26 January 2012

Sharpening skills all the way to Port Dickson

Since the Chinese are spending their holiday this Chinese New Year, we were also spending our holiday by doing some extra work. Me and Syafiq agreed to do his sister's pre-wedding photoshoot. 

Our first location was at Casa Racado, but since it was the holidays the place was crowded with people and it was not that comfortable. I got a little bit tensed since our plan didn't turn out as it planned, but Syafiq was calm and in the end everything went out well.

09 January 2012

Weekend Pleasure

Hey Readers, How you guys doing? Did you guys had a great weekend? Well.. I kinda did. Why obviously from the pictures you kinda guested right?
Well Ice Skating was on Sunday, I'm gonna write about what happened on Saturday. Saturday was kinda of  a big day for me, well, I think it was a big day for Syafiq. Why? He met my dad on Saturday. Actually I just wanted to go home and send my dad's birthday present. Besides that, I also wanted grab some stuff at home. Usually when I go home Syafiq will come along but just hang at my grandmother's house, but this Saturday mum told me to just come back straight home. Okay.. It was weird and I was getting anxious, same as him. Well, of course we should since I don't own the most sporting dad in the world.