30 August 2013

Astro's Your Malaysian Is Showing!

Last week I was invited to another one of Astro's event that was in conjunction celebrating Malaysia's 56th Independence day at Mid Valley Megamall.
There were various of activities especially for the bloggers so they could spread positivity and happiness.

So for you. what does Independence mean to you guys? Or is it just a matter of people around you celebrating it, so does you? To me, I'm proud to be born as a Malaysian and it is certainly definitely better living in Malaysia. We have it all here.

So for Astro's campaign #UrMalaysianIsShowing #GoBeyond they are actually spreading the love and positiveness to all Malaysians.

If you guys have been active on twitter, u surely would have noticed that #UrMalaysianIsShowing last friday and we bloggers had great fun sharing the positivity.
Astro have created the GoBeyond app here for us to share our goals and positivity together!

On the launching of that day itself, may celebs also came down to show the positiveness to all the Malaysians. Lisa Surihani, Aznil Hj Nawawi, Haniff Era and more!

Dapatlah jumpa Pak Nil itu hari.. Hehe

And here is The Positive Engine, powered by Go Beyond, no matter how many times I try yo upload this pic, it stills stay rotated this way, sorry ya.
But the positive meter is cool right? So make sure spread more of those positivity.

Pic credit to Marya Hana
All the bloggers did really have a fun day, it seemed that most of the bloggers that I knew were there on that day, and it made it more awesome! So all the bloggers were divided into fours and a total of more than 20 groups I suppose, not so sure of that.

And the place was swarming with people, it was definitely packed!

Pic Credit to Sharizan Hamid

Here were my groupmates on that day. Group 3! I just met both of them on that day. There was supposed to be another member, but he didn't show up.

So do you guys see the T-Shirt we're wearing? Its actually one of the designs of Astro's T-shirt and its really really cool. And the best part it you can also contribute your ideas and make your own shirt! Even you can buy the ready made ones on their app.

From here you can make your own designs and also buy them! Cool right? 

For the bloggers, each group had different phrases like 'Stylo Mylo',  Rilek La Bro', 'Dah Makan?' and mine was 'solid giler'. Ok Lol

Anyways, each group was given a task of 27 things to do and our group had quite a hard time since we were missing one member.
Everything was like very random, I even had to say to a stranger that 'You are perfect!' Omaigaadd!!! Seriously tebalkan muka sangat-sangat masa tu. I sang Negaraku, and shouted Merdeka in front of public, and I did a lot of stuff that I would never do, I think all the bloggers had the same experience as I did though.
But thinking about it again, it was really fun!

Without noticing we have a lot to show of our Malaysian side right? No matter where a Malaysian grows up, or live, their Malaysian side still shows. And we should be proud of that!
The event that day ended with 3 groups as the winners. Congrats to them. Mine did not win, but at least we tried. It was a bit hard for us but we did enjoy that though.

And thank you astro for these awesome doorgifts! Just what I really needed now. A powerbank and a really cute umbrella, just suitable for me to carry to class. Oh yeahhh!

So guys, for more info about this campaign you can always hope down to Astro's Negaraku Campaign
And also spread your positivity at Astro Go Beyond!

So happy Independence Day dear Malaysians!
Bye Peeps!

P/s: This post was sponsored.

18 August 2013

NBrew With Bloggers

So at first we were introduced to Nbrew and shown how the ice cream was done. And after that we had our chance making our gelato ice-cream which is something really different from what I've seen before.
The difference of Nbrew is that their ice-cream are not ready made to be sold, but they are made when they received the order.
This Malaysian company which is now expanding was inspired from the United States, where ice-cream was made from Nitrogen.
Yesss! Nitrogen.
Nitogren that evaporates really fast and super duper cool, that enables to turn cream into ice in just a few minutes.

16 August 2013

My Make-Up Kit

Hellooooooo peeps!
So today I thought of showing my make-up set.

Well, if you guys have been following me your surely would now that I don't prefer make up everyday, except for occasions.
Anyways if combined everything that I have, this is what I get

Sedar tak sedar banyak jugak, even though I know some of you will say this is nothing, but to me its to much till I don't know which one to use. 
At first I don't like to make-up very much, but since I've been following a lot of beauty bloggers and with my age now, I think differently now. But still I wanna look natural, so I don't pressure my skin with to much make up on.

This is how I look like without any make-up on

Seriously I look like this, with big eyebags and so and so

But when I put on make up I end up looking like this

Haaaa.. Bezo tak? Haha.. 
That's why at least I need to put on some make-up, if not I'll look like a zombie walking around the streets.

And and the best part is, I didn't even use a single penny to buy make-up cause my mum is so supportive of me wearing make-up.

As you can see, I try to make me look as natural as possible, like people don't know that I'm even wearing make-up. Except for certain occasions where I need to look a bit different so I will put on a bit more effort.

But for simple outings, what I use is my Garnier Light Cream and a compact powder. I use to not wear cream at all, but then I realized that my skin was starting to burn since I spend my day under the hot sun. So I chose Garnier since I've been wearing that product since high school and my skin is okay with that. In fact I use a lot of Garnier products.

The best! Cause my skin is not that bad after years with Garnier.
As for compact powders, at first I loved using Misami but then I kinda loved this Loreal Paris compact powder which was one of the goodies that I received during the Spa Party.

My skin looks more alive with Loreal Paris than with Misami, even though I love using both of them but now I keep on using Loreal Paris.

For eyeliners, sometimes I love wearing them, but sometime I prefer without it, cause its kinda difficult to handle especially when I'm out and I have my prayer to do, I need to clear my make up first. And I spend most of my time in front of the mirror applying my eyeliner. But if I do wear eyeliner, I prefer the liquid liner, since its easy to wash without having to rub my eyes out. Another eyeliner that I love is the pencil liner from Silkygirl, its one of my favorites, cause it makes my eyes look bigger and its easy to wear and I don't have that in the picture.

Another thing that I have recently loved it Miss Rose Glossy Blusher, as you can see the pink bottle at the the corner of the picture. Mum bought me that, and she really understands how natural I wanted to look. At first I didn't want to wear it cause it was so pink, but then I tried it on, it made my skin look light pinkish and it looked nice. If not I'll get a pale white face.

For eyes shadows, I got tons of it, I use Leno and also Mac. This one is from Leno's. Its a whole set from eyeshadows to lipstick and also blushers. I don't prefer wearing eyeshadows for simple outings. I think its just to much. Eyeshadows only functions to me during big occasions.

For lipstick, I love using the sticks, for brushes its kinda leceh cause susah nak pakai. Besides this one is brand new from Lelan Vital, its cute! I love the casing, but I've just tried two clours, sayang pula nak pakai. Cantik sangat. 

So people, this is what I have, its not a lot, since I'm still a student. But maybe after this akan bertambah. Caause I kinda fell in love with Victoria Jacksons make-up kit. Made me more bersemangat nak cantik-cantik after this.


11 August 2013

Happy Eid Dear Blog Readers! Muaaaahhhhhhhhh!!

Ok bye! Nak pergi beraya.. Hehe

07 August 2013

Gathering Finally

I seriously don't know what to put for the title. A few days back finally we all got to get together.
After years of not hanging around like this, we finally got the chance since everyone  was on a holiday, so I had to force everyone to meet.

I did a whatsapp group to discuss about our event, but it turned out to be something else sampai non-stop dapat notofications. Memang topic banyak mengarut je, and tak memasal aku yang kena bahan since I have a bad habit of typo.

Anyways, we finally had a chance to meet last sunday. And definately forgot that Sunday will be swarming with people, memang sesaklah, macam mana nak buat gathering. This time I had to be the driver, usually somebody will always come to pick me up, but this time semua tak nak since I already had a car and they wanted to bully for that.  Seriously rasa akward driving all my previous drivers before. hewhewhew... mak Ajim sampai kata, 'aik, dah terbalik, anak dara yang datang kutip bujang'.. Haha... Ajim pembuli makcik, termasuklah cousin dia. Dua-dua aku kena ambik, dah la these guys duduk jauh kedalam kampung, since rumah diaorg besar-besar so aku boleh ingatlah rumah, rumah sahaja, nak ke sana tak tahu.
Even Adi yang duduk sebelah aku pun tak tahu,  sampai berpusing-pusing sebab nak cari rumah sahaja, dah la siap lambat. 

We went by 2 cars, the other one was Azril's that had Epin and Ella since their houses were nearby. Belum sempat apa-apa lagi, dah ada yang membahan each other. So the plan was Iftar at Nando's Setia City Mall, aku dah gelisah since that day was a Sunday, takut full house and I was right. Sampai-sampai dah ada sign full house. Hmmm.. But still degil, nak makn juga dekat situ, so we thought, buka puasa makan something light dulu.

Tengok balik gambar ni teringat zaman kanak-kanak masa sekolah menengah dulu suka lepak dekat taman petang-petang. 

Hahahaha... Zaman kanak-kanak. Just how ugly did we look back then, this picture was during form 3, well not all of us are in this picture but still you can see some same faces. Anyways, I've been close with these guys since form 3. I think form 3 was when everthing started, I started to socialized at that time from being afraid to mingle, to someone who had a little more confidence, cause I had my friends around to support me.
Kalau cerita balik, memang panjang gila blopost ni on how we all got close, but basically it all started with the tennis club. I think this picture was also took after tennis practice.
Well all of us are from the same class during form 3, so we shared a lot of memories together during that time. Mostly the topic for that night was embarassing moments during form 3 and stupid things that we all had done together.

Berkeras jugak nak makan nando's malam tu. So when the guys went to perform their prayer, the girls pergi beratur for a table, I was the first in line so tak lama sangatlah nak tunggu. Everyone seemed really hungry, dapat je makanan semua senyap, bila makanan dah habis bermulalah cakap-cakap. Everone wanted to catch up since dah lama gila tak buat gathering macam ni. Yang si Epin hantu tu pergi cari pasal, ajak semua orang pergi tengok The Conjuring, padahal dia dah tengok. Errrrrrrrrr....
Cerita hantu is a no no, totally big no to my movie list, apa lagi tengok dekat wayang. So these guys tengok online, see if ada ke tidak dekat SCM, but tak ada, so aku dah hooraaayyyyyy.. but then they all agreed to go to Sunway. Errrr... Aku saja je makan lambat-lambat delay masa since that time it was already 9.30. 
Lastly, terpaksa juga turut serta, dah elok-elok dah otw nak ke sunway, since naik 3 kereta and parking tempat lain-lain, ingatkan nak pergi sekali sana, so everyone kena tunggu dekat toll Setia City.
Aku tak tahu la Azril sedar ke tidak aku follow dia dari belakang sebelum masuk toll lagi, then lepas toll aku dah nampak kereta Rahimi dekat tepi tu tunggu, but Azril pecut laju. 
Aku stop depan Rahimi, pelik kenapa Azril terus laju, rupanya Rahimi kasi mesej dekat Azril, 'Cari mini cooper warna merah'. Bahahahahaha... Kitaorang semua gelak guling-guling, rupanya dia tak tahu Rahimi naik kancil merah. And at that time jugak tukar plan nak ke Paradigm pulak since movie starts at 12.20am, and that time was already 11.00pm.
Sampai je Paradigm, semua masih tak dapat nak tahan gelak pasak mini cooper tu, ramai juga orang yang tengok movie malam tu. Penuh tempat wayang, eventhough esoknya hari bekerja.
Since wayang aku kena paksa tengok, I think half of the story I covered my face. Nampak tak betapa penakutnya, but still I followed the story, just that I can't have those visual images. Nanti teringat-ingat, but still the story was exciting, hati nak tengok full but cannot. Penakut sangat, mana taknya, guys yang tepi-tepi aku ni yang kononya hati kental pun menjerit.
But that night was a fun night. Wish that every year we could have something like this

Till then peeps.

04 August 2013

Result Semester 1 Degree UiTM

Yesterday night I couldn't sleep at all. As usual, when results are about to come out, I can't seem to stay calm. I really worry to much, and it makes it worst since UiTM results are sent by email at the middle of the night.
At the night of results, twitter will be swarming with post like, "berdebar-debar", "takutnya..." or "result nak keluar, tak tenang!", some sort like that, and I'll be more nervous when after 12am, one by one will start tweeting, 'Allhamdulillah', 'Syukur', 'Kecewa', 'Memang dah agak, salah aku juga', 'Punah Harapan', and a lot more. At that time I'll get more and more frustrated cause I usually get my email late than others. I won't be able to sleep at all and keep on refreshing my inbox and spam folder. Thank god this time I don't have to wait in front of the computer anymore.
This time, everyone's email came in late, so I thought maybe I'll just take a short nap since it was already 2am and nobody seemed to receive any email. Then I heard mum's voice waking me, 'bangun sahur', and I was like mamai and said 'jangan tutup internet', sambil mencapai tab and with those sleepy eyes I opened my email.
Ok, dah masuk.. Jap jap... I went to the toilet to wash my face first, eventhough mata dah segar bugar, capai cermin mata and grabbed back my tab.
The result was like this

My eyes went straight to the grades first, didn't dare to look at the CGPA, so I looked at the grades, there were no C's. Allhamdulillah, no C's, I thought I was gonna have a lot of that, but I got B's. So there still was a chance. SO I moved my eyes little by little to the CGPA and it stated 3.56!
As usual as I achieve my target I'll scream wohooooooooooooooooo!!! Melompat-lompat lari ke mak tunjuk result, mak like usual, kalau dah tengok macam tu, mak dah faham la. If not I'll be crying and sobbing and whinning with my results, so if I've put on a happy face, lega la hati mak. haha..

Since it was 5am, I didn't show it to dad until 8am that morning. I was hoping for a better response, but as usual I won't get that from dad. '56 je? huhh..' ok tu je response dia, dari dulu la macam tu walau bagus mana pun result aku, so dah biasa. Just hoping that I can keep this up every semester so that I can get Anugerah Naib Canselor (ANC) and dapat pakai selempang masa graduation nanti. I wanna see what dad will response too on that day. Just hope that I can make them proud one day, tak sia-sia duit my parent hantar pergi belajar without any scholarship.

Talking about scholarship, anyone knows how and which scholarship can apply to?

Okay back to my results, as you can see I got a lot of B's. For Cultural Anthropology, my carry marks were really bad, nearly to fail, but I passed for my finals, eventhough I studied last minute, allhamdulillah, I received the grade I targeted. For photography, I was hoping for an A, but still maybe my pictures were so last minute so, what to do.

Apart from that, what I'm most shocked of are my drawing results, Visual Language and Drawing and Observation, these 2 subjects are art subjects where I have to do art. Talking about arts, I did have some basic before but not the kind of basic where I was good at it. I was awful at it, but then I tried and tried, I almost gave up since I got low marks on my early assignments. It kept me worried about my marks for the finals, since these 2 subjects has the highest credit hours and its all based on skills.

What I learned for art is it is not simply based on the skills but also the brains. If you use both, the artwork will somehow work. seriously it does since I did that for my last couple of assignments to gain back the low marks are received earlier that semester. I did struggle a lot and most of the time I almost wanted to straggle myself due to the pressure of piled work. I bared it since I call mum every night and she makes me remember my aim.

Overall degree is more tougher and lonelier than I expected. Its like forever alone there since there is too much work, that's why during my finals I studied last minute, I wanted to release my pressure and my stress with the projects earlier. I had 3 final papers and all 3 I started to study just a day before the exam. Betullah cakap orang, study smart, don't study hard.

Anyways, bersyukur sangat-sangat with my results, couldn't have wished better. Hope next semester I could improve more and maybe think of a better learning method there. I should try to adapt to the new enviroment and also the new style at a new faculty. I so living in the past I think.

So guys wish me luck!
Btw, I was so busy before that I didn't update a post about my Graduation day that happened months ago.
Maybe I'll make a post soon.
Till then, bye peeps!!


01 August 2013

ChurpOut Buka Puasa 2013

Every year I've noticed that Churp-churp will always have a buka puasa event. Eventhough I've heard about it every year, this is actually my first time participating.

This is my second event with Churp-churp and I found it superbly awesome! This year, the churpout buka puasa was held at Bijan Restaurant and it was also my first time there as well.
The mood at the restaurant was very romantic, so I was unable to take quality pictures since I only have my tablet to depend on, so most of the photo's for this post is from Churp-churp.

When I got there I found familiar faces and new ones. This event was really relaxed so we bloggers had time to minggle around and chit-chat throughout the event.

That night we had a wide range of foods, from traditional malay food, to seafood and more. But the best dish I tried so far was their chicked satay! OMG!! It was delicious! Never tasted a satay that good. And I couldn't stop eating it, I wanted to add more but it seemed that other people loved it too. Now I can only think of it. :'(

After buka, we had performances and games. I kinda missed the first game cause I was busy wandering around getting more food, especially the satay. Hehe.. Then Anuar came with a fuss trying to take pictures. The first game was to snap photo's of you with 10 different bloggers. And those who won, got a churpie doll.
The second game was a fun one. Since I missed the first game, I excitedly participated on the second. We had to draw for that game and I was like, oh yeahhhhh.. Drawing.. Great!
So I thought it will be figures like teapots or cats or whatsoever, but then I had to draw 'Bunga Api'.
And I only had a few second to draw that, so if I just drew sparkels, I don't think anyone could have guessed that, since the sparkels I drew didn't look like fireworks at all. So I drew the base, before fireworks became sparks in the air. I drew it just like in the cartoons hoping that they could figure it out. And they did! Great work! 

We had two teams in compete, since the other team had to draw a minion and the couldn't guess it, we won just at one go!

So we all got to bring a churpie doll! Finally I recieved one. 
The third game I totally didn't keep track, since  I found out they were also having another game session at the registration booth. We had to solve the puzzle as fast as we could.

It was really fun since all of us that won previously tried out! And there were shaky hands also, that made us laugh since we all wanted to finish it up as fast as possible.
The winners were announced at the end of the event, the guys won a really cute churpie thumbdrive while the girls won exclusive shawls from hijab2go. And I won myself one also. Hehe..

Just look at how many bloggers joined for that night, not forgetting we also had some local artist joining as well. That night was certainly funtastic! I certainly don't want to miss out for next year.

This is what I took home that night! Haha.. Now my room is full with blue birds.
Thanks ChurpChurp for this awesome event!