Alicafe Tiga Rasa Cafe

Ommmmmm... Yummy yummy fat tummy

Hye peeps! This is my first ever food tasting event at Alicafe Tiga Rasa School
See our class photo? Daniel is our gym teacher.. hehehehe...
Just joking guys.

Anyways, we actually came here to eat.
Alicafe Tiga Rasa at USJ is the first branch of Alicafe restaurants to focus on Malaysian cuisines.
So we are some of the lucky ones to have a taste of their specials. 

So what are their specials?

Gulai lemak is a Malaysian favorite with creamy coconut sauce as its main flavor. The taste is greater enhance with the blend of kunyit hidup, sambal and lemongrass - a popular sauce with great demand.

Sambal lemak is a classic Malaysian favorite. A Malaysian meal is incomplete without a dish featuring this evergreen sambal. This aromatic spiced robust sauce is made by chilies, garlic, coconut milk and blended with other flavorful spices.

Sambal Hebi-Hiam is prepared by delicious dried shrimps, curry leaves, onions and garlic. The taste is simply marvelous with a strong aromatic smell. Add extra cili padi if you’re bold enough for an extra kick!

One can enjoy the TigaRasa sauces with choices of grilled “ikan pari” and “ikan selar”, grilled lamb chops, grilled chicken or grilled mix vegetables served in  hot plates. We highly recommended the Grilled Lamb Chop which is grilled to perfection to be served with the Gulai Lemak sauce.

Further to that, we have other offerings such as the Siakap Tomyam - a mouthwatering dish cooked with spices to provide the flavors of moderate spiciness and sweetness, thus providing a sumptuous satisfaction in every bite. The Curry Fish Head, presented in a concoction of Malaysian herbs and our chef’s secret recipe is a dish one would savor and crave for more…. This Curry Fish Head is certainly a must try dish!

In conjunction with the coming Ramadan month, AlicafĂ© Tigarasa is having the special promotion set from RM10.90 for one which includes a drink, kurma dates for the breaking of the fast, a main course and also its speciality Hokkiado cake as dessert. For groups and families, set dinners for 4-5 persons starting for RM69.90 is available for this Ramadan month – the set includes a Siakap dish, fried chicken, scrambled eggs, a TigarRasa mix grilled vegetable dish, Hokkiado cakes for dessert, kurma dates and Alicafe’s home made Pati Kurma Madu drinks. 

The food looks delicious right? I was dying to eat but everyone was so busy taking pictures, you see.. you see.. why food u so famous?

So once we got our food, look in the end what happened. A mess right? Did food was super awesome and you guys should definitely try. They are having a ramadhan special promotion for 4 pax this puasa. So don't miss this chance to try this awesome food.

The environment inside was super comfortable and the workers themselves were super fantastic and very friendly including their manager.

Thanks to Nuffnang for giving me this invite and thank to Hanis for driving me there. Not forgetting Darren and Emelia. 
This was my first time also meeting Thara Sofian. Really did not expect that she knew my name. Feel so happy suddenly.
But that night was really happening. First time I met, Kak Nadia, Nichole, Carmen and Henry. But Daniel was the penyeri majlis cause he kept the whole table laughing.

That night was great!


  1. auuwwww.aauuwww.hanis zalikha laaa :)

  2. I AM NOT a gym teacher xD

    The food was all nice... I love it when we had a lot of fun! Hahaha I beat you all in a typing competition :P

    See you all again soon!

    Eh tak aci la you tak link me up xD

  3. elz: hehehehehe...

    danial: you do look like a gym teacher.. LOL

    No u cheated in the texting thing. most of ur spelling were typo

    sorry.. I x perasan I didn't link u. I thought I did


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