Astro On-The-Go

Hye Guys! Remember I had post about the awesome Astro's On The Go Party a few entries back?
Here is some flashback
So if you guys missed it, click here

You guys must of heard about Astro's New application right?
Where you can have astro where ever you go..
You know

Astro On-The-Go

- Take Astro with you anywhere you go on iPads, iPhones and Laptops
- Up to 11 TV channels, comprising of news, learning and entertainment
- Video On Demand- Library of local and international titles
- Catch Up TV: Mobile acsess to the best of Astro both local and international programmes.
- Live Event Offering- Up to 4 LIVE event Channels on Astro On-The-Go, including Euro 2012

Wohoooooo.. So it means that you'll get to watch Astro where ever you are and you don't have to bring that big colour box TV with ya! All you will need to have is an iPad and iPhone or even a smartphone running android. Great huh?!

You got all that stuff?

So how to get Astro On-The-Go on your device?
There is just 3 simple steps.

1. Visit and click 'Register' button on the navigation bar at the top right corner to create your username (Astro ID)

Then all you need to do is fill in the form and you'll get need to confirm it through your email before you can use your Astro ID

2. With your newly created Astro ID, link your Astro Smart Card by clicking on the 'Link' Button to access Astro On-The-Go programmes and channels from your subscribed packages. Please note that you will need to be logged in to do this.

3. You can then visit and log in with your Astro ID. To enjoy Astro On-The-Go via tablet or smartphone, download the Astro On-The-Go application from the Application Store.

This is the download link for iPhone and iPad

You can also view through web here

Download for android?
Coming soon

So there it is, 3 simple steps. And your On The Go

For more information you guys could visit here

If I could have my very own iPad and I have Astro On-The-Go Running in it, where would I go?
I wish..

I'm a total freak of theater shows, but theaters will always have a gap about 15 minutes. I hate leaving my seat cause my mood will then fade from the show. So that is when Astro On-The-Go is really useful.
Btw this is my entry for the Astro On-The-Go contest. Hope you guys can't vote for me.
Click here.. Click here please

p/s: Hope I could bring home something this time, anyways thanks Nuffnang & Astro!