30 September 2014

Escape Room Bandar Botanic Klang with Tourism Selangor


Open Hours
Monday-Friday 11AM-5PM - RM32 
                         5PM-1AM - RM36 
 Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday 
                          11AM-1AM - RM36 
 Fees are based on per person per game 

Locations for Booking
 1st Avenue Mall, Penang 
E-Curve, Petaling Jaya
Bandar Botanic, Klang 
Berjaya Times Square
 Setiawalk Mall, Puchong
 Sutera Mall Johor


29 September 2014

Mayfair Slimming and Facial Treatment Giveaway. "Say I Want a Free Trial!"

Helloooo Peeps!
Anyone of you ever had an experience at a slimming centre before?
Well, this is totally my first.
And it was quite an experience.
For those of you who never had, well stick till the end of this post cause I've got something awesome for you guys.

20 September 2014

Natta Cosme Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon


Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon Purple Sakura Season 01
Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon Moulin Rouge Diva 05

Price: RM39.90

Usage Purpose: Moisturizing Chapped Lips, Repairing Dry Lips

Avaibility: Natta Cosme (RM35.00)
Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon Purple Sakura Season 01
Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon Moulin Rouge Diva 05

19 September 2014

TGV Indulge One Utama with Butterflies

Hello Dearies!
Its been a while hasn't it? Berhabuk dah blog ni.
Sorry been a bit busy with my schedule, baru first week start of the new term.
Anyways, luckily for me before I started the new term The Butterfly Project invited me for a Girls Night Out at Indulge One Utama.
Of course la I would be so heartbroken if tak invited, TBP has been a part of me and my blog.
I will forever be a loyal butterfly, (ayat bodek gila)... hewhewhew

Ok back to the main point. Tammy of course made yet another a marvellous event by having this Girls Night Out. Girls should really have these quality time together once in a while don't you think?
And I don't deny that I havn't been socializing much lately, anti-social habis. 
So when I received an email for this party I was like, yeayyy!!!
Happy than ever, I need to meet people.
So busy tak busy kena cari jugak ruang, nak pergi jugak.
Determined gila.

Ok kembali kepada topic.
Sorry malam ni feeling nak berbahasa Melayu, and sorry again if tak faham bahasa melayu saya.
Ok again back to the topic,
So that night I was amazed immediately once I've entered the indulge hall. You can feel the luxury in an instant. The dim lights and the shinny plates, exclusive gila.
So before we all enjoyed our movie, cause Indulge is a cinema at TGV if you don't know,
so before the movie we had a fine dine dinner where they introduced us to their menu.

But before dinner of course we wondered around and mingled first with dear butterflies.
Lama kot tak jumpa memasing, walaupun ada yang tak ada malam tu tetap meriah dengan gelak tawa .
Akulah tu yang gelak terlebih kuat.

And there was also a small booth by Muse by Watson.
They introduced us to their new range of products which was quite interesting.

But my attention of course was caught on the food.
Nampak tak tempting dia, dari jauh dah terluir, tapi mampu menelan air luir jela sementara tunggu waktu makan. Bila dipanggil untuk makan, I'm the first to sit down.
Maaf saya pelahap. :P

So what did they have for us is in the menu above.
We had duck, chicken, lamb, salmon and lots more.
Untung kan? Satu malam je dapat makan macam-macam.

Beware the pictures below could cause instant drooling.

Seriously semuanya sedap. Even brokoli yang aku tak suka makan pun rasa sedap.
Actually duck, lamb and pumpkin salad I don't usually eat cause it doesn't suite my taste but for that night I ate everything licin bersih.
Sedap sangat, tengah tulis pun ni dah terbayang-bayang buat menelan air luir je. Haihhh
They totally have spoiled me cause each and every menu served was delish!

An above view of our dinner.
Fine dine 

And here are my dates for that night.
Semua kaki gossip.. hehe
Semua kenal kan? Sabby Prue, Charmaine Pua and Lily Putih.
Disebabkan saya paling muda, terpaksalah mereka melayan kerenah camwhore saya.

So after the splendid dinner, which I still can't get enough of it was the best dress prize giveaway.
Sorry I was so excited tengok siapa yang menang I didn't get the chance to snap a photo.
But one of them yang menang of course la Kak Sabby.
"Bila saya dah besar saya nak bergaya macam Kak Sabby, boleh menang hamper besar daripada Muse" Sweet tak Kak Sabby? HAHA

Anyways after that we headed straight to the Indulge cinema.
Excited gila cause first time dapat merasa first class punya wayang.
Memang batak habis bila masuk.

Their seat. All couple seat and have blankets, small table, and a place to put your drinks.
The best part is that you can order anything with just a press of a button.
Cool gila..
And and ada butang where the seats turns into a small bed. So tengok wayang macam baring atas katil. The seats were so comfy plus ada selimut sekali memang rasa nak lentok la.
Niat dalam hati memang nak tido terus, but nanti malulah kalau air liur basi keluar dari mulut, so tak jadi tidur. Nikmati jelah the comfort of the seat and the service.

Indulged is opened from 11am with tickets priced at RM45 (meal not included)
So for me honestly, once in a while dapat treat diri tengok movie dekat sini okalah.
Maybe bila Hunger Games keluar nak book dekat sini awal. Baru nikmat tengok movie yang ditunggu-tunggu. Aaaaa... Can't wait!

So Girls won't be girls if they don't take pictures together right?
Courtesy from 123 Cheese we managed to take awesome pictures that night.

Ohh girls just wanna have fun!
Yes I certainly had fun that night. Hope there is more of this in the future.
Things like this are awesome memories to remember.
Thank you again The Butterfly Project