30 September 2012

Angry Birds on TV

Raise up your hands if your a fan of Angry Birds!
Oyeahhhhhh.. Now this game is even more better since its now on TV!

No.. Not as a movie but still as a game, an application in Samsung's Smart TV.
Cool right?

Yesterday there was a workshop fro bloggers, introducing Samsung's Smart TV is now with angry birds application.

I came late to the workshop, when I got there everyone were playing games
Then Darren introduced to me to one of the people from samsung and she asked me to play angry birds too.
I didn't know that it was also a competition at first so I played like in bignose's phone.

Then they annouced the winners for the highest scores and I got the second runner up.

Unexpectedly I won Mr Blue angry bird here. HAHA.. Cute right? I also got another little red bird as door gifts so now I have two. So I gave one to Mr. Bignose.

Right after that we all had lunch, but then I came back cause I wanted to experience more of Samsung's Smart TV.

So gaming on Samsung Smart TV is controlled by motion control and what you have to do is raise up your hand and let the camera on the TV detect it. Once it has been detected you can use your hands to control the game.

The difference playing angry birds in the computer or by touch phones are that your touching something but playing it on Samsung Smart TV allows you to really feel like your playing the game cause when I played angry birds I really felt like I was throwing the birds by my hand.

Anyways it was a great experience.
Thank you Samsung & Thank You Nuffnang.


13 September 2012

Review Biore Body Powder Wipes

Thanks to Nuffnang I got to use this body powder wipes from Biore

Since I've been really busy lately with the Diploma Showcase last week, I used these wipes to really test either it felt really fresh or not.

I've been busy all day for a couple of days and I don't even have the time to go home and shower, so what could I do to keep my body fresh and free from odor since I can't take a shower?

The answer is Biore Body Wipes, it does give you the fresh feeling like you took a shower again. Since this is a body wipe, it can be used to wipe your body not just your face. Even working for a whole day I was still able to smile cause I still felt great. 

These body wipes has two different types. Fresh soap and Fresh Citrus, but I love fresh citrus better.
So if you guys have a long day like me, why not try using Biore Body Powder wipes as as solution that taking a shower at public toilets.


04 September 2012

Teater Lagenda

Teater Lagenda, sebuah lagi projek Fakulti Filem, Teater dan Animasi daripada UiTM Puncak Perdana.
Bagi pelajar Diploma semester akhir jurusan seni pengurusan, mereka wajib mengadakan satu pementasan teater bagi penilaian akhir mereka.

Untuk semester kami, kami telah memilih untuk mementaskan 4 buah cerita hasil daripada karya Tan Sri P. Ramlee yang telah diberi nafas baru dalam bentuk pementasan pentas.

Antara cerita yang akan dipentaskan adalah Musang Berjanggut, Ibu Mertuaku Episode 1, Keluarga 69 dan Ali Baba Bujang Lapok.