Trip to Penang with MAS and PayPal

Helllooooo & Assalamualaikum
Happy Ramadhan folks!
Enjoy your fasting month and make sure to secure your iman.

Anyways, last Thursday I got a tweet from Malaysian Airlines asking for my email and then I got an email from them with an invitation for a day trip with Penang with them. 
At first I was wondering why they chose me, cause you know, I'm not one of the famous bloggers here in Malaysia. I could say I'm still a junior in this field.
I also was in a dilemma either to go or not to go, cause I had full classes on that day. But then I thought and thought, and hey, chances like this don't come everyday right?

I arrived at KLIA at 7.00 and met everyone at 7.30. I was also relived that Putra was also joining along, he got the invitation earlier than me though.
Well when I met everyone, they were mostly from MAS, Paypal and media. If I'm not mistaken there were 4 bloggers including me and I was the youngest.
It kinda felt awkward at first cause I'm usually hanging out with people my age and that day I was on a trip with people much older than me.
But it was fun cause they had loads of stories especially the media.

Before we got on the flight we gathered first and we were introduced to MAS and PayPal's new application for purchasing tickets easily.
The application is super cool and we got to experience it ourselves
I don't know about the others but this is my first time boarding a flight using our smartphones as our boarding pass.
Want to know what application it is? Wait for my upcoming post.

Being on a plane after 10 years from my last plane flight made me excited again. Actually this is my first time flying in the country and I was kinda shocked to see the plane much smaller than it used to. But still the flight was really comfortable and it was just a short trip. I didn't even have the chance to sleep and knew that I was already in Penang.

We were then on a bus touring Penang. Our tourist guide was a unique one, I don't know why but I found his stories really interesting. So anyways, our first stop was at Nasi Kandar Beratur. Why? According to the tourist guide, he said that at night this place is crowded and the owner keeps shouting at everyone to 'beratur'.

The restaurant is just beside the masjid. You see? You see?

After we fulled our tanks we took a walk around Little India. Reminds me of the Little India we have in Klang. So its pretty much the same thing. But the difference is that most of the buildings here are old and the designs are unique. I think if the streets were empty and there were only left buildings, I'll be in a pre historic movie scene.

Seriously I find this building really cool. Actually the drawing that is done by metal. From far it seemed like it was painted on the wall but its not. Soon I found out that drawings like this were all over at different buildings.
After a walk a Little India we were then bought to eat cendol at the famous cendol place in Penang called Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol. The place was crowded and it was not even in a restaurant, it was just by the roadside.

Then after relaxing a bit we headed to Pinang Peranakan Mansion.

The house was really something. It was full of mirrors. I noticed that each part of the house has mirrors hanging up and also the furniture has mirrors. The house was big and the kitchen was separated at the back of the house. It shows how wealthy these people were back at their time.

The is also a temple beside the mansion and the tourist guide said behind the door on the other side there is a well were they burn people's body and the head it hung in the temple. I don't know either if its true but that was the time were Chinese had gangs in the era of British here in Malaysia.

It was actually tiring walking one whole day, but it was worth it. Our last stop was at New World Park to eat durian. Oyeayyyyyy.. I know were fasting right know but this happened before fasting and the durians tasted great!

That was mostly all that we did that day, it was a short but it will be memorable. We got back by flight also. I was really glad actually I had the opportunity to join this event. Thank You Malaysia Airlines and PayPal for such a great trip.

And thank you also to Audrey, Nadia, Shanta, Syafa, Chong, Anne and others for being such great trip partners. Looking forward to see you guys again.

p/s: I so regret not taking pictures with everyone. I'll think I'll update pictures of the others soon.



  1. gila la mira. cane boleh dapat ?? sampai ke penang dah diaa.

  2. maybe sebab putra kot.. sbb putra dapat dulu then mira ada tweet2 dengan putra pasal event ni

  3. Teritori aku tu! Hahahaha. Tak terserempak pun xD

  4. Glad to have met you...and gosh was I licking my finger during the durian session:(

    Salam aidilfitri girl!


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