Digi's Juara Internet

Yesterday I was invited to Digi's Juara Internet held at The Curve Mutiara Damansara.. I went there with Syafiq of course cause he also got an invite to.

Hell yeahhh was I excited cause I was looking forward to play games there.

So on that day Hitz.fm was also there with DJ JJ and DJ Ean. Both of them were hanging up in cages in the air when I arrived.

The crowd was major, It was hardly for me to hear people talking next to me
So there was a game for bloggers.. Ten bloggers, one of them was me, well Syafiq was included to.
So five were in team Ean and another 5 were in team JJ.

Me and Syafiq was in Team JJ
So we had to play this game and compete with each other,
The winning team wins a Samsung Galaxy S something while the loosing team wins a t-shirt.

Me and Syafiq won scores for our team but sadly our team lost. 
Maybe were still not a Juara Internet yet.

So yeaaaa.. we got a t-shirt
But its okay, even though I was a bit disappointed cause I was really in desperately need for a phone
But still, orang kata tak ada rezeki kan?
There is always some other time.

Anyways it was fun though
I had fun playing the games

You see.. you see.. were still smiling even though we lost.

Anyways thank's Nuffnang and Digi for this opportunity! 

p/s: I really wanted the cage to go up at that time. JJ said its kinda cooler up there then down here. :p