31 May 2014

Review: Enchanteur Paris Body Serum and Lotion

Enchaunteur Paris. Who haven't heard about this brand right?
Well Enchanteur Paris now offers four different types of body lotion. Well I'm not such a fan of lotion actually, I'll have the intention to wear it, but when I've bought it I only use it half way. Such a waste cause most of the lotions I buy have this kinda sticky and oily feel which I really don't like cause I'm always under the sun, which makes me sweat most of the time. It's so uncomfortable when your sweaty and then your hands are sticky and greasy.
So when I had a chance to review this lotion I hoped that it could make me wear lotion cause my skin actually need lotion. My skin is too dry and it's got darken, burnt I suppose, since it's been exposed to the hot sun everyday.
So how was the outcome? Is this lotion good? Well, I could say yes. It stills has that sticky feeling when I'm sweaty but not so much cause it absorbs pretty fast when I apply and give instant moisture to my skin. And what I love the most is that Enchanteur never fails to produce products with great scent. Try guessing which lotion now is my current addiction?

13 May 2014

Review: Mr Lens Online

Hye Peeps!
So I have been given the chance to review on contact lenses with Mr Lens Online Shopping.
A big Thank You to The Butterfly Project and Mr Lens for this opportunity.
And to make things more exciting, this is also my first time purchasing contact lenses online. And Mr Lens did make it easy for me.

For those who are still new about Mr Lens, its an online site where you can purchase Contact Lenses, Glasses and also Shades. Its simple and the give you discounts as well. It's much cheaper than what they offer in shops. They got so many options to choose from that made me tempted to have it all.

11 May 2014

Butterfly Malaysia's first Anniversary at Lazer Warzone

Damn how I miss you bloggy. I feel like I've been sucked in a world where I had no life. Seriously it has been busy for me lately and I'm always feeling tired. My spare time is what I save for sleep only. LOL. No social life for me. But still I could not miss out on this event.
Its The Butterfly Project's first aniversary! As a loyal butterfly I really could not miss this. Plus their having it at Lazer Warzone!
I have been so longing to play this for a year, and every time I plan with my friends somthing comes up, so till now I never had once had a chance to try this out.
So a big thank you to Butterfly Project for this. I can cross one out from my bucket list already.

I was full of excitement. It was my first time and I was eager to know how it feels like to be in a battlefield with lazers. LOL. I was picturing Star Wars.

Its a Lazer Tag Party. Wohoaaaaa.. And as soon as I came in I felt like I came back to my world. Haha.. I missed all of my girlfriends, its been a while since I have attended any events, so I was so happy to see familiar faces there.

Pic Credit to Butterfly Msia
So try spotting me. The story was I came late and I was starving, and the food was like tempting and they already started briefing, so while everyone else was listening, I had a few bites, well maybe not a few. 

Pic Credit to Butterfly Msia
Why did they have to serve Nasi Lemak? It was so tempting! Haha.. I ate a lot and failed in the battlefield cause I was to heavy. The others kept aiming me. HAHA

Pic Credit to Butterfly Msia
Pic Credit to Butterfly Msia
I just couldn't wait to start the game. We were briefed about how the game is played, but for me briefing is just not enough. I have to try then only I would understand.

And of course I didn't expect it to be this dark. I actually can't see very well in the dark, thank god that I didn't trip. Most of the obstacles had glow in the dark paint on it, so I could see enough to move. Plus everyone was wearing a vest that has lights on so it was easy to spot. The best part was when we shoot, we can see the laser coming out of the gun. It was really like Star Wars.

So how to play this Laser Tag right? 
Well first we had a trial version. We played without a group, just to get use to it. 
The rules goes like this, if you get to shoot a person, the persons vest will turn white.
50 points for the front
100 points for the back
And if you get shoot, you will die for 5 seconds
Meaning that your gun won't work for 5 seconds, it will turn into white colour.
No points will be deducted though.

So after my first trial version, I came to know that I didn't got a clue what I was doing inside there.

Try guessing which one am I?
The Commander!

But then there was another game right after the trial one.
This time it was a group war. We were blue. I still wore the same vest so I am still the Commander.
So I got in there again and tried another strategy.
And the result was

I was the worst player ever!
Like seriously, since the trial game I was running about here and there and kept getting shot. Then for the second game I went at the most back, expecting that I won't get shot since the other members of my team are in front. But I was totally wrong, cause I just kept on getting shot. 
everytime I die my gun is deactivated for 5 seconds, but after 5 seconds my gun still ain't working, and when it does start working I get shot again.
fuuuu@#$%^&*(!!!!! Seriously? 

So I thought that I had a broken vest. But then when the other two teams were playing, and the results were, the Commander had the highest score, so damn. It means I just suck at this. T_T

So for my third game I was more eager to change my score. I wasn't satisfied at all and I knew I could do better than that. And guess what my score is.

Tadaaaaa... Increased right?
But wait! I'm not the Commander anymore, cause I changed my vest.
I am Viper! No 12!
This this I was able to manage my gun. Now I knew that I didn't manage my gun properly the first two games. Once I got the hang of it, it was fun!

The fourth and last game was the best one for me, cause I was all out. I had the hang of it and when I died that 5 seconds I ran to find my next target, so when the other group shoot me during that time it didn't effect me. So I had the chance to chane my shooting spot. 
It was fun shooting my other friends, at that time there was no terms of friends anymore.
When we got shot the shooter would laugh.
Damn.. it was just super fun. We all came out sweating like mad!
And the final results were

Woww!!! No 3!
Ain't I just amazing?
I'm actually Nebula. I changed my vest again.
Ok what no 10, at least I had improvements.

So wondering who are my team mates are?

And here we are, The MULANS

So did we win?

The first!
From the back.. T_T

And to whom does these medals belong to?

3rd Place

2nd Place

And the Champion?
Tak nak tunjuk sebab jelous.

Overall we all had fun and that was what is important.
Another important thing is that we were also celebrating The Butterfly Project First Aniiversary.

Pic Credit To Laser Warzone

Happy Birthday dear Butterflies!
I feel special cause my birthday is also in the month of May, so I get to celebrate with a blogging community that I love.

Overall the Laser Tag Party was just awesome. We butterflies had an amazing time.
The marshalls in charge were friendly and everything turned out great. It was a fun day, hope to have more of this in the future.

For those who are also eager to try this out make sure you do.
You have to try it at least once in your life time. Its a sport so casual like bowling but this makes you feel like your in a Star Wars film. HAHA

Pic Credit to Laser Warzone
So you can give it a try at Lazer Warzone at ECurve Level 1.
Basically they have half of the floor for them.
For prices you guys can head down to their Facebook
But what I know is that Students with a Student ID gets childrens price.
RM17 for a game.
So its so worth it, students don't miss this opportunity since your still a student.
Till then!