Mayfair Slimming and Facial Treatment Giveaway. "Say I Want a Free Trial!"

Helloooo Peeps!
Anyone of you ever had an experience at a slimming centre before?
Well, this is totally my first.
And it was quite an experience.
For those of you who never had, well stick till the end of this post cause I've got something awesome for you guys.

So how did I get this opportunity?
A big thanks to Nuffanang for inviting me, it really has been a while since Nuffang called me for any events and when they suddenly called me back I was excited with this event sure.
Why? Cause I always wanted to give this kind of beauty treatment a try but I never had the chance.
These are not normal places my friends usually go, and I myself don't have the courage to enter the store and just ask. Its gonna get really awkward I imagine.

So I took this opportunity to have it a try cause I've read reviews that Mayfair has great services and it really does work. Well since they have 29 years of experience in this industry I'm sure they are an expert by now right?

So Mayfair is suppose to help on achieving womens dreams and make them love themselves better.
Well most of the women who cme to a slimming centre must of course lack in a bit of confidence with their wight right? Cause I surely do. Sometimes I really hate and am really uncomfortable with myself cause I've gained a lot of weight for the past years.

I'm short so I'm not suppose to weight much and it really makes me depressed of myself. So I really hoped this treatment would help me burn those extra stubborn fats. Cause even if I go jogging, my hips won't get smaller. Urghhh.. Depressing tell ya.

I totally had to find a way to get me comfortable again.
And so here I am at the Mayfair consolation room where I was getting my skin checked.

Oh yaaaa.. I forgot to mention that Mayfair also provides facial treatment.
I wasn't so worried about my skin at first cause I know that I'm taking a lot of care on that.
But then when I had my skin checked it was kinda shocking for me.

Well, they had a tiny camera where they took a close up picture of my skin.
First they took a picture if my cheek, and then my forhead.
Then they took my arm.
As a comparison

Here are my results.
As you can see, the first box on your left, that is my inner picture of my cheek.
The second picture is the outer picture of my cheek.
The third one is the inner of my forehead
And the fourth in the inner picture of the skin at my arm.

Do you see the difference the skin at my arm and my face?
It looks like the skin at my face has rashes where there's not.

I was told that my make up wasn't removed properly and I must use a makeup remover to clean it, if not the make up will still be sticking at the back of my skin.
And I had really bad dehydrated skin. I never thought that I ever had that.

Then after I got my skin checked, I got my body checked.
To see what was my ideal weight and where my body problems where.
And for me of course my hips were my major problem.

Cute right this device.
It was supposed to measure my weight.

So most of you would hide how much you weight
Well I don't feel like hiding it cause I am really stressed about my weight right now and I'm aiming to loose it to achieve my ideal weight which is 41kg.
So I'm taking this first step as a booster. LOL
I weight a lot right? T_T

So after that I headed down to the treatment room

Nice right?

So then my treatment started and of course they won't be any picture of me doing the treatment.
What I could tell you is only my experience.
Since this was my first time I was awkward with everything. Thank goodness the people who served me and did treatment for me were super understanding.

First I did the body treatment for my hips and arms.
For my hips they used a machine to burn my fat I think and to reshape my hips again.
And it did hurt a bit, well I still could bare it eventhought my eyes started watering.
After that I had my body covered with Chili paste and wrapped tightly before I went into the hot blanket.
I was in the blanket for 30 min and it was cosy than I have ever imagined. It was hot but not too hot that stinged, it was just nice. Lying down and hearing birds churping, I almost fell into a deep sleep.
And for sure after the treatment I felt amazing as ever. And my body felt more energised.

Then I proceeded with the next treatment which was my facial.
I had a treatment for hydration and to lift back up my cheeks.
I could say the facial treatment was the best.
I felt so relaxed and calm.
This is actually not my first time doing a facial, I've done it before, so I could say their facial is worth the money. Layers and layers of mask and I felt really refreshed.
They even removed all my whiteheads clean!
It hurted a lot removing whiteheads, but the results are stunning.
I always had a major problem removing whiteheads and thanks a lot to the person who served me with my facial that day its all gone.

So here is the mess I've made after the treatment.
It took about 4 hours in total for my treatment that day. Long right? But somehow it didn't feel long.
I was enjoying myself with pamperness a lot. 

And here is the after photo.
The facial did do its job.. My skin felt awesome and refreshed.
And I even lost 1kg after the slimming treatment.
Yeayyy.. Its a progress right?

So if you guys are wondering what kind of treatment I had that day here is it, cause Mayfair surely does have a lot of treatments which they will select for you according to your needs, and for me I went through these treatments.

  1. Slim Master
Intensive ultra-sound that creates and generates micro-bubbles which hits the surface of fat cells to emulsify them. Then it is absorbed by the lymphatic system and drainage system to be eliminated from the body. It also stimulates the body to increase secretion of LPL enzyme which decomposes the fatty acids into energy.

  1. CLA Chili Slimming
CLA Chili Slimming is one of Mayfair’s successful treatment and being one of the first few slimming industry in Malaysia which started it. With the essence extracted from chili pepper seeds, the active elements in capsicum can be effective and rapidly stimulate the decomposition and excretion of the body fats.

  1. Heat Circulation
A heat blanket in which may aid in relieving muscle, improving blood circulation and reducing fluid retention.

  1. IST Detoxification
Helps to restore the skin’s natural lipid film and regenerate it’s barrier function.


  1. Hi Miraaaaa, I miss you!!! hahahaha XD okay lemme get this straight :p About your blog, I really wanna see the sexy lady behind this white post wall, it is unfair because I only got to see her finger and the pearl necklace (tengok sudut kiri, bawah. apakah??). and secondly, i want the slimming treatment from Mayfair because my hips are expanding sebab dah 2-3 bulan tak berlari. fair enough? hehe

    name : amirah izzah
    email :

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA... Gelak guling2. I miss you too babe! and I malu laaaaa sebab tak sexy pun. hahaha
      And you dah slim okayyyy, peha you besar lengan aku je Mieza oiii... Anyways thanks for joining sayang.

    2. peha i besar lengan you jeee?? nampak beno nipunye :p you're welcome babe, i i really cant wait to meet up again!

    3. Hahahahahaha.... Soon we will meet mieza. Miss you much

  2. Hello Mira Cikcit! Haha! Cute nau nama cikcit. Hi Mieza up there jugak. Lol. Ok ok business first.

    About your blog, I must say I agree with Mieza. Kat corner nampak bawal satin letop dengan pearl necklace je. Mana muka hot tuuu. Misteri betul. Other than that, I love the name Scribbledydum. Catchy and easy to remember. The way you review products pun on point and comprehensive. Easyyyy to hadam. Hehe!

    Why I need the treatment? After marriage, my physical went haywire. Berat badan naik, muka flaky. Semoga dengan treatment tu, I can be like anak dara again. O I wish. Sobs.

    Thank you!

    1. LOL.. Macam nak remove je gambar belakang ni. Segan pulak orang semua duk tertanya. HAHA.. btw you orang first yang kata nama blog I senang hafal, otherwise orang lain akan kata scridywhat? hehe

      honestly saying I thought you really were an anak dara okay, never expected you were married. Then bila dapat tahu terkejut sangat, btw how old are you?

      Anyways thank you so much for joining Jannah <3

  3. Hey sis ! I have been your reader since forevaaaaaaaaa and I was like amazed with your writing. Enough with all that, let's jump to what really matter here. Hahahahahaha!

    First thing first, about your blog, I think it will be more interesting and eye catching if you add more fancy decoration. I suggest, maybe a sprinkling blog header. Just from my point of view tho.

    One more thing, why I need the treatment? Okay, just so you know, I am bride to be and my wedding insyaallah will be held in November 2014. So, now is the best time for me to prepare myself for the big day. Hopefully, with this treatment I will gain an ideal weight. *finger cross*

    Name: Nagiha Hamdan

    1. Awwww... this is so sweet of you. Thank you

      Your opinion is interesting, will do something sparkling maybe in the future.

      Wowww... Congratulations! Selamat penganting baru, and of course you will look like a princess on your big day. Save some nasi minyak for me okay.
      And thank you for participating Nagiha and nice for you to finally voice out. Hope to meet you one day. :)

  4. Thanks for dropping by. Too bad I'm not able to join your contest because there's no Mayfair in Kuching. The deal is great! Whoever interested should take it up!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Aaaaaa... that's so unfortunate. Hope will open one soon there. Anyways thanks for dropping by too

  5. Hello kak Mira a.k.a kak long! hahaha...

    Nak join juga. Menganai blog ini ye? Blog yang menarik, sekali terjah dah jatuh sebab design blog yang awesome dan banyak bagi tips nak jadi cantik serta tampak gorgeous gituew..

    Why I need the treatment? Disebabkan sekarang berat badan saya sekejap naik sekejap turun, kulit muka tak sekata, jadi dengan adanya rawatan mayfair ini impian orang nak tampak cantik bakal jadi kenyataan. =D

    Name: Azwar Syuhada

    1. Thank you azwaaa... Kaklong tengok sekarang pun cantik je waaa...
      Thank you again sebab join

  6. Hi Kak Mira!! Ala..sedih tau x coz jarang2 balik KL..tapi mengada kan still I nak join kekeke....
    First of all nak merepek jap, I baru tau yang akak Mira adalah 2 years older than me..hahahaha...because you looks like we're at the same age, muda & kiut dia lain macam tau.. ^_^
    I rasa blog kak Mira sangat simple but informative, dimana I suka sangat!! sebab kadang2 blog org lain tu kan..macam2 menda semak dia letak sampai I sendiri x tau mana satu post, mana satu widget this one is directly to the information yg nak disampaikan & on the same time menarik in its own way, org panggil less is more! Ni the honest opi ya =)

    I tertarik bila dengar Mayfair sebab selalu dengar tapi x berapa ada alasan nak pergi, sebab Mayfair selalu promote pasal slimming treatment most of the time, I already skinny sampai nampak tulang je, boleh buat gitar kot..bwahahaha! tapi bila tau banyak body treatment yg dia ada selain slimming, I rasa tertarik jugak la xD
    Tapi bila sebut facial treatment, I memang nak try, sebab currently I memang nak cari solution untuk masalah kulit muka I yg kering & flaky sngt ni..mcm xde minyak semula jadi..tulah kisahnya ^_^

    Nama: JiaJia


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