20 November 2017


Hey peeps, this is something very new posted up on my blog right? Well thanks to Pigeon Malaysia, my journey as a parenting blogger has just started. This post is just an introductory post since I received a lot of feedback from most of you after watching my Insta-story that I posted about this. I know most of you are curious about it already but I'm unable to give a review about it yet since my baby is still nesting inside me. But it's already time to be prepared and Pigeon helped me with it too! Read on more to know what things you may need for your newborn.

17 November 2017


As most of you know I'm reaching to the end of my pregnancy, just a few weeks to go but it could pop out anytime soon as my baby's position is already at the right place. For those yang ada jumpa aku memang nampak sangat aku dah sarat sangat dah. Yes, my belly is huge. I get strangers passing by asking me if I'm doing okay, looking worried like my baby will just fall out while walking. LOL... But I don't blame them cause I walk really slow with hands at the bottom of my belly to support the pressure. Well, at least this week I managed to get some rest.

16 November 2017


Hey, peeps, it's been ages since I wanted to post out this video and it took me about 6 months to do it too but I at least I got a 6-month testimony review on the results of this electric toothbrush from Philips. Anyways, I received this toothbrush from Philips when it launched, it's their newest electric toothbrush range called Sonicare DiamondClean which main priority is to focus on oral health care which most of us take for granted. From the video above there isn't much information that about the toothbrush, so I'll be writing a detailed review on the toothbrush here. Keep on reading because you might regret not knowing further.

15 November 2017


I just had to write about this! If you have been following me on my social media you would know that recently my team had a surprise baby shower for me and me being me, I never suspected it even though it seems they had it planned for quite a while. The mastermind behind it, of course, is no other than my boss +Tammy Lim , you know she's a professional when it comes to surprises like this. I bet most of you who knows her, knows how well she organizes events and having a happening team included made the party more memorable.

13 November 2017


Hey, guys, I received this special homemade soap the end of last year and oh my, it took me almost a year to update about this. So yet here's another post for #THROWBACKBEAUTYPRODUCTS. Nora Beauty Shop sent me one of their best sellers the Mint Green Tea bar soap which is said to own a lot of beneficial properties as good as drinking it. It was sent to me in a cute little paper bag and tied with a ribbon. Made it look vintage suitable with their homemade theme. Read on if you wanna know more.

06 November 2017


Hey peeps, I'm already reaching near the end of my pregnancy. Can't believe it's almost 9 months now and now since it's coming to an end I feel so much more nervous now. I'm stuck being still wanting to be pregnant and having the baby delivered soon. I want it to be over quickly so I could finally meet the little one but at the same time, I wanna cherish the feel of it carrying it always with me closely.

The third trimester has not been treating me well, except I could now see my baby moving from the outside and it's stronger and frequent now. I feel happy every time this happens even though it gets a bit uncomfortable during certain timeIt'sIts very active when I sit down or lay down especially at night. Mostly my rest time is like playtime for it. Lol... but I get entertained seeing its moving patterns. It's more aggressive if I'm hungry which it won't stop until I eat something.