22 July 2014


Shizen's Silky Renewal Gel 
Available at all Shizens Outlet

So what does the Silky Renewal Gel do?
Well as you can see it removes dead cells, clean the pores and makes skins smoother.
It also increases skin metabolism, improve blood circulation and for looking radiant.

With a nice tip its easy for getting the right amount of Gel to use.
And for sure you guys won't want to waste it since you've seen the price right?
Me myself nak pakai pun rasa sayang gila. LOL

So anyways why did I choose to have this product?

Forgive me for my hidious pictures but I just want to be honest with all my readers.
Well some of my blog readers claim that I have a clean face well actually I have really bad pores!
Blackheads and whiteheads with pimple scars all in a complete package,
And they are all the stubborn ones which is so hard to clean off.
Especially at my nose.
As you can see clearly whiteheads coming out and it such himuliating sometimes cause people close to me can see them popping out.
Its really uncomfortable also when my face gets oily.
I had this problem for a long time already and I've tried many things to keep the pores off but its won't come of easily.
Sometimes it just makes my nose red and with big holes.

So I'm trying this to see either this solves my solution.

So I just tested this out this week.
It says to use twice a week, so I applied it just before bedtime.
I cleansed my face with warm water and then applied the Gel.
But its not to be applied there all night, you guys have to rub the gel.
Make sure to rub hard until you can't feel the gel anymore.
Once done wash your face again.
Take note that this Gel is for the whole face.

The results are like the pictures above.
Well I still have pores sticking out but still it has reduced.
I'm telling ya my pores are stubborn as ever, but I've just tried this twice.
Maybe after a month used might show better results right?

Anyways, I would love to thank Shizen's Malaysia and also The Butterfly Project for this.
There is one more item that I will share with you guys soon.
Keep updated.
Till then peeps.

16 July 2014


Hello Blog Readers!
Here's a treat for you.
I'm giving away a voucher for you and a friend of yours for a buka puasa treat!
Yes, you will get to eat all this with some extra goodies just waiting for you.

14 July 2014

Review: Maybelline Hypersharp Liner Laser Precision

The all new Maybelline Hypersharp Liner Laser Precision

Retail Price: RM35.90

What you would totally love about this product is

Ultra-precise with the thinnest brush tip ever 

Lines don’t smudge even in humidity and sweat 

Comes off quickly and effortlessly when you want it to

For me I have been using the Hypersharp Liner for a while now and I surely do love it since its so easy to use.

As you can see, the tip of the Liner is so sharp, which makes it really easy to apply and draw art on your eyes. Either a cat eye look or just a simple touch for an everyday look like I usually do it.

Can you see the difference of me applying and not?
With light make up I just love to make a thin line cause for an everyday look I don't want my eyes to stand out so much. Just want to make it look simple and neat.

The Hypersharp Liner is so helpful for me since I have shaky hands when applying and this always causes me to apply layer by layer to get the line straight. And usually when I use gel eyeliners with thick brushes it makes my line thicker than I desired cause I keep applying it since I get a straight line. So with Hypersharp Liner even though I applied it couple of times its still ain't so thick which makes me love it for my everyday use.

I also tested it out on how good the brush is if one day I want to draw on my eyes. I tried writing down my signature. As you can see it is super sharp.
I tried smudging it but it won't smudge much, it dried quick also.

So as you can see, this Hypersharp Liner comes in 3 different colours with various types of ways to beautify your eyes to define your personality.
For me I love to keep it neat and simple but at the same time make me look fearless. Which I choose to apply a strong dark black colour with thin lines.
I tried using this going out and it stayed how applied it in the first place still when I came back home. I have the habbit to rub my eyes hard when I get sleepy and when I'm uncomfortable. Usually I'll keep reapplying my liner but no for this one. It didn't smudge.

Till then peeps.

10 July 2014

L'Oreal Paris Blogger Party

Hello lovely readers!
So I was so honoured that recently I have been invited to one of my favourite brands launch party which they presented us with their new product.

And yes it is Loreal Paris
On that day we were given a brief on The New White Perfect Total 10

Not only that but we had a great blogger party which there was make-up, food and of course a photo booth for crazy camwhores like us.

Just look at how much make up they brought along at the party.
Maigaddd!! It was so tempting, I feel like grabbing all of them and the RUN.

Madness for the eyes

Craziness for the lips

I wish that I could have all these. I'm gonna be like the most envied girl in the whole wide world.

And this one caught my eye.
The new Mat Magique All In One Compact with SPF 34PA+++
Making this compact powder one of the most highest protected powder from the sun.

I used to use the blue compact similar to this. I totally loved it.
But since it is off the market I used a different compact powder.
But looking at this makes me wanna change back to Loreal's Compact Powder.

We were also got to try the products in front of us and of course everyone wanted to try.

And of course what's an event if we don't take pictures right?
I think this was the most crowded place ever. And the best part was that the photo's were unlimited prints.
And for thoses with the best pictures won themselves will Loreal Products.

We also got to bring home our very own mix and match charm bracelet.
I really love charm bracelets!

And Loreal even gave as a simple demonstration on how we were suppose to use the The White Perfect Total 10 and a simple make up look.

So, each of us were given a full size of Loreal White Perfect Total 10 and White Perfect Brightening Gentle Balancing Foam to try out.

As most of my loyal readers know that I am already using Loreal White Perfect Rossy Fairness but still I haven't yet tried the Total 10.
Just on the right time, my L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Day Cream SPF17/PA++ just ran out and I was to busy to stop by and do some shopping.
Its has been a week already since I haven't used any cream and I look like this

My skin is burnt, oily and unhealthy. You can see how big my pimples are growing right?
So I'm gonna try The White Perfect Total 10 and blog about the results maybe in a weeks time.
Information about the product I will post it up on my upcoming blogpost.

So do you think there will be changes? Make sure you keep updated.

Before I end I would live to thank Loreal Paris Malaysia and also Lion&Lion for this exclusive event, hope to get invited more in the future. Thank you.


03 July 2014

Spice Up Your Ramadhan with Fish & Co.

Oh yes! Food again! And this time lets try something fishy.
I bet you guys are super hungry right now since its fasting month.
The poster looks tempting right? Just wait until you reach the end of this blogpost.
LOL... Sabarrr...

In conjunction with the fasting month, Fish & Co. has launched a Ramadhan Menu.
The launch of the Ramadhan promotion was held at Fish & Co.’s flagship store at Pavilion KL, on Tuesday, 24th June, and attended by bloggers and celebrities. And I am one of the lucky bloggers! Wohooo... Flips shawl.

And how cute is Fish & Co, they even prepared our blog headers for us. 
(Ok, bangga sekejap jadi blogger. Hehe.. Ok dah)

Before we talk about food, lemme share withca what happened during the event.
Many top bloggers attended the launch of Fish & Co.’s Ramadhan Menu launch. 
Try spotting which blogger is familiar with you

Haaa.. Nampak tak?
Ok back to the story, what happened during the event

Well, while waiting for all the guest to arrive of course we took pictures. And I was one of the earlybirds so, well yeayy.. camwhore all over.

With the couple of the month. LOL 
Nanie Isa and Budak Pacak Khai

And with Kak Sizzling Suzai!

And of course la kena ada Mek Onie!

Andd with this human being Nad Kassim plus her boyfie
So glad she was there, She's like the craziest eva!

Gosh, I think it has been ages since I've seen these people. 
Feels like Raya already. Haha

Also in attendance was Dato’ Fazley Yaakob, champion of Celebrity Masterchef Malaysia, and MIMMA fighter, Peter Davis. So sad that I didn't get a chance to have a photo with Dato Fazley. Aaaaaa... Just saw him from afar, had so much to talk about at my table till I didn't want to get up.
Had to just wink wink only. Haha.. as if dia nampak. 

The event was hosted by Dollah Cantek, who kept the guests entertained throughout the event. And he kept playing games with us. About 3 times all of us got gamed! And for sure we all had a big laugh for that night.

Four lucky guests walked away with lucky draw prizes. To make it a story, Dollah Cantek made us stand up and look for clues, gave us hope that we were gonna win. Look under your chair, look inside your goodie bag, try looking for clues.

 Erghhh.. In the end look at the dates. Is there anything weird. 
And I was like...

And then Emcee says: 
Mereka yang bertuah memiliki bintang!
And then....

Ok fine! Hahaha.. Cemburuuuuuu
Lucky draws were never my thing anyway. 
So enough drama shall we.
Lets see the food. I know you all are excited for this.

Even I myself couldn't sit straight cause I was so eager to taste the food.

The Ramadhan Menu is a special menu for 2 and consists of two seafood­in­a­pan; Grilled Peri­peri Chicken with Arctic Fish, and Seasonal Catch with choice of Sambal or Spicy Teriyaki Sauce, two refreshing special non­alcoholic mocktails Summer Coolers and a slice of Triple Chocolate Cake to end the meal with ­ all for just for RM 64.95
Diners are also given an option to top­up Prawn Fritters at only RM 8.95

Let's see the fishes

Grilled Peri­peri Chicken with Arctic Fish

I loved this dish so much. The portion is large and even I with a big stomach did not able to finish this. The coleslaw is absolutley fresh, the Artic Fish is superb and of course the Grilled Periperi Chicken is just fantastic. The sause is the best, couldnt have enough of the sause. Even they put a whole lot of fries. Overall everything was just my taste. I couldn't have enough of their coleslaw though.

Seasonal Catch with choice of Sambal 
or Spicy Teriyaki Sauce

What I love the most about this dish is its mashed potato. It just perfectly melts in the mouth and the taste is complete.  The spicy teriyaki sause is a must try. It suites perfectly well with the fish and the rice. And they even added raisins to the rise.

 Special non­alcoholic mocktails Summer Coolers

Just refreshing! I had 2 glasses of these.

Triple Chocolate Cake

The cake is to die for. This triple layer chocolate cake blends three flavours of chocolate perfectly well. One spoon could make you dreamy. It taste so good. I wished I could eat more than 2 slices for that night but my stomatch was starting to explode. Somehow I really regret that I didn't get to pack these babies home. Its just perfect. Aaaaaaa.... drooling again.

Prawn Fritters

This is an additional menu. Prawn Fritters are just good as it looks. Its crunchy.

The Ramadhan Menu is valid at Fish & Co. outlets in 1 Utama Shopping Center, Paradigm Mall, Pavilion KL and The Mines until 27th July 2014. From 1st July, every purchase of Ramadhan set at Pavilion KL, Paradigm Mall and The Mines will come with exclusive Fish & Co. Raya packets (while stock lasts). 

HAHA.. I'm a horrible eater right?
It tasted so good and I completely enjoyed my dinner that night that I didn't care how I looked like anymore.
Its not everyday I get to eat something superb like this. Even my table requested for another platter.
And that's how good it is.

So boys and gals, don't miss out to taste this.
Come on and Spice Up Your Ramadhan.
I'm sure you won't regret breaking your fast at Fish & Co.
Its worth every penny.

For more information,visit

Fish & Co.’s official website, http://www.fish­co.com.my,

Contact , enquiry@fish­co.com.my.

So I would like to give a big thanks to Fish & Co for inviting me to their marvellous event.
I had a splendid time. It was great fun.
Hope to get more invites from you guys again.
Till then peeps. Have a great Ramadhan ahead!

P/s: Please complete my whishlist Fish & Co. LOL