28 July 2013


So.. If you guys have been following my Instagram of course you will have guessed right?
Cause this is actually my first time introducing Gary to my blog.

Tadaaaaa.. Meet Gary.
I always wanted a cat for myself and finally a friend of mine gave me Gary.
At first I thought it was a male, cause my friend said so, that's why I called him Gary

Then when Gar grew out, it turned out she was a female instead. Haha.. Confused of Gender

This cat is so so naughty, dulu masa bela dekat Shah Alam dulu, this cat tak reti nak takut, eventhough there was a bigger cat that didn't like her.
First step on training her was to poop at her sand. And it took quiet a while. And masa kecik, her body was weak and always kena cirit-birit. Bila dah kena tu, aku la yang seksa, cause dia berak merata-rata.
So I frequently changed her food, namakanlah semua makanan kucing, semua aku dah bagi. Yang peliknya, this cat don't want to eat biscuits, dia nak tuna juga. And dekat kuat makan, every hour mesti buat muka kesian with that big eyes minta makanan. 
The funny part is, Gary tak pandai mengiau, kucing bisu, but when dia dah lapar, dia akan mengiau soft gila minta simpati.
Dulu masa Gary stay dekat Shah Alam with me, tiap-tiap subuh I'll feed her before I'll go to UiTM. Usually from 6.30am to 4pm every weekday I'll be at UiTM since I'm so lazy to ulang-alik, one more factor sebab parking non ado. 
So when I can back at the afternoon, I'll start calling out 'Gary.. Gary..." before I even open the door. Then I'll hear her replying back with soft meowss... Semangat sikit bila balik rumah, hilang segala preassure ada yang menyambut. 
When I open the door she'll come straight at me, and I know why since dia lapar, kesian dia. Sometimes tak sampai hati pun ada.

Then, there was a week when I had to leave her at my mum's place since I went to Kelantan that week. After that my mum tak kasi bawa balik Shah Alam, she said that I was toturing her since this cat eats a lot. The only problem is with Gary is that dia makan memilih. If I leave her biscuits just like that, haraammmm tak kan disentuhnya, but if gaul dengan tuna only she will eat.
So if I bawa dia balik Shah Alam, I can't leave Tuna opened like that the whole day, nanti bersemut. So what to do, pasrah jela.
The first week without Gary dekat Shah Alam terasa macam I've lost someone important. Bila balik rumah, sometimes terlupa yang Gary dekat rumah mak, panggil then panggil tak menyahut. Bila sedar Gary tak ada, hilang semangat balik.

So every weekend mesti nak balik sebab rindu Gary. Then lama-lama dah terbiasa dah. Mak selalu mengadu Gary nakal sangat. Habis rumah tunggang langgang dia main lari-lari, then dia buli kucing-kucing lain, and dia sangat sangat suka main air. If mak siram bunga dekat depan, dia pun berlari-lari ke air sampai satu badan basah. So then cakap dengan mak, 'biar kaklong bawa dia balik Shah Alam' then mak kata 'tak payah!'.. haha.. sebenornya dah sayang.
Bukan mak je, ayah pun sama. Kemain diaorang sayang kucing ni sampai beli macam-macam untuk Gary. Ayah dengan mak tiap-tiap malam sebelum masuk tidur mesti main cak-cak dengan Gary. Serious, Gary pandai main cak-cak.
Sedar tak sedar dah 7 bulan dah Gary, and makin lama main gemok. So now we call him Gary Gemok, somtimes Gemok je. Now, dia dah kurang main, dah malas, kerja dia makan and tidur. Mak pulak manjakan dia, every hour mesti panggil Gary, 'Gary, come eat'. Kucing tu pun faham then straight ke dapur.

Since Gary sekarang sangat malas, and malas nak main, so we like to bully her and force her to play. Dia pun pasrah je dengan muka redho, dia tak pernah nak melawan if we hug her, or we put her in a bag, or under a box or something. That makes it more fun.

Ada banyak lagi pics actually. Mostly they are on my Insta. So do follow me there.
Ok peeps. Bye then!


25 July 2013

Churpers Day Out With Chatime and MBBT Art Exhibition

Wohooo.. I'm backkk...
Okay, so this blogpost has been delayed actually.
I attended churpers day out last two weeks back and this is actually my first event with churp churp.

It was my first time and I had awesome fun!
One more thing that got me more excited to go was that, I have heard of chatime loads of time. My friends post it on twitter and insta, but believe it or not, I have never tried any before.
So I was kinda eager to taste their new flavour for that event, Durian Smoothie and Honeydew Milk Tea. Yummy!

So the event was held at Publika, and at the same time there was also an MBBT Art Exhibition there, Makanlah Buah Buahan Tempatan. Since I am an Art Student now, I kinda wanted know what an Art Exhibition looks like.

This event was held to celebrate the 100th outlet of chatime and you see, even the cover of the drinks have churp-churps bird on it. Cute right?
The new taste durian smoothie was sweet and the honeydew milk tea was refreshing. Loved both of them. After we all had our free drinks, we were then bought to the Art Exhibition.
Here are some of the Art displayed

Texture from Durian

All these art are based on local fruits, to encourage us Malaysian to support local fruits.

They were even selling merchandises like t-shirt and notebooks as well. All of the designs were unique and just nice. Just wished I could have grabbed one of their shirts.

So that's mostly it, sorry for the low quality pictures.
I only have my tab to depend on now.

Till then, bye peeps!

23 July 2013

Bloggy Has New Look!

Hey Hey Hey, Happy Midnight reading!
Since its the middle of the night, so I'll just make it short.

As you have seen my blog has been upside down a couple of days.
I've doing a little bit of changes so that you readers will not get board with my blog.

So I did a little bit crazy like this, 
Actually I changed my layout from something like this

to this

Eventhough, its not fully completed yet, my aim was to make it look more alive and tacky.
That's why I used a combination of light rainbow colours for the background.
The theme colour is of course purple, my fav, combined with black and white including a little bit of blue.
I tend to show a little more of me this time, with also a short description of me.

I wanted to make it as light as possible so my readers will be able to read pleasantly.
And also make it more user friendly with multiple follow options, a search box and also my blog archive.
I've also compiled all my other social networks together, except for facebook if you noticed.
I'm thinking of opening a page for my blog on fb but don't think its reasonable yet. So.. yeaaaa.. just stick to what I have.

Well, when it comes to something creative I really have a passion for it, so please give me some feedbacks on this new look. Appreciate it much.

Thank You!


17 July 2013

Azam Raya with Watsons & Faizal Tahir

Happy Ramadhan blog readers.
Well, during this fasting month, Watsons has a little something prepared for you guys to have a super raya this year.
What? Well...

So who's a fan of Faizal Tahir?
I'm sure you'll be glad to hear this. 'Azam Raya Bersama Watson' will be a campaign by Watson during this whole fasting month where they encourage you guys to share with them your raya resolutions on their Facebook Page.

Faizal Tahir is the celebrity ambassador for this campaign and he will be composing a unique raya song which he will sing at Watson's Open House celebration this raya. And for those who participate in this event by posting your resolutions at their page, you guys get a RM5 worth beauty care voucher.
This will get you more excited, guess what? There will be a winner among all the resolutions posted and that lucky winner will stand a chance to have an open house fully sponsored by Watson at your own home! The best part is, Faizal Tahir will also be coming down as well and perform there.

That's what was told during the launch at Pavillion last week.  Thank you Watson for the invite.
There were lots of familiar faces and of course we all had fun as well.

I of course was very happy since the food was super duper sedaaaapppp!
I ate sampai bertambah-tambah.

Anyways, for you guys who are already excited about this campaign, don't hesitate to go to Watson's Facebook Page for more info. This campaign will be running from 18 July till raya. So you have one whole month to post your best resolutions. Who knows you might be the one hosting a free open house this year with you fav celeb.

To think of it, I wanna try out too since I've never done a open house before. Surely will be the greatest Raya everrrrrrr..

And and... I forgot to mention that Watsons will be having a Hari Raya Celebration with Faizal Tahir on the 6th of September at Plaza Angsana, Johor Bahru. And those who wanna go can get tickets to attend if you purchace RM30 and above from Watsons participating brands during their major Raya Sale from 18 July to 2 September.

Getting better right?
So don't miss out on their event and start thinking of your Raya resolution now!

And again, thank you Watsons for inviting me, and it surely will have regretted if I missed out on this. Hope to have more upcoming events like this from you guys.
Till then, bye peeps!

Don't forget to drop by here
Azam Raya Facebook Raya application

P/s: This post was sponsored


06 July 2013

Pak Guard di Kristal Heights Shah Alam

Okay, why dengan tajuk entry ni?
Entry ni aku bukan nak memburukkan or apa, just to share so sesiapa yang duduk dekat sini jugak tak kena macam aku. Why?
So ceritanya, hari ni... 2 jam yang lepas aku baru nak lelap mata sekejap. Then housemate aku masuk bilik tanya, cit, kereta WXU kau punya kan? Kenapa aku tanya? "Kena clamp" katanya. Terus aku berlari ke beranda tengok, pehhhhh... first time kereta aku kena clamp. So excited la aku kan, sangat excitednya aku sampai aku terus pakai tudung, turun ke pondok pak guard.

Wohaaaaaa... Jangan main-main dngn pak guard, kerja mereka bukan hanya untuk mengawal keselamatan kita sahaja. Tapi banyak lagi kerja mereka untuk kita semua. Takkan selamat kalau tak ada pak guard mengawal. Ok jap.. hati tengah membara lagi ni.

So aku bagi salam dekat pak guard yg bertugas, " pakcik kereta saya kena clamp" dia pun kata "ouh.. parking dekat mana?"
"Dekat rumah sekian-sekian"
"Ouhhhh... yang itu tuan rumah dia suruh clamp dik"
" Ea ke cik? Ingatkan rumah tu tak ada orang lagi, sebab tengok tengah renovate, at least tak boleh ke bagi notice dulu, tak adalah parking dekat situ dah"
" Jap ea pakcik panggil budak yang clamp tu"
Pakcik tu pun guna la walkie talkie panggil budak tu, dia suruh aku cakap dengan abang yg clamp dekat kereta aku tu. Sementara tunggu abang tu aku borak-borak2 la dengan pakcik tu. So banyak jugaklah yang aku dapat tahu pasal prosess security dekat kristal ni. Lama jugak aku tunggu abang yang clamp kereta aku tu. Bila dia sampai je, dia berlagak kononnya dia ada super power, kemain megah lagi dia.

Sampai2 je dia kata " yg kau pi parking dekat rumah org tu knp dik?" dngn lagaknya tanpa pandang muka aku, buat2 konon dia busy sngt dngn phone dia.
Aku dah mula panas, aku sabar lagi masa tu, dia kata owner rumah tu suruh bayar, tak boleh kena bayar. Aku kata lah, " kalau nk bayar sekarang mmg tak ada duitlah, mana nak cekau duit RM100 masa ni jugak"
Le9as tu dia suruh aku pergi ke kereta, bila aku pergi ke kereta aku, aku tunggu dia kemain lama lagi. Bila aku jalan ke belakang, dia dekat pondok motor tengah sibuk dngn phone dia. Aku jalan ke dia, tanya macam mana. Lepas tu dia kata
"Abang dah borak dngn owner, dia nak duit jugak katanya"
" abg, sy student, mana nak dapat duit? Owner tak boleh tolerate sikit ke? Bukan lama pun saya parking tempat dia, lagipun rumah tu kosong lagi, dia tak pindah lagi masuk"
" Alahai, kesian pulak aku tngok kau ni, kalau mcm th abg tolonglah kau, kita kawteam, kau bg abg separuh je, nnt pandai2 la abg bgtahu dekat owner, kata kau student la, kau xde duit la bagai."

Tu diaaaaaaa.. aku dah nmpk dah permaianan dia.. so aku test dia lagi. Aku kata,

" tapi saya da RM10 je ni bang, mana ada duit dah"

Dia suruh pergi ke kereta aku balik, so aku pergi jumpa dia dekat kereta aku, konon2 dia dah nak tolong bukakakan clamp la. Then aku kata

"Abg saya da RM10 je ni"
Dia terus tak jadi bukak then kata " mana boleh mcm tu dik, duit selebihnya siapa nk bayar? Abg dah banyak dh tolong student2 mcm kau ni dik"
"Habis tu saya dah xde duit, saya nak buat macam mana?"
"Kau mintak la kawan kau sikit2"
"Kalau saya mintak pun, saya nak bayar mereka balik macam mana?"
"Mintaklah mak ayah, tak kan tak boleh kot"
" Mak ayah saya pun x ada duit, macam mana?"
" Habis tu kau isi minyak pakai apa?"
"Bang, minyak saha sebulan RM30 je, mana saya keluar sngt"
"Habis tu abg nk buat macam mana?"
" sya ada RM10 je bang, kalau abg nak saya boleh bayar skrg"
" mana boleh macam tu"
" kalau tak boleh biarkan jelah kereta dekat sini"
" eh mcm tu pulak, mana boleh dik, nnt lagi payah nnt"
" habis tu saya dah xde duit, saya nak bayar macam mana?"
" kau pergilah pujuk pakcik tadi tolong kau, dia dah lama kerja dah, kau turunkanlah ego kau sikit, mintak pakcik tolong kau"

Ego?! Wohoaaaa.. dalam hati aku dah nak sumpah seranah dah. Kau nak suruh aku melutut, menangis meraung ke? Bukan aku tak tahu game kau.
So aku jawab

" pakcik tadi kata boleh je bukak clamp, tapi kunci ada dekat abang"
"Eh, mana boleh cm tu dik? Nanti siapa nk bayar dekat owner?"
" kalau mcm tu, kadi sy no owner, biar saya call dia sendiri"
" alaaaaaa.. lupa pulak tadi nak mintak no owner"
" habis tadi abg kata abg call owner dia mintak duit"
" ouhhhhhhh.. ( muka dh menglabah dah)  tadi tuuu.. awal2 lagi tadi owner pesan dia nak duit"
" ouhhhhhh..... ( aku dh angkat kening dah) kalau mcm tu biar jela kereta dekat sini"
" haaaaa??? ... sampai bila?"
" sampai owner marahlah, saya mmg xde duit nak bayar"
"Eh, susah nnt mcm tu dik, lagi lama lagi nnt kena bayar full, RM100 tu, banyak tu, leceh, nnt kena macam2 proses nanti, kalau nak murah baik settle skrg dik"
" habis tu saya dah xde duit, saya nak settlekan mcm mana?

Tiba-tiba.. allhamdulillah, tuhan mmg nak tunjuk sangat
Ada suara dari atas, ada lelaki dekat beranda sebelah rumah aku

" abang, tolong lepaskan dia"
Aku dengan pak guard dua2 terpinga-pinga pandang ke atas
"Abang tolong lepaskan dia, itu parking rumah saya tu, lepaskan dia"

Abg guard tu terpinga-pinga, mati kutu dia sekejap.
Lepas tu dia ckp dekat aku
" nasib baik tuan rumah dia baik, ayah dia yg jahat, ayah dia yg suruh clamp sebenarnya. Anak dia baik, abg dah banyak dah tolong student2 mcm kau dik. Abg siap ada tolong bayarkan dah."
Dia bebel2 sementara bukak clamp kereta aku, konon2 dia mulia sangat.
Aku masuk kereta, tunggu dia alihkan motor dia so aku boleh masukkan kereta dekat parking rumah aku. Tapi moyor dia pulak tak boleh start. Mengalabah dia, langsung xde pandang aku. Ada juagk 3 minit dia tersekat dekat situ.
Bila motor dah start terus jalan tanpa pandang aku tu.
Ada je lagi manusia macam tu.

Aku terus naik atas jumpa tuan rumah, minta maaf dekat dia.
Dia kata tak apa, sebab dia pun baru pindah dengan isteri dia ke sini hari ni. Dia kata dia suruh bagi notice je, cakap dah ada org duduk dekat rumah dia. Dia tak suruh clamp pun, dia kata kalau nak clamp pun, kalau student tak payah ambil duit. Lepaskan je since dia pun faham ramai student duduk sini. Dia cuma cakap next yime jangan parking situ jela.

Memang dah nampak sangatlah yang pak guard tadi nak duit pocket lebih. Last2 apa pun tak dapat.
Dia ingat mentang2 aku ni perempuan aku ni bodoh la, macam tak dapat agak apa dia nak buat.

Pada2 la pun, dia memang dah tahu kawasan ni memang tempat ddk student. Masing2 bawak kereta, tak semestinya yg bawak kereta semuanya kaya.

Yang buatkan ddk dekat kristal heights tak best sebab parking sahaja. If parking dekat luar, kena saman dengan MBSA, kalau parking dalam kena clamp. Even parking visitor pun kitaorg x dibenarkan parking. Padahal banyak je parking kosong. Kenapa lah tak boleh tolerate? Ini yg jadi kes parking dekat rumah2 kosong. Itu je harapan nak kereta selamat tak kena clamp. Kalau satu rumah ada dua parking je, tapi dalam rumah tu ada 7 orh, semua bawak kereta, tak serabut ke nak fikir pasal parking?

Why la, so sesiapa yang duduk dekat sini jugak, hati2.. jangan kena tipu. Better consult dngn owner terus rather than guard.

03 July 2013

The Butterfly's Project Spa Party

Even though I'm facing my finals right now, I still wanna sumbat this event in my schedule.
I never done this before but I was so eager to attend this party that I didn't care that I had a paper to answer the next day. I should have been locked in my room far away from living creatures, and making sure I can sumbat every possible knowledge in my head.
But no!
I had the greatest time ever and I managed to answer my paper the next day. Oklaaaaaa.. I got all the answers answered.
Blablabla.. Back to the topic.

So this is my first time joining one of the Butterflies Project and I was a bit worried that I'll be forever alone there since I won't be seeing familiar faces. But then it turned out to be the opposite of what I have expected. Everyone was friendly! I was a bit shy at first since I didn't know anyone. Then I met Kak Aida Zura there. Yeayyy one familiar face. I met here during Astro's event once but didn't quite have the chance to talk. During the Spa Party did we had a lot of time to talk.

Sorry for the low picture quality, I just had my tablet camera to depend on that day. Sobssss :(