Astro On The Go Live Explorer at Sunway Pyramid

Hey all.. Been a while hasn't it?
Well last Saturday, thanks to Nuffnang I was able to join this great event at Sunway Pyramid, Astro On The Go Live Explorer.

At first I was supposed to go with Hanis, but since she had some problems of her own, I was left alone. I was freaking out too. But because I was so determined to go to this event I gained my courage to drive by myself. Nasib baik sunway je pun, ini kali pertama aku drive ke arah PJ yang sesak tu. So determined since I left home at 8am. Event starts at 9am, padahal 15 minit je drive. Sampai-sampai parking lengang, first time I saw Sunway deserted, so I prepared awal-awal parking betul-betul dekat tempat nak keluar. Senang nanti since aku bawak kereta pun terkial-kial.

Anyways, back to topic. So after registration I finally met my team mate Mah@Mahu @ Mahadi . Since Nuffnang selected our team mates so that was my first time meeting him. We were also joined by other bloggers as well. Some familiar faces and some new faces for me.

Angkat tangan siapa kenal? Anyways, masa ni everybody belum sarapan. Muka aku pun dah nampak lemau kan? I was thinking of having breakfast first, tapi sebab excited sangat hilang selera makan.

So each team was given one an ipad each, so we had to determine the pilot and the co pilot. Since I was more familiar with Sunway Pyramid I became the pilot. Actually pilot and co pilot ni macam tak ada function je when we started the race. Bad for us, my team had loads of problem with the gadget, at first I couldn't log in my facebook, then when the race started the live explorer app couldn't work. Why??????

So our last option was using Mahadi's internet. Allhamdulilah, it woked and we went on mission. What we had to do was we had to figure out the clues to the next booth and answer questions. We had 10 all together. And each teams booth was different, so we could not simply follow the other groups. Our first stop was the most difficult one. I had no idea of the answer, in my mind was, I'm not gonna win this thing. Booth pertama pun dah susah, but then it turned out to be much more easier since I kinda got the idea of how this game really works, and I managed to detect the keywords of the clues for the next booth. Plus I know sunway well, maybe that's why my group was able to finish quite fast.

Out of luck, when we finished, me and Mahadi were like, eh betul ke ni? Serious tak percaya since tengok group lain still on going the mission. We managed to finish the mission by 1 hour 8 minutes 8 seconds, so happy dah aku, terloncat-loncat ke starting point, and sampai sana tengok dah ada group lain. So kecewa balik. Hahaha... Dalam hati dah berdoa please la let me bring something home today. The ones who had finished early sibuk memikir macam mana these guys evaluate and siapa yang akan menang. My hopes were high but at the same time dah pasrah kalau tak dapat.

Bila memikir banyak, perut mulalah meragam, alhamdulillah pihak penganjur ada sediakan lunch yang sangat awesome. We ate at DELICIOUS and definitely it is. Aku makan bertambah-tambah. That was my first time trying, next time nak ajak bignose la pergi makan sana. hehe... During lunch adalah sesi suai kenal actually. Blogger-blogger lain masuk air, memang gelak besar aku walaupun mulut aku tak berhenti mengunyah, aku dengar je. I also met new bloggers, just I didn't have the opportunity to change links. 

After lunch the show finally started. The introduction of Astro On The Go. It was awesome since many local celebs came down including OME cast.

Aku jarang tengok TV so I'm not so familiar with some artist, but of course untuk Oh My English memang aku tahu la. Kalau aku tak tahu dah kira melampau, betul tak Zhaf? Haha.. Serious tak sangka kau boleh nampak aku dalam ramai-ramai crowd, peka gila mata kau. Boleh tabik spring dekat kau, even though your in the lime light, still recognizes your friends.

Okay, mesej tadi untuk Zhaf kalau dia baca, since kau dah tinggalkan dunia blogging aku tak rasa kau baca, Haha.. Anyways, the event was quite long and I started to get cramps for standing to long with heavy bags, but then when the time we all waited finally came terus segar balik rasa badan.

At first they announced the winners for the lucky draw and the top tweeting team and then for the 2nd runner up, dalam hati aku dah berdoa please please, and when they announced team 3 I went screaming. This is my first time ever winning a gadget after 2 years of blogging. Mana tak excited, seriously sangat happy akhirnya dapat jugak merasa apa yang blogger lain pernah rasa. That feeling was great.

Nampak tak betapa bahagianya muka tu? Haha.. Anyways congrats also to Rawlins, Anuar, Atika and partner for winning even greater prizes.

Astro Live Explorer was really a great game, astro should do more of these kinds of games. Once again thank you Nuffnang and Astro for giving me this opportunity. For those who still don't know what Astro On the Go is, come and head down to this website ,
So what are you guys waiting for, register now.

Till then. Bye peeps!



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