Review: Natta Cosme Skin & Lab Glacial Clay Facial Mask

30 December 2014


Name: Skin & Lab Dr Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask 

Price: RM71.00 (100ml)

Usage Purpose:
- Acne-prone skin with lower hydration level
- Sagged/wide-open pores
- Deeply-rooted, dark blackheads
- Uncontrollable, excessive sebum
- cakey look after make up due to dead cells/skin waste

Canadian Glacial Clay
-Sebum control, Skin Waste removal, Acne resolving, Calming
- Dead cell removal, Skin softening, Deep Hydration
Tea Tree Leaf
-Acne prevention, Acne resolving, Calming

Avaibility: Natta Cosme (Purchase)

(Information took from Natta Cosme Website)

Helloo peeps!
So how was your day today?
Hectic is it? Well surely you girls need time to relax.
Getting home exauhsted everyday won't be good for you and what every girl needs is some quality time for herself.
What I like to do to relax is to wear masks plus its good for the skin and makes me feel more refreshed.

So thanks to Natta Cosme I recieved Skin & Lab Dr Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask which was such a nice Christmas present cause I was currently searching for a clay mask to use and Skins & Lab's products are surely worth trying.

So what is special about this mask?
It is made from three main ingrediants as shown below which are canadian glacial clay, oatmeal and tea tree leaf which each ingrediants has it own special benefit to create this mask.

All that in just one mask
When I opened the mask is smelled somehow minty, pleasent for me, but not sure for you.

The texture is thick and you can see the tea tree leaves clearly.
Made me wanted to dig in instantly.

Below is how the mask works

It cleanses the pores, tightens the pores and also hydrates the skin which is just suitable for me since I'm having those kinds of problems.
The worst is my pores, a week in the hospital without even caring to scrub my face or whatsoever has caused me pores to rise especially at the center of my nose which looks really ugly.
I've tried scrubbing but my pores are just stubborn, so I recieved this product at the right time.

So how do we use this mask?

1. Clean your face with luke warm water. Its better if you scrub your face first.

2. Apply the mask either the whole face or certain parts of the face, or even around your neck where you have acne and pore problems.

They included a spatula as well, so you don't have to get your hands dirty.

3. Leave it to dry for 10 or 15 minutes.
So just sit back and relax. Its calming you know.

Take note that for the first time using this mask it will sting a little but after a few more tries the sting will gradually fade away.

After 15 minutes it would hardened up and begin to crack

4. Wash your face again with warm water.
Make sure its clean cause the leaves tend to stick at your face.

So lets see the results shall we?

If you look carefully you could see pores all over my nose and also whiteheads coming out.
Even I have pimples starting to grow at the side of my face which really hurts and my skin is oily.

After I used the mask the results were like this

Pores at my nose has decreased, no whiteheads sticking out and I feel so refreshed like all the dirt on my face has been vaccumed away.
Even my pimples shrinked a little which caused the pain to stop.
And I could feel my skin more moist and hydrated.

Overall I'm just loving this product!
This is just the right mask for me.

Anyways, I wanna give a big thank you to Natta Cosme.
These handmade hairpins are just so lovely.

Plus I also wanna thank you for giving me a great year of collaboration with you guys.
I had so much fun and so much learnt.
Besides I'm still using most of your products which I find really suitable for me.
You guys surely sell great items!
Again thank you for a great year.

Till then peeps!


  1. okay baby sangat kulit Mira lepas mask, hehe! mieza dah lama beli this mask, bila pakai 2 minggu sekali mmg kurang berminyak kat muka, best!

    1. I hope I could achieve that, masalah betul muka berminyak ni. Semua benda buat tak selesa

  2. Replies
    1. Kalau tengok depan2 tak cantik pun kak ayue

  3. nice! anis pun ada pimples tepi dahi, tiba2 tumbuh kat situ ;D

  4. the result is great i think, cause i have oily and large pore skin ^^
    i don't know in indonesia natta cosmetics is ready in store, but maybe it will be my wishlist if it ready or some online shop open preorder to this mask :)

  5. i like minty products! surely deserve trying!

    Najlaa 'Aqilah

  6. hey Mira, first time I leave a comment for you.. about this mask, I would love to try but then I dunno whether it is suitable for sensitive skin like me :(


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