London Summer Musical Sunway Lagoon

17 July 2012

Hey peeps I'm back again
So last couple of weeks, I was really busy so I had to delay this post actually
I won The London Summer Musical tickets from Nuffnang about a month ago and only 2 weeks back did I get the chance to watch it.

Actually I just won a pair of tickets but since Ella did not manage to go so she gave me her pair of tickets also. Thanks Elz for the tickets but still it would be better if you came along. Anyways, I bought Aisyah instead and another friend of mine for Elz pair of ticks. Me? Of course I bought my Bignose, whose gonna drive if he didn't go. Hehehe...

The theater was at Amphitheatre Sunway Lagoon. For those who never have been there before the theatre is actually inside Sunway Lagoon itself. Your entrance is via surf beach. So if you guys know where is the surf beach entrance just go there, don't go at Sunway Lagoon's main entrance or you'll be walking such a long distance before you even enter the gate. Trust me, we were the victims.

I was so shocked to see the crowd of the people. When we entered the gate there was like this car waiting for us like usually the ones in the zoo. So we entered that car thingy and it was carrying us like laju gila, ya.. macam driver gila dia bawak and I was like, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die. I'm never riding that thing again.

When I got there I was really amazed by the theatre hall itself. It was really cool and really big and I was thinking why can't our showcase perform here. Anyways in this picture is just half the crowd.

As you see in the picture above, these are some scenes in the theatre. Super awesome I tell ya with the dance and colours. Really amazed from the difference of local and international but honestly I still prefer local theatre. 

Just a rough synopsis of the story.

There are these three stewardess from New York that stops at London for a while and wants to explore London as soon as possible. Penny the main female character remembered back her love history with a son of a man that was a famous theatre director from London. So as her two fellow friends was enjoying spending time in London with guys they barely new, Penny enjoyed her trip by herself and somehow she found back her long lost love.

The guy (I forgot his name), well he was in trouble looking for a main lead singer for a charity event made by his father. Then he found Penny coincidentally and he persuaded Penny to come sing for him in the show since Penny was also in show business before she became a stewardess. She really missed the show biz and also two of her friends so they also agreed to participate.

Throughout the show, there were a lot of songs, some where fun but some where.. yaaaa.. okay then, but I still don't understand what does the Lion King song has to do with one of the scenes in there. So in the end Penny found her love and everyone was happy like that.

Overall the show was okay, my rate is 3/5 cause there was some certain parts that I kept yawning. But still there is a very huge difference between local and international theatre. But I was to focused on the lighting of the show. HAHAHA.. funny right? There were 14 moving heads just on stage and the lighting effects were just magnificent!

Anyways, I am really thankful to Nuffnang cause giving me this opportunity. Thanks again, I really did enjoy it and also my friends.



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