked at it and gave me back the results.

I got a SMS from UiTM and it said that I was qualified to go to the PEERAPAN 
program and go straight to degree. when my dad knew about it he told me to take it but I was strictly objecting. I hope my dad don't force me to take it cause I'll start rebelling. I think I might. Well, its enough for having a diploma in Arts Management. For degree I want to focus on something more specific that I could have an aim on what career that I'll go for after that. Arts Management is fun and interesting but I don't think I can stand working late till morning always. Once in a while is acceptable but if almost everyday I can't accept. Past 12.00am my brain don't seem like its even functioning.

For now all I want is to finish my diploma. I'm working hard to aim 4flat and grad wearing a different robe colour. 

BTW, congrtas to all of my friends and fellow UiTM students who achieved flying colours for this semester. next semester lets try harder and and achieve better results. That's what I'm hoping for.

P/s: I'm proud of my to other brothers, Hamirul Afizi and also Nazli Nawi that achieved dean this semester.