29 January 2014

Transformers Has Landed at Genting Highlands Malaysia

Who's a transformers fan here? Who? Who?
Well guys, good news.. Yupp the rumors are true, transformers has landed here in Malaysia at Genting Highlands.
Yess.. and it is the Largest Transformers Expo in Asia! Only at Resorts World Genting.

So yesterday I was invited by Genting for their Grand Launch of The Transformers Expo at Genting Highlands. The grand launch was graced by the guest of honour YB Dato' Seri Mohamed Nazrin Bin Tan Sri Abdul Aziz, Minister of Tourisim and Culture Malaysia. Other guest included Dato' Sri lee Chong Yan, President and Chief Operating Officer of Genting Malaysia and Mr Raymond Tew, Chief Executive Officer of Target Exposition Sdn Bhd.

23 January 2014



Hye peeps, so I've been having a lot of questions from my friends recently about Internet Banking. For me, living in such a hustle bustle lifestyle, I really don't have any time to waste and that is one of the main reasons why I am so lazy to queue up and pay my bills at counters.

Since I had a car under my name, dad would transfer money into my account and made sure that I was the one to pay the bill every month and I knew it would be such a nuisance to make a commitment and go to the bank every month just to get my bill settled. Since my loan was under CIMB I called them was there an easier way to pay the loan every month and they suggested to open a CIMB account with CIMB Clicks. And for sure it was a great suggestion.

21 January 2014

New Year, New Changes, New Faces!

Hellloooooooooo everyone! So how have you guys been doing so far for this year?
Well I'm doing just fine for now, but I'm extremely missing blogging and events.
Finally I got out of hell semester 2 and believe me I don't want to go through a semester like that anymore, it made me feel like a living zombie. Even I got confused either I was dead or alive.
I simply had no interest in socialising, it was me and work. Gosh the work was craazzzzy I tell ya.

Enough of that, so you guys noticed anything different?
Oh yeahhhh , you got that one right. Got my old blog a brand new face, it deserves one already.
The last design seems to be so cold, I'm trying to make my blog more cheerful and neat. Oh yeahh.. But still I'm working on the neat part. hehe... sowwwyy

Anyways what do you guys think about this?

So so so?
What do you guys think?
A new face for my blog and finally I have finalized a logo for miracikcit.blogspot.com.
Do you get the logo? Its Mira @ Cikcit , as you see I've combined the a and the c to create and @ .
Genius right? 
LOL ... even my baby sis could figure that out.

It took me a bout a week to get the perfect logo that I wanted and it may look simple, but bloody hell gave me a disastrous headache.
I was to fussy, I wanted a really simple design and at the same time looked elegant as well but I just wanted two colours and I specifically only chose scripts fonts as the only options. Goshh.. If I have another one of me and we both work together, my life would be a living hell. Don't you think so?

With the excitement of a new logo and a new face for my blog, I thought I should expand my scribbles.. hewhew.. (rhestissss jap.. whatever it means).
Ok ok.. If you guys have noticed, I don't promote my facebook account at my blog. Haaaa.. baru perasan kan? Kan?
Why you ask? Cause a girl got to have her privacy too right?
Well, lets just say I'm specifying my facebook account for those only who I know. Yes, its top secret in there. Haha..
Kidding only laaa.. I just wanted an account that was a space for my friends and family only.

Butttt.. Since from the past year I had a few request, well lets say a lot of friend request from bloggers, I decided tooooo.....

Yeszza! A facebook account for all, especially for bloggers!
(ehh jap kantoi la pulak pakai google translate.. ok jatuh reputasi jap.. haha)

Well its still empty though, just though of doing so an hour ago. I've decided that this facebook account will be set up public and of course you guys are welcome to be friends with me at this account.
Make sure its main name is Mira Cikcit, cause if your searching and Amira Shaiful comes out, that one is private. Sorry guys, I still have a lot of friend request pending in that account, but for this new account I'll make sure to approve anyone. So lets be friends shall we?

I think I have enough of a talk. Just to get you guys updated. So if you guys don't mind, why not add me as a friend. I'll be waitinggggg... macam desperate sangat je bunyi.. haha.. 
Ok bye guys! See ya


10 January 2014

Transformers Landing at Genting Highlands Soon

Any transformers fans out there?
Give me a shout if you are!
I'm not totally crazy over transformers but I did enjoyed all of their movies.
Especially watching it on DVD with my home theater, its the best!

Anyways, the biggest and largest exhibition on Transformers is coming to Resorts World Genting this 31st January to 16thFebruary 2014. 
And I was invited last Thursday for the Launch of Transformers Expo Malaysia 2014 at Resorts World Genting.

The event organized by Target Exposition Sdn Bhd in association with Hasbro Incorporated and supported by Resorts World Genting and Ministry of Tourism and Culture is in celebration of Transformers’ 30th Anniversary this year.

Anyone excited yet?
They say that this exhibition is one of the largest in Asia, and for those who always wanted to see Transformers comes to life, well your wish will slightly come true as they will come to life with advanced technologies awaiting for your presence.
Me myself am eager to see what excitement that awaits me there at the exhibition.

So who is a fan of bumblebee?
I love Optimus Prime, cause his bigger and wiser.
And he changes into a super nice truck... LOL

Anyways, surely don't miss out to catch your favourite alien robots in 3D
There coming at the end of this month, so get your tickets soon.

09 January 2014

Hello 2014

Hello 2014!
Gosh seriously I've been busy and lazy
Its either one.
And it has been almost 2 weeks since 2014 came and now only do I think of writing something here.

Well for start 2013 was one heck of a year
I experienced a lot, happiness, pain, joy, heartbreaks, sadness and a lot more. It was quite a rough year, but still 2013 has taught me lot. Wonder if I'll be more matured with my choices for 2014. Who knows, I'll just have to pray and put some faith that this year will be much better than the previous one.

New year resolutions?
Well I do have some in mind.
I want to change my bad habits, my lacking self with lots of flaws.
I also want to keep on achieving good things and maybe be known off for something. I need to find a talent that people would recognise me for, I'm saying a thing that will help for my future career.
And, as a blogger I want to achieve a goal for my blog, I want people to find my blog useful and helpful. I dream a lot about that but I don't know where to start. Maybe I should start by organising my blog to a more user friendly site.

Anyways, I don't want to set so many resolutions like a did years before, its because I won't able to concentrate on what I want to achieve. This year I'm trying to lower my count list and start taking actions. Do you think I could achieve it but the end of this year?

Still long way to go huh? Well this year didn't start of so bad. Even thought this year started with the end of a semester and I was hell way busy completing all my project for submissions, I still wanted to have a little fun. Luckily I was invited to Tammy's birthday party on the first day of 2014.

Ihikkss.. It was a fun day seriously

Thank you Tammy for inviting me, 
For those who are wondering how I get to participate in awesome beauty events, you guys should first of all get to know Tammy, she is the founder of The Butterfly Project.
Indeed she is a great women.

The butterfly project is a blogging community for beauty bloggers and since my first event with them there has never been one that wasn't fantastic! And the best part is every time there is an event its like a reunion, everyone seems to be out loud and fun, even though with new faces joining every

Just looking at pictures you guys would have known we all had a great day to start a new year.
Thank you Tammy for making it happen.
But the most fun part was of course eating.
The party was held at Hagen Dazs Soho KL and it surely of course there should be some ice cream!

Anyone a fan of fondue? OMG! Drooling right?
Even still I.
I always wanted to taste this before and for the first time in my life I got a chance.
I think I could get addicted to this

I was really happy when we were served with this. I want more please!

Anyways, thank you so much Tammy!
You held an awesome party.

So my first day of 2014 started of good, and I really hope that this year turns out good as well. I'm having my final paper this Saturday, wish me luck guys.