Pimp My Chulip Workshop With The Butterfly Project

Hey peeps! Its a new week again.
I so wish it was Friday already so I could have my weekend all over again.
I don't know why but it seems that my weekend is always short. Can't get enough of my weekends, I have tons of things to do on weekends. *Sighhhhhh

Anyways, last Saturday I was invited to parcipate in another one of The Butterfly Projects events. This time it was Chulips, Pimp My Chulip Workshop. I was pretty excited that Saturday cause it has been a while since I've met my beautiful butterfly buddies and of course because of Chulip. I have heard about the brand several of times before but never had the chance yet to try out one for myself. 

So the event was held at Kare Cafe One Utama and was participated by 50 butterflies including me. Made me happy to see familiar faces and had some laugh, and also new faces as well. 
Anyways we were given a small introduction about Chulip, so if you guys don't know about Chulip, it is from Mentholatum which I'm sure you girls are familiar with. So the Chulip comes in four funky colours to choose from but its plain with no deco whatsoever.
So the purpose for that days event was for us bloggers to show our creativity and turn plain Chulip to an awesome looking Chulip.
We were given some Sharpies, Glue and Sticking Materials to Pimp Our Chulip in 2 hours time. Everybody looked really excited and had so much fun while doing this. Some even didn't move around since they were so focused. I felt like I was back in my art class during high school, everyone was so concentrated with their work.
The only thing which was different was that there were superb refreshments for us to dig in.

So after everyone was satisfied with their Chulip, they had to put their Chulip at the table provided. See how cute and creative everyone was? Try guessing which one was mine then? Guessed it?

Tadaaaaaaa... Meet The Ultraman Chulip a.k.a Funky Darth Vader (kata Anfaal) LOL. Yess, mine is the odd one out being black. I was surely out of ideas cause I was one of the last people to go get materials, and I ended up with borrowed Sharpies from the other butterflies. So this what I managed to create. And the funny part was The Ultraman Chulip was selected as the top 6 creative Chulip for that day.
After that there was a voting session for the top 3 best designed Chulip and surprisingly I won. I am so grateful for the other Butterflies who has voted for my Chulip causeeeeeeeeee

I won my very first Baby G watch. I think we all won this actually, cause everyone else did a awesome job as well! I wasn't the only person who took home a Baby G, there were also another 2 butterflies. And for the other 3 bought home consolation prizes as well.
In fact all of us bought something back home.

It was a fun evening session with Chulip and these ladies as well. A big applause to Tammy for another great event. I feel so lucky to be one of the butterflies in this community since the beginning of it.

And yess people, this is the Baby-G that I won on that day. Just cute right? I'm not sure if I'll ever wear this, cause its just too cute. But don't get jelly melly with me yet, cause all of you could get and even more awesome gadget from Chulip by pimping your own Chulip at home!

P/s: Review for Chulip Lip Balms will be up soon

Till then peeps!


  1. i love the pictures here shoo pwetty! mintak izin nak rembat barang sekeping dua, will credit you back :p tahniah lerrr menang jam, nasib baik xleh belah sepuluh kasi share XDD

  2. Comelnye chulip...tp awk lg comel😆😆bestnye dpt jam...

  3. MIRA sooooo cuteeee. the chulip looks alike minion version Malaysia


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