Transformers Has Landed at Genting Highlands Malaysia

Who's a transformers fan here? Who? Who?
Well guys, good news.. Yupp the rumors are true, transformers has landed here in Malaysia at Genting Highlands.
Yess.. and it is the Largest Transformers Expo in Asia! Only at Resorts World Genting.

So yesterday I was invited by Genting for their Grand Launch of The Transformers Expo at Genting Highlands. The grand launch was graced by the guest of honour YB Dato' Seri Mohamed Nazrin Bin Tan Sri Abdul Aziz, Minister of Tourisim and Culture Malaysia. Other guest included Dato' Sri lee Chong Yan, President and Chief Operating Officer of Genting Malaysia and Mr Raymond Tew, Chief Executive Officer of Target Exposition Sdn Bhd.

Woaaaa... Genting was chilly than ever, maybe cause robot aliens has landed and they can't risk their temperature to rise. Hikhik.. ok that wasn't funny. 

If you guys are aware, this year is The Visit Malaysia Year 2014 and Hasbro's Transformers Expo 2014 is expected to have more than 250 thousand visitors during this Chinese New Year Festive Season. But this expo won't be here long, its held for only 17 days from the 31st January until 16 Febuary. So don't miss your chance to catch your favourite robotic aliens live.

Since I was there at The Grand Launching I had a chance myself for a sneak peak of the Cybertron World. Well it wasn't a sneak peak actually, we had a chance to actually see the exhibitions for ourselves, but it wasn't fully finished yet since it will only to be opened to public this 31st January. But still I was excited like, wohoaaaa I'm gonna see Optimus Prime bitches! Ehh.. tercarut pulak, sorry.

The exhibition consist of 6 exhibition halls. The first hall features the years of Transformers from the early days till now. For me I ain't a deep fan of transformers but I did watch all its movies so I don't know much of the transformers history, so this was a bit exciting for me to read.

Here are some of the History of Transformers

Then, for those collectors, you guys will surely love the second hall. There are over 1520 collectibles and memorabilia contributed by Malaysian fans of Transformers that call themselves TransMy. Shocking! Really to see so much displays of the old action figures till now of Transformers.

Crazy right? How many years of transformers evolution.

Then there's a hall where boys and men could stay there for hours. Seriously no kidding, cause their showcasing Chervolet's Camaro that was bumble bee transformed too during the movie. Yes no kidding, the car was freaking awesome.

People were crowding to take pictures with this car, I'm lucky enough I had a picture.

After the excitement with the car, we entered the the War Zone! Its dark and its a 3D walk to Cybertron world. They made really cool paintings here.

Escaping from that kids will surely love this, were going to enter the 3D Tunnel. The tunnel made up of 6 units of 84-inch Toshiba 4K Ultra HD resolution screens that you will be experiencing scences from the transformers movie in 3D.

The specs were bit humangous for me, but still I had fun experiencing 3D

Then comes the best part, the core of the expo where you will get to see the 23 feet tall Optimus Prime and over 18 feet tall Bumble Bee. These Transformers are brand new and made by a Malaysian artist team. These two gigiantic piece of art is worth about RM2 million. Yes! RM2 MILLION people, for transformers to look so alive, to look so real.

And the expo ends here.
Honestly I was a bit dissapointed that I didn't get to see mini transformers walking around during the expo, at least there was a photo opportunity. But then during the press conference, they say that their still rushing to complete the expo since the expo is still not 100% finished yet. 
Plus during the expo there will also be many giveaways and chances to win prizes, contest, stage performances, merchandises and souveniers, all that is coming. So I'm looking forward to the expo once its opened to public.

Ticket prices are

Adults : RM55
Kids (4-12): RM45
Senior Citizens : RM45
Families ( 2 Adults 2 Kids) : RM180

Genting is currently freezing right now, and its in Malaysia.
For those who had never experienced winter tempreture before why not take this chance and catch transformers live also.
Heeee.. I was also freezing at that time, I wasn't expecting Genting to be that cold. LOL

Also bought home lots of goodies!
Thank you so much Resorts World Genting

For those who are curious abou the event could head down to or drop by at their Facebook page, transformersmal.
Any enquires  you guys could email them at t or call them at 603-62592697

Till then peeps, 
Have a great Chinese New Year to my Chinese readers!

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