14 February 2015

The reason for this blogpost in the first place is that I've been asked quite a number of times for a while now about my skin range products. So after a while, I just thought why not put up a blog post. I have been using L'Oreal's White Perfect range for a year now and till today they seem to get the job done. I'm pretty much sure that sooner or later my skin would no longer be compatible with this product since I find that the skin could also change and be immune to the product if worn for a long time. But currently, it is still working and I have no intentions whatsoever to change to another brand yet.

Before you read on, here's an update of my skincare routine that is more updated:



It took me a while actually to find the perfect product for me and I kept changing products often that somehow caused my skin to be more sensitive. So when I started using this range, after 2 weeks I think I managed to see the results and then I knew I have found the right product that has matched my skin.
Take note also that not all people have the same skin types and not all people could find the best results in what their friends are saying to be good products. For me, a skin range is also like seeking a soul mate, we have to find the perfect match destined for us, if not it would just cause problems, no matter how badly you want to think that you have finally found the one.
LOL... Get it?
And there are also some people who think that the more expensive the product is, the more good it is. Sorry to disappoint you, but it's not. Even if the ingredients in the product itself is expensive and is said really good for the skin, but if your skin cannot accept it so it would be just worthless to you. 

So what I suggest, if you still haven't found your soul mate yet, the product, of course, I suggest you start by purchasing small kits first such as travel size products first and give it a try. Once you finally see results then only by the full size.

Okay then, enough of that. Now I'm gonna show you the products that I use and also give some tips on how I manage my skincare routine daily.
Let start now

Name: L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Purifying & Brightening Milky Foam
L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Anti-Dullness Scrub

RM22.90 (100ml) FOAM
RM23.90 (100ml) SCRUB
Availability: All Major Pharmacies

The important thing of all for any skincare is making sure that you have consistency while taking care of your skin. I make sure that I will always wash my face every day. If I'm extra rajin I'll wash my face with lukewarm water but everyday lah I'm lazy so I usually wash my face with the piped water. Okaylah at least washes your face two times a day using the Milky Foam, in the morning and at night.
Don't wash your face frequently cause all these foams got chemical's, so the more you wash your face sooner or later you will feel a slight pain while washing your face. Trust me I've been there.

For the Scrub, use it as least once a week or twice a week or after you remove your makeup with a makeup remover. Do not ever use a scrub every day, it will surely cause your face to suffer in the future. Scrubs are usually used to get rid of those really degil things on your face like dirt and so on, so just use a scrub when you feel that your face is not that clean anymore and your pores are showing to much.

So remember, wash your face twice a day with the Milky Foam and once a week with the Scrub. That's how I do it.

Name: L'Oreal White Perfect Whitening & Moisturising Toner
Price: RM23.90 (200ml)

Usage Purpose: For cleaning and Instant relief feel
Availability: All Major Pharmacies

I don't know about you but I find a Toner really important for taking care of the skin. Why? Cause our country is full of bad particles in the air, cause our skin to trap so much of those particles on our face. Plus, when it's hot we tend to sweat causing our skin to become oily and dirty.
Using a toner gives instant relief for me. Actually just washing your face with some foam ain't good enough cause washing with your hands would never get the results of a really clean face. How I know that? Well after I've washed my face I will dry my face with a face towel and then apply my toner using a cotton pad. So when I apply it on my face, of course, I will put in some pressure to the cotton pad and the after results, what I see on the cotton pad is dirt and stains.
So, of course, I know that washing my face with foam is not enough to get a perfectly clean face. Plus I love using a toner cause it gives an instant relief feeling and it makes my skin more refreshed before I apply the cream.
I even use a toner before bedtime. Even when I want to apply my makeup I will make sure that I have cleaned my face with this toner first cause I will only wash my face twice a day, after I wake up and before I go to sleep. So during that time, if I want to clean my face I'll just clean it with a toner.

Name: L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10
Price: RM39.90 

Usage Purpose: Whitening Day Cream with SPF 30
Availability: All Major Pharmacies

So if you have been updated with me already you might have noticed that I already have done a review on L'Oreal's White Perfect Total 10 Day Cream so I won't be mentioning much about its benefits and so on.
I'm just including it in this post since I've told you that I'm gonna share my skincare range today.
I'll use this every day after I applied my toner and what I really love about this is that it's super hygienic. 

So that's it, my skin range. I these products every day and it helps maintain my skin condition.
I'm not saying that my face is flawless cause I do have pimple scars over my face, I really do, but not so bad as I used to. But of course, when I'm in my period phase my face will gain pimples and seen uneven. I can't do much about that since my hormones are unstable during that time. So what I'm saying that there will always be something not right with my skin but I'm still able to maintain it to not become so bad.

And here is my latest photo with no makeup and also no filter.
I just applied L'Oreal's Matte Magique after I applied my day cream and done!

I don't wear makeup everyday cause I still want to maintain my natural look. I don't wanna look so sick if I'm not wearing makeup and I want my skin to breath. Cause covering up your face with makeup every day could be actually bad for the skin.

And if you've noticed I'm not using their night cream. Why? Well I finished my night cream and then I received serum from Natta Cosme for review purposes. And till then I just used that serum for my night routine. But since that serum is Vitamin C it's actually kinda painful applying it alone. So I'll apply L'Oreal's toner first then only I'll apply the Serum.
You can read my review on the OST Vitamin C20 Serum

So overall that's basically my skincare routine.
I hope this post was informative for you.

Till then peeps!


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