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21 August 2020


I was invited to attend Maggi's Launch of a new women empowerment program called MENTOR WANITA CUKUP BERANI. If you missed out on this, the program is basically a mentor and mentee program where there will be rounds of selections through participation online. Throughout the launch, the people behind this program spoke on why they are conducting this program and why this will be a stepping stone for the participants to start being brave and move forward for themselves. I myself think that this should be a good opportunity for me too if I were to participate as well, as it is an interesting program, it's the right kind of boost I need for myself right now. Keep on reading to know more on this program.

25 November 2019


I always try my best to attend parenting workshops as there's so much I still need to learn as a mum. It's tough work and I wanna make sure that I'm doing the best for my son, so he can do the best for himself. I believe that having the right knowledge will always excel you in anything you do. Living in this millennium we're so blessed that we could easily obtain knowledge anywhere easily but workshops and talks are still one of the best ways to lift up the spirit to learn and practice. In an effort to educate and help millennial parents in their journey of parenting, Parenthood in collaboration with Nippon Paint Malaysia and Sunway Medical Centre organized the Millennial’s Guide to Parenthood workshop that highlighted various hot topics relevant to today’s parents with young children. Keep on reading to know more about this.

20 March 2016


Hey peeps, so last week I was invited to Ariani's X Siti Nurhaliza's launching event that took place at the Royal Chulan Kuala Lumpur. This event is one of the big events Ariani does in a year and I feel so honoured that I was able to attend even with such a small profile. Since this event was one of the highlights of the year, I could see so many famous faces from celebrities, influencers, reporters and bloggers as well. So you must be wondering about Siti's new fashion line, not enough with cosmetics, now our favourite singer is going in the fashion business. So keep on reading for more deets peeps.

20 August 2015

Korean Film Festival 2015 in Malaysia, Free Tickets to be Redeemed

Korean movie fans start to scream cause the Korean Film Festival is finally back in Malaysia. They will be collaborating with GSC Cinemas at 5 main malls within Malaysia. And if your wondering how much you have to get your wallets ready, put them back cause your not gonna need it. It's completely free, but with you will have to redeem the tickets of course. How? Well keep on reading.

07 July 2015

Jom Jalan Jalan Cari Makan at 1 Utama's Meriahnya Raya

Located at 1 Utama's LG Oval Concourse at their New Wing, you could see a beautiful sight of a Kampung themed view. This years 1 Utama's Raya Festival is inspired by the culinary wonders and tasty delicacies that is synonym with Hari Raya.  Look forward for F&B highlights, exciting cooking demonstrations, shopping bargains and festive promotions. And there will also be performances, weekend bazaar, fashion shows and buka puasa fares from 26 June to 20 July 2015.

04 July 2015

Weaving A Joyous Raya In Sunway Pyramid Launch

Hey peeps, enjoying your weekend?
Its great to finally get a rest from a hectic week right? Well I bet after a long week of work, I'm sure you guys would be searching for some entertainment, or maybe do some raya shopping I suppose.

17 June 2015

Look Wild & Stunning With Bianco Mimosa Flaura Fauna Mimosa Raya 2015 Collection

Good morning peeps!
Its been quite a while right and tomorrow is Ramadan already. Are you guys ready for fasting?
And speaking of the fasting month, I bet you guys are already planning for your raya outfits. Well, it seems that even boutiques are all prepared for Raya as well. Last week I was invited to Bianco Mimosa's first ever fashion show at The Royal Chulan KL.

If this is your first time hearing about Bianco Mimosa, it is actually a boutique founded by YBhg Dato' Ida Suraya Mustapha. The story of the founder herself is quite interesting actually, from an engineer to fashion designer. This fashion show was her first ever fashion show and she managed to stun the crowed with her marvelous collection.

08 June 2015

YES/ Young Entrepreneurs System, Shaklee Aims To Create A Better Life for Malaysians

Good morning peeps!
When you hear the word Shaklee what pops into your head? For me it's their dietary Milkshake that most of my friends are drinking. My previous housemates mostly all of them are addicted to Shaklee, but I never tried it before. Well I think I might change my mind though.

Believe it our not, Shaklee has been around almost 100 years, shocking right? I just thought they were newly established since the hype of Shaklee started last year which I could remember. But  Shaklee has been around in Malaysia for more than 15 years. Shocking right? I never expected it to be so long, I surely need to read more newspapers.

From what I was told, Shaklee aims to create a Healthier Life for Malaysians with their wide range of health products. 
Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green is Shaklee Malaysia’s commitment steps to a healthy life. 
Shaklee Malaysia has also put together four Wellness packs together which are
Healthy Young Living, Healthy Fitness, Healthy Prenatal and Healthy Postnatal for those who seek overall health. 

So last week I was invited to participate in a small meeting to spread out the word for Shaklee's newest programme under Shaklee Cares.
The Shaklee Cares programme is a publicly supported, non-profit organisation, founded in 1992 which has helped many families and communities.
Hence, Shaklee Malaysia would like to introduce their YES (Youth Entrepreneur System) programme for their Youth programme which has been launched this early May under the Shaklee Cares programme.

Basically the YES programme is aimed to scout for young and passionate youth that believes in making an income for themselves at a young age. 
Therefore, Shaklee would like to encourage these young Malaysians to focus on entrepreneurship and make YES ideal for those who seek a healthier and better future.
YES will also help the youth to build up their own business with minimum funding but able to achieve a great return.

By the end of this year, Shaklee aims to reach out to almost a million of young entrepreneurs here in Malaysia and help them achieve more in life.

Sounds interesting right? But it does not stop here.

After lunch we headed up to Shaklee's Headquaters at Sunway Pinnacle Subang Jaya to meet Victor Lim, President of Shaklee Malaysia. Shaklee owns one entire floor at Sunway Pinnacle and imagine how big is that. They even have their own waiting area, business area and even a playground for kids.

Then after a tour around Shaklee Headquaters, we were brought into the meeting room to meet Victor Lim himself and hear a few more words from him about this YES programme.

“Becoming an entrepreneur with YES is as simple as joining Shaklee, using our products and sharing these products with your community of friends and family,” says Victor. 

Shaklee surely has planned way ahead for their young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams to become their own boss. The YES programme has support of financial incentives, soft skills training, product knowledge and also the support from mentors.

Later in the year, Shaklee also aims to launch Shaklee Cares for Our Women. So be prepared Malaysian women, there might just be an opportunity for you.

So if you yet to understand fully of this YES Programme, click play below and lets hear what Victor Lim has to say about it for himself.

So what do you think about Shaklee's YES Programme? Sounds like a really good start to generate some income right? Even for me I'm always finding a way to earn extra income, since I desire so much in life. LOL

Anyways, Shaklee products have been famed for their goodness in health. They provide supplements for those who tend to become healthier and they also have a wide range of selections to choose from. Like I said earlier, their Milkshake was a total hype last year. I could hear people talking about it everywhere.

So that's all from our little meeting at Shaklee, the YES Programme has surely opened up my mind about Shaklee. What do you think?

Comment down below of you wanna know more about Shaklee.
Or visit if your interested in the YES Programme

Till then peeps!

19 May 2015

CLIO New Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow Event at Muse By Watsons Sunway Pyramid

Hey Peeps! So last Saturday I was invited by The Butterfly Project to attend CLIO's Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow event. I was so excited for this event since I'm pretty much getting the hang of shaping my brows, well I can only manage one shape for now, but I'll learn more pretty soon.

If its your first time hearing about CLIO. This cosmetic company was established since 1993. Their  very first flagship store was opened in Seoul, so obviously this brand is from Korea. Malaysia has been really hitting the wave with Korean cosmetics lately don't you think? Well this is my first time hearing about CLIO also so this Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow will be my first ever product I own from this brand.

So here are some of the products from CLIO that were displayed to us during the event. And of course we had a chance to test each of them out. I was really impressed with their products, especially the colours of their eye pencils. OMG!! All of them were so tempting. Felt like grabbing them all and putting inside my bag secretly. But I'm a good girl okay. LOL
And if you look closely, the two big products that look like marker pens are the Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow. They have three colours altogether, dark brown, earth brown and soft brown. And these Tinted Tattoo's also has a tip like a marker pen and a brush at the other side. So obviously this is really new and not so many knew how to wear it. So of course they prepared us with a tutorial on how to wear this product.

The makeup artist made it look like it was really easy to put on, but for me, shaping my brows are the hardest. Not everyone could pull of a completely nice eyebrow shape, I took about half a year to get used to shaping eyebrows.

So after that, all of us were given a chance to try out their products. And of course I was eager to try out their Tinted Tattoo. I purposely did not do my brows so I could have a chance to try it instantly during the event, but still I wasn't brave enough to apply it on my own. So the sweet host from that day Avril helped me out and showed me the proper way to apply. And yes she made it look super easy.

Muse By Watsons has always hosted nice and casual events that encourages everyone to mingle around and have fun. Even all their PR are super friendly and keeps on asking if we had any questions to ask so they could assist us. Had so much fun last week.

But wait? No review on the product? Be patients dear readers and give me time to experiment first with their Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow, then only I could write up a review of what I think about it. I purposely skipped most of the fun facts for this product cause I'll mention it on the review post. Just keep in mind that there is a reason why this product is called a Tattoo.
Eager to know why? Stay tuned!

Till then peeps.

12 May 2015

Asyikin Exclusive Official Media Launch at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

Hey peeps I'm baaaackk!
So if you guys have been following me on my Instagram you would have known that I have been travelling lately. Alhamdulliah, rezeki. 
I know I have been missing for a while, so sorry for that. May has been really hectic since the first day which was my birthday!
So as you can see, I spent my birthday this year with Asyikin Exclusive.

06 May 2015


Hey peeps!
So as you can see above I was invited to Astro Studio's at Bukit Jalil for their exclusive event for bloggers to introduce Go Shop live! How exciting is that? So who of you are already familiar with Go Shop? Since they have gone live since November 2014, so I bet most of you have already came across this before.

So here you go peeps. This Go Shop Studio, and honestly I was surprised how big Astro was. It was my first time there, so I got a little bit excited. Okay, maybe a lot.

Anyways, during the event, we were given a brief introduction about Go Shop first before we were introduced to our host for that day. Yes, I know you guys would have already recognised them.

Talking about Go Shop 

Go Shop is aimed to be a fun shopping experience anytime, anywhere throughout multiple platforms. Their tagline is
"Ada PC, boleh beli. Ada Tablet, boleh beli. Ada TV, boleh beli"
Go Shop provides a very unique shopping destination where customers could see themselves how a product actually works before purchasing.

Currently, at Go Shop, they provide various Korean products from categories cover Households, Kitchenware, Appliances, Digital & Electronic, Furniture & Bedding, Cosmetics and also Lifestyle.

Watching Astro Channel 118, they could see for themselves how the hosts help elaborate more on a product. Customers could purchase an item on a toll-free line at 1-800-82-0088 and may choose to pay either via credit, debit card, Easy Payment Programme (Maybank or CIMB) or even Cash on Delivery.

As mentioned earlier, Go Shop could be experienced through multiple platforms. Another platform is through their website at where for those who can't watch it through TV could catch their Live Stream there. Or if you prefer to purchase directly through the Internet you could without having to call their line. 

And don't worry if you're watching it late at night and so tempted to buy, their lines are opened 24/7 so you could call up and place your order anytime, anywhere. Pretty convenient right? Those late-night browsing through your iPad or your phone might never be the same again. LOL

So products ordered before 3pm on a working days will be delivered to Peninsular Malaysia within 2 WDs (free of charge during the introductory period) and to East Malaysia within 5WDs (delivery charges apply for East Malaysia and bulky deliveries) 
Products ordered before 3pm on a working days will be delivered to Peninsular Malaysia within 2 WDs (free of charge during the introductory period) and to East Malaysia within 5WDs (delivery charges apply for East Malaysia and bulky deliveries)

So enough talk about Go Shop, I bet you guys have already understood the concept right?
Now let's get back to the Go Shop event I attended. We all were given a live demo on how they hosted the Go Shop channel. Go Shop host accompanied by well-known bloggers showed a live demo on some of their popular bestselling items from kitchen appliances, to Electronics and Beauty Products. Did you know that Go Shop also offers great discounts for those who buy in bulks for an item? Seeing their live demo really made me want to purchase it myself. Couldn't wait to ring the dial.

But what was more interesting on that day was Astro gave us a surprise contest to try and become a host for a day. We were all divided into four groups and each group sent two people upfront to become a representative for their host. It wasn't an easy job being a host for sure.

Some of the bloggers had a really hard time, but it was fun and exciting. We all had a big laugh and enjoyed ourselves. 
And guess who the winners were? Famous food blogger Maha Mahu and partner, who knew Mahadi had a hidden talent. Maybe running up for the next Go Shop host? :p

So after the event, we bloggers had a chance to check out the items shown one by one. I was really curious about this blender. Feels like I should have this at home to make sure I start eating healthy again. I really lack vitamins in my system, who knows this juice maker might help, the features shown are really awesome.

Overall Go Shop opened my eyes that they are so many great products offered. If you guys dream of owning Korean products like you see in Korean Dramas, well here is one of the easiest platforms you could get them. Plus, Korean Beauty products are such a trend now, can't wait to see what Go Shop would offer in the future for beauty products cause each month they will be releasing new items in the shop. Excited to go cosmetics hunting!

Till then peeps!

16 April 2015

Horien Eye Secret Colour Lenses Launch

Hey Peeps!
So I was invited to Horien's Eye Secret Launch at One Utama last week.
What is Horien Eye Secret? Its contact lenses from Taiwan.
Their brand is complete with clear contact lenses from daily to monthly and also coloured contact lenses. They also have their own Eye Solutions and Eye Drops.
I am pretty excited to try out their contact lenses cause I still haven't found a contact lens which I adore much.

During the event they were also giving several freebies of contact lenses for those who dropped by. And now they are having a post competition which you guys will be able to win one year supply of their contact lenses. So if you were there you might want to check this out.

For more info head down to their Facebook page

Till then peeps

11 April 2015

Air Asia's Escape Room #AABCHangout

Hye Peeps!
So 2 weeks back I was invited to attend Air Asia's AABC Hangout for the first time. The event was held at Escape Room Berjaya Times Square. Air Asia took a really great effort to gather a massive bunch of bloggers together to have fun! I was stunned to see a really big crowd of blogger when I arrived.

Since it has been 4 years I blogged and called myself a blogger, of course I made some friends along the way, so there were bloggers I personally knew and they were some I knew but never spoken too and there were some that I just knew during that event. I think my tounge kinda got glued that day, seeing so much popular bloggers all around, I kinda felt that I didn't belong. Hehe.. 

Just luckily my teammates are the people I'm really familiar with. Penabarkala and Maha Mahu which I have teamed up a couple of times before, so I was happy that I got a group with them to play the games. We didn't win but we had much fun, I was so wishing that they could give prizes for each category cause my group might just haved walked away with something for the drawing game. We got all pictures guessed correctly, we just made the perfect team for the game. LOL 

For my team we got the Safari Jungle for the Escape Room game. There was a total of 9 rooms altogether at Berjaya Times Square. I was hoping for The Alice in Wonderland room but my hands wasn't lucky while drawing for the rooms. The Safari Jungle room was a mission in the jungle where we had to find the hidden treasure. This was not my first experience playing the Escape Room, but their games ain't that simple, you have to think outside the box and creatively to get the other clues. They give you a time limit for the game, but no worries they give you 3 chances to ask for help. 

The game was interesting but it was also hard as well, so we took a whole lot of time untill we got to escape and that was with help of course. HAHA
We thought we lost already when we escaped, but it seems that there were other groups that are still trapped inside their rooms. While waiting for the others to finish the games, we were served lunch.

Finally the time that everyone was waiting for. The winners announcement. There was a tie of three groups so they had to play a game for the tie breaker. The game was a puzzle game and not only them was confused, even all of us was confused as well.

Honestly, seeing all these bloggers gathering made me feel really fun, cause everyone shared the same passion. It was like a really big gathering for bloggers.

So a big applause to Air Asia cause the created a really great event. And also Air Asia is now selling their new merchandise which are cute kids T-Shirts which looks like a pilots uniform. For the boys, its the white shirt and for the girls is the red shirt. 

And here are the winners, they won tickets flights for 2 each! OMG! So lucky of them. 

This day was fun, surely hope that there would be more in the future. Thank you Air Asia!

Till then peeps!