21 September 2016


I'm not a big fan of steamboat but my fiance is. One of the best foods he can think of if he wants to splurge and indulge is always steamboat. So, I have been looking up to several steamboat places and Pak John was one of them since every time we go to e-curve we will pass by this restaurant and I could see that he turns his head here every time we pass by. We never really ate here before because when we head down to Damansara we already have other plans and eating steamboat could take hours. LOL
So me and my blogger friends which you might have already recognise in the picture went our for dinner here in Pak John and the experience was... want to know what Pak John has to offer? Keep on reading then.

15 September 2016


I still remember how uncomfortable it was when my first period came. That unpleasant feeling and how it gave me a hard time every time. My first period came early, I was just in standard 5 and I was one of the first few among my friends. I was of course sloppy and 'selekeh' during that time as my body did not understand that it is too fast for me to grow up. LOL 

So I had a lot of unpleasant incidents during my period when I was a teenager in which I believed most girls my age at that time fear the most. Yes... you know what it is, especially when you’re wearing light colored clothes to school. It was a nightmare for me because I couldn't control it since I was such a heavy flower.

So when my parents started giving me some pocket money to buy my own toiletries, I started experimenting on different type of pads since this problem has been going on for so long.

05 September 2016


Morning peeps! So I'm here to tell you a secret. I've been asked so many times how do I wear my daily shawls since I manage to make it look exactly the same style when I wear it. So here is the secret, I'm the type that cannot wear an inner headscarf or I'll get a massive headache, which results in limitations of selection of hijabs. This is because not all materials could give a good grip on your head without an inner headscarf. That's why you can see me wearing cotton shawls most of the time and mostly all of them are plain. Why? Well you'll need to keep on reading.