30 April 2018


Hey guys, I bet you all heard the news already. Just last month Althea Korea launched their very own skincare set after the success of their first product, the Petal Velvet Powder. As some of you may have known, as an EX magical creature from Althealand, the things we do here are pretty magical, so of course, the results you see should be magical as well. Lol... That's actually up for you to decide. Anyways for today's post is about my thoughts on these juicy gossips. Keep on reading because there might be something pretty exciting at the end.

19 April 2018


"It's been a month since I started working again and being a new mother who breastfeeds sure isn't an easy task. No matter how stressful it could be sometimes, its a move I'm willing to make for my son and here are some tips for you mothers who are in the same boat as me."
Well obviously if you've been following me, you've known that was ages ago. Yes, it was, I wanted to post this out while I was still working but didn't quite have the time to finish the last part of this post, so I'm continuing it now while it's still fresh in mind. So if you're a mother and going to start work soon but still want to continue breastfeeding, this post is for you.

12 April 2018


When I started a relationship with my ex-boyfriend 8 years ago I never thought about building a family, I just wanted a great relationship that could keep me going through my ups and downs. Well, it seems my wish came true, but the journey wasn't always bright, we did take a break after 3 years in a relationship as we both were starting to look beyond our comfort zone. It took 6 months after our breakup that we finally realised that we both needed each other and somehow got back together for another 3 years then finally tied the knot. Now Mr Ex-Boyfriend is now my husband which is also the father of the child I carried. Time seems to be moving very fast as what seemed to be a fling back then, turned into a thing and now we're a something. Today we're parents of a 4-month-old boy and from being responsible for our own selves, we both now have responsibilities for the little one which also includes additional financing. This, of course, adds another thing to worry about but does this affects our relationship? Well, read on to know our relationship score.

06 April 2018


Musical fans you'll be pleased to hear that The Phantom of the Opera main leads is coming to Malaysia for a one-night performance! The Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running show on Broadway and in conjunction with their 30th anniversary, their having a one-night-only musical concert on April 18th, 8.30pm at the Manhattan Ballroom, Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.  Since it's a 1 night show, tickets should be limited and if you've been wanting a taste of this iconic tale of mystery and romance from this bestseller world theatre, this musical concert should be able to satisfy your cravings. Read more for more deets.

04 April 2018


I finally have the time to write about this trip after months! Well, I bet most of you are already used to it now since this year I haven't been really productive in blogging. Anyways, this Sabah trip was planned early this year and we went during the 2nd week of Raya. My husband was the mastermind of it since my family wanted to go because my cousin got married to a Sabahan and had a ceremony there. We didn't get to attend the ceremony but we managed to visit their home after a day of the ceremony. Our main agenda was actually to explore Sabah since none of us has been there before, so here is our 5 days 4 nights trip breakdown to Sabah.

01 April 2018


Last month I was diagnosed with Herpes Zoster also known as Shingles. To be honest I never knew a  disease ever existed. Shingles come from the very same virus as chicken pox. For those who had chicken pox before, the virus still remains in your body but in a hibernating phase in your nerve cells. So if you caught Shingles it means that the Varicella Zoster virus (VZV) is active again and instead of catching poxes all over your body, you'll get small like skin rashes with blisters at one side of your body or your face. So is Shingles contagious as chicken pox as well? The answer is YES. If yes then could I still breastfeed? Is that still a question to ask though? Well yes, keep on reading to know more.