Review: Thriller Live in Malaysia, The Legend Still Lives ON!

20 March 2015

Name: THRILLER  LIVE a Musical Celebration  
Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Original Creator

Director & Choreographers

Show Dates & Time: 
19 March (Thursday), 8.30pm
20 March (Friday), 8.30pm
21 March (Saturday) – 3pm & 8.30pm
22 March (Sunday) – 3pm & 8.30pm
24 March (Tuesday), 8.30pm
25 March (Wednesday), 8.30pm

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VVIP : RM 538
VIP : RM 468
CAT A : RM 398
CAT B : RM 298
CAT C : RM 168
CAT D : RM 128
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Hello peeps!
So Thriller is surely a thrill I tell ya. The first performance yesterday and it was magnificent! But honestly saying from NOT a MJ fan, Thriller surely got me moving to the beat. LOL
But if compared to Jersey Boys Musical and Thriller  Musical I would would say I loved Jersey Boys better since Jersey Boys had a storyline. While for Thriller it was more of a walk to remember of MJ from the Jackson Five to his best selling album Thriller.

For the first performance, the audience wasn't bad don't you think? I expected fewer people since its the first performance. So obviously we have a lot of MJ fans here in Malaysia.

Luckily for me, I received a media invite from Mile Stone Production to catch their very first performance here in Malaysia. Wohoooooo.. Mile Stone Production is also the production that bought Jersey Boys here in Malaysia so I expected Thriller to be as awesome as Jersey Boys as well.

And my friend here beside me got tickets, so I think this is how their tickets look like. I'm not sure.

So how was the performance? I'm telling you honestly that I am NOT an MJ fan, since MJ was way over my generation, but still there are a few of his popular songs that I was familiar with like Thriller, Beat It and Smooth Criminal.

So the show was divided up into two acts. Act 1 was mostly the songs from his earlier age with the Jackson 5 like ABC and the rest I'm not familiar with. While Act 2 was with most of his popular songs in his Thriller Album.

Thriller is different from Jersey Boys since for Jersey Boys they created a storyline but for Thriller, it was a walk to remember for his contributions and career as the King of POP, so basically it was a continuation of his songs throughout the performance.

The opening was stunning! They started with an eye catching dance filled with funky colours. But then I found Act 1 rather boring for me since I'm not familiar with most of the songs. But still their dance moves and choreography kept me entertained. But that didn't mean that everyone was like me, most of them were enjoying it so much, even singing and dancing along.

The performance had several interactions with the crowd which I found made the crowd go crazy. Even a few people at the row in front of me seemed a true MJ fan where they kept screaming and dancing along. Made the night much more entertaining actually cause everyone seemed to have fun.
While for me I kept focusing on the stage lights, I don't know why but I'ved joined the lighting crew for performances before and somehow looking at the stage lights brought back memories.

Anyways the lighting was superb, just the audio was lacking. The audio honestly was a fail, it made me feel that it spoiled the show actually since the audio wasn't clear. But still it was not a major issue, in fact I think not many noticed. Anyways, its understandable since its the first show. Usually for sound checks it takes several times to achieve the right one.

If your wondering who is the MJ for this performance, the answer is more than one person. There are five of their main singers which sang in turns or either duets or as a group for one song. But all of them was styled as Michael Jackson and the women I think were styled as Janet Jackson. I'm not so sure of that.

And of course MJ's popular Thriller dance move was shown an also as his moon walk. I was like, WOW.. I get to see it live. LOL... Wondered how if MJ did a competition with these guys, who would win. HAHA..

Okay back to topic. What else? Ouh yaaa... the wardrobe. The costumes was so MJ, but a major close up with camera shows that the actors might have been suffering a lot with the tempreture here in Malaysia. LOL... They all look drenched, but the wardrobe was stunning, especially for the female dancers, they had a lot of bling. Honestly you won't get bored looking at their change of costume for each song.

Overall, I found Act 2 way much better, since I could now sing along as well. But my favourite MJ song was not included, "You Are Not Alone". Sad.. I wanted to hear that one.
Most of the songs that were played were the catchy ones, not much slow songs.
So when the last song ended everyone couldn't get enough. I could hear most of the crowd saying the show is just amazing, stunning, awesome, a killer one. 

Even myself didn't beleive that it was over, I wanted more. Luckily I got backstage pasess! Screaming!!! I've worked backstage for performances before but never had a chance to know how international peoples backstage looks like. So I was jumping up and down so eager for backstage.
I don't know why but I found their backstage much more neater. LOL. But yeah they didn't have a change of set and neither did they have much props to deal with.
And above is Mr Phil, the one in charge of the backstage, so he is the Stage Manager I think, or may I be wrong?

And look at the costumes! OMG, felt like grabbing one and running away. 

And this is where they control the technical system. For the sounds to the lightings and the visuals. It would be awesome if I could watch how they actually controlled everything.

And here is the entrance to the stage. I was the one feeling nervous stepping on the stairs. HAHA... Drama queen sungguh.

And tadaaaa... Stage lights hitting on you. Owh I so miss the stage. I wonder if I'm ever going back into the behind the scene entertainment industry. I'm so missing this kind of feeling, but yet, I thought until diploma will do. Not sure about how I feel now though.

So yeah.. That's me. On stage. Yeahh. Go Thriller Live.
So if you are a MJ fan you wouldn't want to miss this. MJ is never coming back you know. At least this musical just might cheer you up. Everyone else sure did have an awesome time.
I am also giving a thumbs up for Thriller Live, thinking of going to their final show and see they perform all out! Don't wait to long peeps cause their here for a week.
Yes a week! Get your tickets now

Till then peeps. Enjoy your show

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