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Hey peeps!
So as you can see above I was invited to Astro Studio's at Bukit Jalil for their exclusive event for bloggers to introduce Go Shop live! How exciting is that? So who of you are already familiar with Go Shop? Since they have gone live since November 2014, so I bet most of you have already came across this before.

GoShop Malaysia Studio

So here you go peeps. This Go Shop Studio, and honestly I was surprised how big Astro was. It was my first time there, so I got a little bit excited. Okay, maybe a lot.

GoShop Malaysia Shopper
GoShop Malaysia Sale

Anyways, during the event, we were given a brief introduction about Go Shop first before we were introduced to our host for that day. Yes, I know you guys would have already recognised them.

Talking about Go Shop 

GoShop Malaysia Advertising

Go Shop is aimed to be a fun shopping experience anytime, anywhere throughout multiple platforms. Their tagline is
"Ada PC, boleh beli. Ada Tablet, boleh beli. Ada TV, boleh beli"
Go Shop provides a very unique shopping destination where customers could see themselves how a product actually works before purchasing.

Currently, at Go Shop, they provide various Korean products from categories cover Households, Kitchenware, Appliances, Digital & Electronic, Furniture & Bedding, Cosmetics and also Lifestyle.

Watching Astro Channel 118, they could see for themselves how the hosts help elaborate more on a product. Customers could purchase an item on a toll-free line at 1-800-82-0088 and may choose to pay either via credit, debit card, Easy Payment Programme (Maybank or CIMB) or even Cash on Delivery.

GoShop Malaysia Website

As mentioned earlier, Go Shop could be experienced through multiple platforms. Another platform is through their website at www.goshop.com where for those who can't watch it through TV could catch their Live Stream there. Or if you prefer to purchase directly through the Internet you could without having to call their line. 

And don't worry if you're watching it late at night and so tempted to buy, their lines are opened 24/7 so you could call up and place your order anytime, anywhere. Pretty convenient right? Those late-night browsing through your iPad or your phone might never be the same again. LOL

So products ordered before 3pm on a working days will be delivered to Peninsular Malaysia within 2 WDs (free of charge during the introductory period) and to East Malaysia within 5WDs (delivery charges apply for East Malaysia and bulky deliveries) 
Products ordered before 3pm on a working days will be delivered to Peninsular Malaysia within 2 WDs (free of charge during the introductory period) and to East Malaysia within 5WDs (delivery charges apply for East Malaysia and bulky deliveries)

So enough talk about Go Shop, I bet you guys have already understood the concept right?
Now let's get back to the Go Shop event I attended. We all were given a live demo on how they hosted the Go Shop channel. Go Shop host accompanied by well-known bloggers showed a live demo on some of their popular bestselling items from kitchen appliances, to Electronics and Beauty Products. Did you know that Go Shop also offers great discounts for those who buy in bulks for an item? Seeing their live demo really made me want to purchase it myself. Couldn't wait to ring the dial.

GoShop Malaysia Behind The Scene

But what was more interesting on that day was Astro gave us a surprise contest to try and become a host for a day. We were all divided into four groups and each group sent two people upfront to become a representative for their host. It wasn't an easy job being a host for sure.

GoShop Malaysia Behind The Scene Blogger

Some of the bloggers had a really hard time, but it was fun and exciting. We all had a big laugh and enjoyed ourselves. 
And guess who the winners were? Famous food blogger Maha Mahu and partner, who knew Mahadi had a hidden talent. Maybe running up for the next Go Shop host? :p

GoShop Malaysia Winner Contest

So after the event, we bloggers had a chance to check out the items shown one by one. I was really curious about this blender. Feels like I should have this at home to make sure I start eating healthy again. I really lack vitamins in my system, who knows this juice maker might help, the features shown are really awesome.

GoShop Malaysia Products

Overall Go Shop opened my eyes that they are so many great products offered. If you guys dream of owning Korean products like you see in Korean Dramas, well here is one of the easiest platforms you could get them. Plus, Korean Beauty products are such a trend now, can't wait to see what Go Shop would offer in the future for beauty products cause each month they will be releasing new items in the shop. Excited to go cosmetics hunting!

GoShop Malaysia Studio Astro
GoShop Blogger Visit

Till then peeps!

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